Cause Of My Euphoria/C3 The Vim Empire And Cooperation
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C3 The Vim Empire And Cooperation
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C3 The Vim Empire And Cooperation

Syanja is sleeping peacefully in her beautiful bedroom on a comfortable bed, it's 7:00 AM. She is in her Dreamland until a cold breeze with sunlight comes into her room through the window and hits her face. Her alarm starts ringing so loud. She took a pillow and put it on her face and made a most annoyed face. She opened her eyes and started searching for her alarm clock which was on the side table, Syanja took, turned off the alarm.

She sat on the bed with half-opened eyes and rubbed her face with her palms.

"Ya I want to sleep more, but I don't wanna be late for my work, after all, it's my first day."

Syanja got up and went to her closet. She took a loose black shirt and a pair of Jeans went to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she came out and dried her hair, did her a light make, and rushed towards the kitchen. Syanja went towards the fridge, took a juice box and a slice of bread and she started eating. She was having her breakfast until she got a message from Mr. Lee.

"Come out in 5 minutes, I'm on my way."

Syanja went to her room and took her bag, she rushed down to the living room and wore her sneakers, locked her house.

Mr. Lee reached her house, she went near to the car and Mr. Lee bowed to her, she bowed him back. He opened the car door for her, she hopped in the car.

Mr. Lee closed the door for her. He also sat on the driving seat. As he started the car Syanja heaved a deep breath and looked out.

There was an awkward silence between them, as she tried to talk to him with a bright smile on her face.

"Mr. Lee, How long have you been working here?

Mr. Lee fully focused on the road, he didn't glance at her.

"It's been 12 years."

She gave him a cute compliment and the situation turned more awkward.

"But you looked so young Hehehe."

He didn't respond to her and after a while, they reached the company.

She took a deep breath, got out of the car, and stood in front of the big beautiful company. Syanja's eyes are wide, it is the first time she sees such a big company.

She always heard about the company.

Syanja stepped in the entrance of the company door and went towards the reception. As she saw a girl with blonde hair, Syanja bowed to her in an order of respect.

"I'm Seok Syanja, nice to meet you."

Syanja states, She bowed her back and said.

"Mam, you'll have to wait some time, Mr. Vim is busy right now."

Syanja nodded and sat in the waiting area. After some time they called her, she went to their office, knocked on the door, and asked for permission.

"May I come in sir?"

The CEO of the company and some of the staff were waiting for her.

"Yes may come in."

As she entered the office she bowed to them. The young man was looking at her. As Syanja felt someone gaze on her, Syanja took a glance at her boss. He smiled a little and signaled her to come near the table.

"Come Syanja sit down"

She sat and looked at him. He smiled cutely, making her melt.

"Hello Syanja, Myself Vim Hyun-Tae.

Vim Hyun-Tae is a 25-year-old cutie and smart young man. He is one of the newly famous and successful businessmen and he has a cute and sweet personality. His deep voice is enough to make a girl fall for him.

"So Syanja, we read your stories. It's quite interesting, so tell me how long you are working on it?"

He asked her directly and came to the point. She smiled at them slightly.

"It's been one year"

He looked at his computer screen. He searched for her mail and opened it.

"Yeah I can see it, so tell me about how you inspired yourself to write?"

Syanja closed her eyes before giving her an answer and took a deep breath.

"I have always loved to write since I was 12 years old."

They smiled and looked at her because Hyun-Tae finds her stories have something which he wants in his company.

"Welcome to our company, please sign the contract with us, you can read it first if you want to because after you signed, you'll only be not able to work with other companies, are you ready?"

Syanja became happy and excited. She gave him a cheeky smile.

"Of course I'm ready, but how long is my contract period?"

Hyun-Tae asked his assistant about the agreement file, and his assistant nodded after a while he gave it to Syanja. Syanja took the file from him.

"Read it carefully and sign it."

Hyun-Tae said to Syanja. She read the contract and after a few minutes signed it.

Hyun-Tae stood up and also Syanja, they shook hands and he said.

"Welcome to our company, you can go to your office to make yourself comfortable here and please come up with some ideas. We are about to launch new shows okay?"

She nodded and smiled and went out. She is with Hyun-Tae's assistant, the assistant taking Syanja to her office. She stopped in front of the office and opened the door.

"Miss Syanja, it's your office."

Syanja entered the office. Her eyes widened as her gaze landed on a table with a comfy chair, her laptop system for her work, in front of the table a couch and a side lamp, and a big window, wood clock on the wall. She was busy admiring her beautiful office.

"Miss Syanja?"

She heard a man's voice, Syanja looked at him confused.

"Yes? Who are you?"

He smiled at her.

"My name is Robby Gordon, I'm Your manager."

Syanja nodded at him.

"Ohh! Nice to meet you."

He came close to her and gave her some files.

"You have to sign it, it's necessary."

Syanja nodded at him and started reading the files, after a few hours she signed on them and said.

"Robby, I'm leaving for home."

She took her bag and went towards Hyun-Tae office, knocked on the door, and entered the office.

"Mr. Hyun-Tae, I'm leaving for home."

He looked at her and nodded. She went out to the office and started walking. Syanja reached her car and made a call to Mr. Lee after some moment he came.

"Let's go, Mr. Lee, I have to visit a place."

He smiled and nodded. They sat in the car and Mr. Lee started the engine, they drove off.

"So Miss Syanja where you wanna go?

She was looking outside of the window admiring the beautiful city.

"Let's have some lunch, I'm hungry."

He thinks for some time and said,

"There is a Cafeteria, do you wanna go there?"

She nodded at him and put her head on the window looking outside.

Jung-Hoon was in the conference room with his friends. He was so tired but didn't want to take a break, his clothes fully wet due to sweat. After some time U-Ram told them to take a small break. They all stopped their work and rested their backs on the seats, drinking water. Jung-Hoon took his phone out and was scrolling it, then one of his friends Seo-Jin snatched his mobile and started running all over the conference hall. Jung-Hoon glared at him and warned him in a serious tone.

"Bro give it back to me."

Seo-Jin stuck out his tongue to tease him.

Seo-Jin is 28 years old. One of the best lawyers, he has a funny, cute, lovely personality. Seo-Jin always acts like a funny man and always makes everyone laugh, but that doesn't mean he is not mature. He took care of every single person who's close to him.

Jung-Hoon stood up and started running behind him. They were running and no one wanted to stop. After some time the U-Ram shouted at them.

"Stop doing it, take some rest, we have to go somewhere."

Both of them stopped and nodded at him, Seo-Jin gave him the phone's back and patted his back.

"Next time, we are not over sweetie.."

Jung-Hoon kicked his ass and started laughing. Seo-Jin gave him a death glare, making everyone giggle.

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