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Cause Of My Euphoria/C6 Help The Pregnant Lady
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C6 Help The Pregnant Lady

Syanja was smiling, busy in her thoughts.

"It's been some days, me and Lara and Nina are so close now. Nina used to call me Maa. It feels like I'm her mother. Whenever I feel tired I come here to see her, my tiredness runs away."

Syanja was staring at Nina and Lara while smiling. It's 6:00 in the evening Syanja loves to spend some time with them after her work. Syanja has been doing so much hard work for her upcoming Novels these days.

"Maa, Come I'll show you, my favorite person."

Syanja went towards her, stood near the sofa. She glanced at Nina.

"Huh? I thought I'm your favorite person."

Nina giggled at Syanja's state.

"Of Course, you are my favorite one, but there is another person who's my favorite too. Come please."

Syanja went towards her, Nina made her sit and turned on the tv. Syanja was confused and looked at her silently.

"Where is the channel? He usually comes on this channel."

Nina became so irritated. Syanja took the remote from her hand, smiled while patting her head.

Don't Worry, I'll see him later okay?"

Syanja was about to leave and suddenly Nina shouted.

"He is here, look Maa.

Syanja gazed at the TV and there was news, sigh.

"It's him.."

The News, So Mr. Jeong Jung-Hoon sets up a fan meetup tomorrow at 10:00 AM. Nina became excited while clapping her hand.

"I wanna go, I wanna goooo Mamaaaaaa."

Lara entered the room, took a glance at the television.

"You can't, tomorrow you are going to visit the doctor, remember?"

Nina gazes down on the floor with her saddest face.

"Oh, so I'll miss the chance to meet him and have an autograph from him.

Her eyes became teary, Syanja couldn't see her crying, she heaved a deep breath.

"You go and visit the doctor, I'll go and meet you Ideal, and tell him about you and also bring his autograph okay?"

Nina came near her and hugged her.

Syanja took her in her arms and hugged her.

"Thank You Maa, that's why I called you Maa, you always make me happy."

Syanja kissed her chubby cheek and giggled.

"Go and sleep now, I have to go home and complete my story, otherwise my CEO is gonna kill me."

Nina giggled and went to her room, Syanja looked at her and smiled. Lara came near to Syanja, patted her shoulder, and smiled.

"Why do you always win my heart?"

Syanja smiled and hugged her.

"Because I love you both. Okay bye, I'm leaving now."

After a little conversation with Lara Syanja made her way home.

At home, she went to her bedroom and freshened up. After that she started working on her laptop, she heaved a breath and said.

"Why am I so nervous? it's so hard to meet him too soon. Ash Damn why I told her that I'll bring his autograph. stupid Syanja."

She was talking to her and after some time she fell sleepy and fell asleep in an improper position while working.

In the morning Syanja gets up and feels pain in her body. She went to the bathroom and took a shower, after that she came out. She took a loose cute black hoodie, black loose jeans, Bucket hat. She did her light makeup. She wore her sneakers and grabbed her phone and went to the cafeteria.

As she reached the cafeteria, she saw Lara, Nina, and Mr. Lee about to leave for Nina's checkup.

"Syanja Thank You so much."

Lara hugged Syanja for making her daughter happy.

"She is my daughter too, stop saying that."

They broke the hug, Syanja slightly smiled at her.

"But you have your work to do and you are always taking care of her. She always asks you to do this type of thing and you never say no."

Syanja pushed her to the car. Lara giggled

"Just go and take care of her."

She sat in the car, Syanja went to Nina and pecked her cheek.

"I'm Jealous because Momma is hugging you."

Syanja hugs her, gives a kiss on the head.

"Come soon, I'll miss you."

Then Mr. Lee drove away.

"Bye Mama, and tell him I love him so much."

Syanja waved at them and looked at the sky.

"Let's go Syanja, don't be Panic.."

She booked a taxi and went to her destination.

At the place, all the preparations were done. They were all getting ready for all of a sudden fan Meeting.

"Bro, do you think she will come?"

Jung-Hoon was damn nervous about meeting, he wasn't sure she'd come or not.

"Of course, she will.."

All of the boys told him together, just gave him some hope, they didn't want him to get hurt.

"Yeah, she was so beautiful."

Ji-Ho started teasing him to change his mind.

"Bro, she is mine, don't forget about it."

Jung-Hoon became serious, Ho-Jim told the other one to stop teasing him. They were talking to each other, and one of their managers came to them and told them to move in. They all nodded and followed him.

As Syanja reached the fan meeting, she entered the place and guards asked her for her identity.

"Ms. You need us to show your identity card."

Syanja looked up and big body men were standing like statues. Syanja gulped and gave them her identity card, after that she went in. she saw them, they were sitting at their places, her gaze landed on Jung-Hoon. Syanja's eyes widened after seeing him, she started daydreaming.

"Wow, He is looking so hot in black, we coincidentally matched color. His eyes are so pretty, he looks so cute when he gets frustrated. Aww, I'm feeling like falling for him, Syanja controls himself and focuses. Damn, how can I focus when he is In front of me and looking so handsome."

She was about to sit when suddenly a pregnant Lady came and said.

"Ahh, can I sit here? I'm feeling dizzy."

She was about to fall but Syanja grabbed her and made her sit on the chair. She went out and brought some water, and made her drink. The lady drank the water Syanja took a tissue paper from her bag and gave it to her.

"Are you okay?"

Syanja asked her for worries, she simply nodded to her, she understands the lady is not feeling for right now. Lady thanked her and asked for her name, they introduced themselves to each other and had a good conversation.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoon was busy meeting fans with U-Ram, Ho-Jim, Ji-Ho. He took a glance at Syanja.

"She is looking so pretty. I was smiling when my bro Ji-Ho disturbed."

"You are lucky, she is such a great human."

Jung-Hoon just nodded, the whole time his eyes were on her. Jung-Hoon called out his manager. After a few minutes, Jung-Hoon's manager came to him. Jung-Hoon took a glance at him.

"I want that girl who is sitting with a pregnant lady, to make her turn last. Have you got that?"

Jung-Hoon said in a cold and deep voice. His manager gulped air and nodded immediately to him. Jung-Hoon signs him to leave and he goes back to his work.

Syanja was waiting for her turn then the lady whom she helped was about to go for her turn, she got up and she was about to fall. Syanja quickly rushed towards her and grabbed her.

"Let me help you okay?"

Syanja made her stand In front of them. She met them one by one.

"You are so sweet. You are such a nice person, I'm glad to see how you helped her."

Syanja smiled and just nodded. All the time She was just looking at the lady. Lady was so happy, she told them about her daughter, and that she is a big fan of them. Lady's eyes are shining like stars while she is smiling, and it makes Syanja smile too.

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