Cause Of My Euphoria/C2 Panic Before The Flight
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C2 Panic Before The Flight
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C2 Panic Before The Flight

After two days, as Syanja made her final decision she emailed the company. She was sitting at the dining table, her mother came towards her and joined her.

"So when will you go? Did you email them?"

Syanja glanced at her and gave her a bright smile, her mother understands that she already made her final decision.

"I already did it, Mom."

Syanja's mother patted her back. Her mother stood up and went to the kitchen to make dinner. Syanja was waiting for the confirmation email. She went to the kitchen to help her mother, she knew that after a few days she wouldn't be able to spend time with her family.

"Let me cook today Mom."

Her mother nodded and smiled at her. Syanja stepped toward the fridge and searched for some vegetables.

"Mom? Where are the vegetables? I want to make something special for dinner."

Her mother went to her and slapped her head.

"The vegetables are in front of you."

She looked at her and chuckled. She knows that she can't do anything without her help.

"Sorry, Mom…"

Her mother smiled and Syanja started washing vegetables, after washing them she put them into the bowl to dry them. She took a knife and started chopping vegetables. She took capsicum and cut it into small pieces, then she took Potatoes and chopped them, after that she chopped carrots and chilies. After cutting vegetables she takes the chicken and washes it. Her mother was staring at her. What's she making for dinner? After so much effort she finally made her dish.

"Finally I made it."

Syanja was smiling brightly, Then everyone came to have dinner. Her Mother, Father, and two brothers. They all sat on their seats and started the dinner, then her little brother looked at the dish which she made for dinner.

"Wow! What is this?"

Syanja was smiling while observing his reaction, she took the plate and served him.

"Here you go, eat it and tell me how's it?"

He nodded and took a bite. He shook his head. While everyone's gaze on him.

"It's delicious."

All of them chuckle and start eating.

After having dinner. Syanja went to her room and took her coat and rushed down the living room, joined her family who was waiting for her to go out for some fresh air.

"I-I'm ready."

She said while panting heavily. They chuckled at her clumsy behavior and stepped out to the house.

After two weeks, Syanja was sitting and waiting for her flight. She is in a little panic because it's her first time traveling by airplane. Her mother continuously tried to calm her down.

"Relax! Don't panic."

Syanja nods at her and waits for her turn. The flight called out, she got up and met one by one. She hugs her father, mother, and brothers with teary eyes.

"I'm gonna miss you all."

Then she stepped towards the checking area. She glanced back for the last time and waved to them. After that, she went inside the plane.

Syanja sat on her seat and took a deep sigh.

"Finally I'm leaving my country"

She looked down through the window as the plane took off. She shut down the window curtain and closed her eyes tightly. After a few minutes, she fell asleep.

After the 12 hours of flight Syanja finally reached her destination. She went out to the checking area and started looking for someone who's gonna pick her from the airport.

She was searching for her person, and suddenly her eyes landed on the person who had her name on the board. She rushed there and a man with a black suit was waiting for her.

"I'm Syanja. Are you waiting for me?"

He looked at her and smiled.

"Miss Seok, I'm Lee. I'm here to pick you.

Then he took her luggage and stepped towards the parking area.

She was so excited, looking around everywhere with happiness.

It was a beautiful day with a cold breeze, wind hitting her face, she closed her eyes and felt the beautiful weather.

"Miss Seok, this way please."

She opened her eyes and nodded at him, and they went towards the car. He put her luggage inside the car trunk.

"Miss Seok Please sit in the car."

She nodded slightly at him and hopped inside the car. After a one-hour drive, they reached their destination. She gets out of the car and stares at the beautiful house.

"It's so beautiful. Why did you take me here"

He didn't say anything, she took steps near the house and saw her name on the side of the door.

"Yes Miss Seok, it's your house. Mr. Vim told me to drop you here."

Syanja looked at him and smiled, he took her luggage out of the car's trunk and put it near the house door.

"Miss Seok, I have to take my leave now, nice to meet you."

Syanja nodded and entered the house.

As Syanja entered the house her jaw dropped to the floor. It was a beautiful house from the inside too. It has a big tv launch, which is fully furnished, everything is perfect in their places. She looked all over the house. She starts jumping in happiness.

"Wow, it's beautiful. I never knew they would do this much for me."

She went to her room and started unpacking her stuff. After a while, she took her nightdress and went towards the bathroom to take a warm shower, after having the warm shower she rushed to the kitchen and made dinner for herself. Syanja was making dinner when she realized that she didn't talk to her family after reaching. She took her phone and called her mother.

On the other side, Syanja's mom was in the kitchen preparing Breakfast, suddenly her phone started ringing and grabbed her attention. She ran toward her as she took her phone, her lips covered with a beautiful smile.

"Oh Syanja, I'm so relieved that you finally called."

Syanja laughed nervously in the order she forgot to call her earlier. While talking to her mother Syanja ate her dinner and washed the dishes. Syanja told her mother about the beautiful house which her company gave her to live in.

They talked on call for 1 hour and after that Syanja told her it's night and she wanted to rest now, and Syanja told her mother that she is joining work from tomorrow. After the hang-up, Syanja went straight to her room. She threw herself on the bed and covered herself with a duvet. Syanja set up the alarm on her mobile and table clock.

"Finally I can sleep now."

After taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and went to her dreamland.

Jung-Hoon was sitting on his bed and working on the laptop, totally focused on his upcoming project. His eyes felt heavy as he was a little sleepy. He didn't want to take a rest right now.

"I have to complete it before morning."

He relaxed his back on the pillow which was behind him. Suddenly his eyes started to close and he fell asleep.

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