Cause Of My Euphoria/C5 We Are Family (Cafeteria)
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C5 We Are Family (Cafeteria)
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C5 We Are Family (Cafeteria)

"Miss Syanja, meet my wife and our daughter.."

Mr. Lee states and gives a peck on Lara's cheek.

"We already met her."

He giggled and Lara looked at Syanja who was busy in her thoughts.

"So, Syanja you are new here?

Syanja glance at Lara and nodded. Then they went out where's lady and boy waiting for them.

"Come inside and have some food."

Lara smiled at them, and they followed them, Syanja went to the order counter. She ordered a cup of tea, juice, some food and went to her place, heaved a deep breath as she sat.

"We have to wait until our food gets ready."

They smile at her. Syanja tried to make a conversation between them.

"What happened to you?"

She asked what happened to them and it was continuously hitting her mind.

"Why were you both sitting on the road?" If you don't mind, you can share with me."

Lady looked at her, Syanja held her hand and she started to talk. She told her. She and her son were living with her husband, they were a perfect family. Her husband was a very hardworking man, suddenly he got lost in his company, they lost everything. Her husband started drinking, suddenly he changed his behavior towards them, started torturing them, he beat her and his son as well. After telling that her eyes became teary and she couldn't control herself.

"Then, he told us to leave the house, that's why we were on the footpath because we don't have anywhere to go."

Syanja hugged her and patted her back.

"You can live with me in my house, first of all, I live alone and need someone who can take care of my house. Second, I need company too."

The boy hugged her and she patted his head.

"Thank You, Mam, you are such an Angel."

"What is your name?"

I'm Carton Eu-Jo.

The Lady said in a deep voice.

I'm Carton Sui-Ta.

The boy states Syanja smiled, they were talking until their orders came.

"Food is ready to eat. Here are your orders."

Lara made everyone laugh. Lara giggles and they start to eat their food. After they were about to leave, suddenly someone grabbed Syanja's hand. She looked at the person, it's Nina. Syanja took her in her arms. She hugged her and buried her face in Syanja's neck.

"Please, come again. I'm gonna miss you."

Syanja kissed her head and said.

"I will come again, where am I gonna go?"

They looked at each other and Nina gave her a pinky finger.

"Pinky promise?"

Syanja laughed and placed her pinky finger on her finger.

"Pinky promise.."

Syanja put her down and went to her car, After a few moments Mr. Lee came, they drove off. Mr. Lee dropped them in Syanja's house.

"This is my house."

She went close to the door, took her Keys out from her bag, and opened the door. They went inside the house, placed their shopping bags on the floor.

"You can choose any room which you want."

Syanja smiled and went to her room, to freshen up, she went to her closet and took her comfy clothes. After taking a shower she rushed down to the kitchen.

When she entered the kitchen she saw Mrs. Carton was cooking something for dinner.

"Are you already making dinner?"

She glanced at Syanja's smile and nodded, she started cooking again. Syanja went out from the kitchen, entered the TV launch. The boy was sitting on the sofa, he was busy taking out his things from the shopping bags.

"So, are you shopping for all of this stuff? Do you like to study?"

He gave her a cute smile. She patted his head.

"Get ready tomorrow, we'll go for your admission in school.."

He got excited and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back, took her phone and some money.

"I'm going for a walk, I'll be back in 2 hours. Take care of yourself."

She waved them and went out of the house.

It is a pleasant evening with a cold breeze. Syanja took her phone out and put her headphones on, turned on the music, and started walking into the street. After walking for some time she felt thirsty, Syanja looked around and found herself near the restaurant. She turned off her music and entered the restaurant.

Jung-Hoon is busy in his thoughts.

"It's been two weeks since I've been trying to find her, but she didn't leave any clue nobody's know about her. Oh, why is it so hard to move on? Or try one more time?"

He was sitting alone in the evening and thinking about her. Jung-Hoon saw her once again when he was about to approach her, she just disappeared.


Jung-Hoon and his boys were on their way home. They were giving an interview for an upcoming project with their team. Syanja was walking down the streets, enjoying the weather, listening to her favorite music. She didn't notice that she passed from Jung-Hoon. She was so lost.

Jung-Hoon stopped for a moment, he heard some melody in his heart, as he looked back and saw a girl passing by him. He was about to approach her but U-Ram stopped him. Jung-Hoon's heart was pounding so fast.

"Where are you going?"

U-Ram asked him confusedly, Jung-Hoon looked at him and shook his head. U-Ram sighed and went to the car. Jungkook put his hand on his heart and smiled.

"I know it's you.."

He opened his eyes as the flashback ended. He was busy in his thoughts, someone came near him and touched his shoulder.

"Listen, I think you should move on. We find her everywhere. Maybe she was a tourist."

Jung-Hoon glared at him, it was Ho-Jim.

Jung-Hoon gave him a sad smile, as Hyun-Tae came towards them and joined them.

"I have an idea, we are here for some time. Why not just arrange a fan meeting, who knows if she will also come?"

Hyun-Tae said as he saw his little young friend feeling sad. Jung-Hoon ran towards him and hugged him, Hyun-Tae hugged him back, patted his back. Then Jung-Hoon decided to tease him a little, he smirked.

"Bro I didn't know that you have a brain."

Hyun-Tae broke the hug and pushed him away. Ho-Jim made an impressive expression.

"I think it is a great plan."

Jung-Hoon nodded at Ho-Jim and Hyun-Tae smiled proudly at himself. Jung-Hoon raised one eyebrow and leaned close to Hyun-Tae.

"Don't you think you have a lot of experience in these things?"

Hyun-Tae giggled and pushed him a little.

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