Cause Of My Euphoria/C20 Emotional Breakdown
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C20 Emotional Breakdown
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C20 Emotional Breakdown

Sitting on the chair Syanja was focused on the laptop screen, meanwhile, Nina and Sui-ta are playing football on the lawn. Mrs. carton and Lara are chopping vegetables for dinner. Lara and Mrs. carton were staring at syanja's pale skin, puffy eyes, and messy bun, both of them took a deep sigh at the same time but suddenly they flinched when a football hit Syanja's laptop. Syanja closed her eyes in frustration trying not to throw her anger on them. she sighs and continues her work again. Lara glared at Nina, but Nina ignored her and continued playing again. Once again football hit on the laptop but this time the laptop broke, everyone's eyes widened. Syanja froze on her spot. she is shivering because she worked so hard for 15 days, and sacrificed herself for it.

"No, no, no it can't be."

Lara ran towards her, she understands Syanja is having a panic attack right now. She holds Syanja's hands and tries to calm her down. Syanja sat on the chair.

"It's not working. It's broken."

Lara looked at her friend's face which was showing her hopeless sadness.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoon was still frozen on his spot with Ho-Jim, he saw everything that had happened earlier. He felt pain in his heart to see Syanja in such a condition. Suddenly Lara's phone rings, she looks at the caller, it's Syanja's Mom. Lara glanced at her and then her phone.

"It's Mom right?"

Syanja asked her, Lara nodded at her in an order of yes. Syanja took Lara's phone and received the call. She smiled and greeted her.

"Hello Mom, how are you?

As her mother heard Syanja's voice, she started yelling at her without even asking her how she was doing, where she was? She expected her mother to ask her about her health but her reaction was different. Syanja chuckled in pain which everyone can see, her eyes filled with tears which she didn't allow them to roll down, it was such a hard time for her. She wants someone to confront her but all she gets is complaints.

"You are not a good daughter, you are not a good sister."

It was enough for her, she closed her eyes and said those words which she never wants to say in her life to anyone.

"Right, I'm not a good daughter, I'm not a good sister. I am not Mom. You are saying these words just because I didn't talk to you in the past weeks. Did you ask me how I'm feeling? Where have I been? Am I okay? Am I eating? Sleeping? Are you okay? I'm your mother, tell me, you can share with me anything without any hesitation, have you ever asked me what I am going through? No, all I got from you it's your complaint. I'm done with all of these things."

Syanja cut the call and gave Lara her phone.

"If she calls you, tell her Syanja is no more."

A tear rolled down from your eye. Lara tries to hug you but she rejects her hug and runs out of the place.

Jung-Hoon and Ho-Jim came to Lara. She was scolding Nina and Sui-Ta for their mistake.

"Don't worry I'll go behind her."

Jung-Hoon said and ran behind her. He found her everywhere but she was nowhere. It's getting dark, he is worried about her.

"Where are you Syanja? Please don't do this to me"

He whispers then suddenly he thought maybe she was on the beach. He started his car and turned it to the beach.

Ho-Jim told Hyun-Tae everything that happened to Syanja. Hyun-Tae also started searching for her.

“Syanja, Please don’t scare me now. I know I made a horrible mistake but it wasn't my intention.”

As Jung-Hoon arrived at the beach he ran to find Syanja. He stopped when he saw her sitting near the sea, the waves touching her feet. He went close to Syanja. He sat beside her.

"It's not good to make everyone worry about you."

He said in a cold tone which made her chuckle in pain, she looked at him with puffy red eyes.

"No one cares, never."

He sighs and looks at the waves. Syanja also took her gaze on the waves.

"Who said that to you no one cared about you?"

She heaved a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"D-Do y-you t-think I'm not a good daughter? And good sister?"

Syanja asked him in a voice that was hurting his heart so much.

"No, I don't, and trust me no one."

He looked at her, took her hand, and rubbed her hand with his thumb.

"I'm with you. I'm never gonna leave your side. Do you trust me?"

She stares at him with widened eyes and nodded with a soft smile. She suddenly hugged him, he was shocked by her sudden action but he understands that she wants someone to confront her right now. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her back, rubbed her back with his hand and she buried her face crooked on his neck. A cute smile appeared on his lips. Finally, he can say she is "mine".

They didn’t know someone was watching them from far away. He was staring at them with teary eyes, a tear rolled down from his cheek. He wiped it and heaved a sigh.

“Syanja I am sorry.” He whispered in his breath and made his way to the car.

Syanja broke the hug and her gaze met at his. They stared at each other's eyes before breaking eye contact. Synaja smiled awkwardly and looked away. “L-let go Syanja.” Jung-Hoon stuttered a little as she stood up and offered her hand.

Syanja smiled and gladly accepted his hand offer. There was pin-drop silence in the car. No one dared to talk or spoke. Jung-Hoon took a glance at Syanja who was staring at him lovingly.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Jung-Hoon asked while blushing. Syanja smiled and pinched his cheek softly.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, focusing on the road. “Nothing, you are cute,” Syanja stated and chuckled. Jung-Hoon shook his head and grinned. After a few moments, they reached the Cafeteria where Lara and everyone were waiting for them. Syanja got out of the car and went to Lara. Lara's gaze turned into a soft one as she saw her friend all fine. Lara quickly hugged Syanja and patted her back. “I am fine Lara, Don’t worry please,” Syanja said calmly. Lara nodded and bowed to Jung-Hoon.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Tae was sitting in his study room, working on his laptop. He was trying to divert his mind from Syanja’s thoughts. His face was all red. He didn't know what it was for anger or jealousy. Hyun-Tae closed his eyes in frustration as the thoughts of Syanja and Jung-Hoon's closeness hit his mind. He was panting badly, loosening his tie. He heaved a breath but he couldn't control his emotions. Hyun-Tae grasped his laptop and smashed it on the wall, shattering it in two pieces.

He put his hands on the table while panting heavily.

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