Cause Of My Euphoria/C8 You Should Take Some Rest
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C8 You Should Take Some Rest
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C8 You Should Take Some Rest

Hyun-Tae glanced at her admiring her face. His heart started beating so fast, feeling something towards her which he never felt before. He smiled at her and sat on the chair.

After some discussion Syanja nodded at Hyun-Tae. Hyun-Tae smiled back and was about to go suddenly stopped as he noticed her pale skin.

"You should take some rest Syanja. After work please go and take some rest."

He said and left she sat on the chair and sigh. She reminds herself to finish the work soon as possible.

"Come on Syanja you have to finish it soon."

She was talking to herself and suddenly someone knocked on the door. She said in a calm way to come in contact with the person. Syanja looked at her, it was his assistant Robby.

"Syanja, You can go and take a rest. I'll manage here."

Syanja nodded, took her stuff and left..

After the meeting Jung-Hoon, Ji-Ho, Ha-Yoon and Seo-Jin sit together. Jung-Hoon was continuously thinking about Syanja, he couldn't take his mind away from her thoughts.

"So it's been a week, I really miss her."

Jung-Hoon caught everyone's attention by his state. They looked at him Shockley.

"Ohh, we thought you already forgot about her, it's been a week you didn't talk about her."

Ha-Yoon state while rubbing his temple. Jung-Hoon made a weird face to him, they all giggled. Jung-Hoon made a pout with his lips and rested his head on the table.

"I told you he is not over with her. Don't tease him all the time.."

Seo-Jin said after staring at Jung-Hoon. Jung-Hoon became sad making them serious about his matter. His friends shared glance at each other, gave the sign to Ji-Ho in a order to go to him.

"Umm, what do you wanna do about her?"

Ji-Ho patted his back, and asked him about what he wanted to do next. He looked at Ji-Ho with his puppy eyes.

"Can we go to meet her at the Cafeteria?"

Seo-Jin came to him and sat beside him.

"Bad idea.. she will think you are a stalker.."

Jung-Hoon gazes down with disappointment. Ha-Yoon listening to their conversation he became so annoyed because they were not helping him and making him more hopeless.

"I have an idea if you are all really interested to listen to it.."

They all looked at him and became so excited because finally they have someone to solve the problem.

"Wow, So you go to the Cafeteria tomorrow after 5:00 PM, because Syanja was also working she'll be free this time. You pretend like you are there by Coincidence. Then you can meet her okay? should I rest now??"

Jung-Hoon jumped and hugged him. Ha-Yoon made an annoyed face and pushed him a little. Everyone started laughing so loud.

Next day Syanja went to Hyun-Tae's office and told him that she did all of her work and also rechecked the story. It's ready to start work, and she decided the topic of a new story she will send him after going home..

"Perfect, you are so active at your work, even though you have a fever but you managed to work.. Go and take a rest.."

Syanja called her manager after getting out of the office, she went out to the company. Mr. Lee was waiting for her in front of the exit. Syanja gets in the car and he drives off to the Cafeteria.

So Syanja is here in front of the cafeteria because Lara is going to visit some investors. That's why she asked Syanja to look after her daughter. Syanja entered the cafeteria Nina ran towards Syanja, and hugged Syanja.

"Syanja, I'm leaving now, are you sure you take care of her?"

Syanja nodded at her, she kissed on Nina's cheek.

Lara is trying to open a new branch of her Cafeteria that's why she is going to meet them.. Lara patted Syanja's back and kissed her baby's head, she took her bag and some of the important papers. Lara went towards the car and Mr. Lee drove off.

"So what do you wanna do today my angel?"

Nina became so excited and started jumping on Syanja's arms. Then Syanja took her into the Kitchen.

Meanwhile Jung-Hoon, Ji-Ho and Seo-Jin are sitting in Jung-Hoon's car watching Syanja quietly. Jung-Hoon is so excited to see her. He is sweating so much, continuously wiping his sweat with a handkerchief. Seo-Jin patted his back to give him some strength.

They went out to the car and entered the cafeteria wearing masks so no one could recognize them.

Syanja and Nina were playing video games. Syanja took a glance at her back as she heard a bell from the entrance.

Syanja went towards the counter. A bright smile appeared on her lips.

"How can I help you sir?"

Syanja was waiting for their answer but they didn't say a single word. She narrowed her eyes, trying to recognize them. She knew that she saw them somewhere but couldn't remember that.

"Well I want a cup of coffee with heart."

Her gaze landed on Jung-Hoon with a confused face.

"Excuse me?"

Seo-Jin came to him and gave him a death glare.

"He means to say coffee with a heart design."

Syanja nodded at him and glance down on the paper .

Ji-Ho came to them and waved to Syanja.

"Hey are you Syanja?"

Syanja glance at him with shock in a order of how he knew her name. Then they all removed their masks. Her eyes become widened.

"Huh? What are you doing here? I mean welcome.."

She asked them for a handshake. Jung-Hoon looked at her and lost in her eyes. Her eyes also fixed on his eyes. Seo-Jin pinched his back, Jung-Hoon came back to reality and yanked Seo-Jin's hand from his back.

"We were going for some work, as we felt hungry so i saw this cafeteria and we decided to visit."

Ji-Ho told her a lie, but Syanja was in another world.

"When his friend is talking I am looking at him, his eyes are so pretty, then I look at his lips, No... Nooo.. Syanja Focus on your work, Don't look there."

Syanja sighed and said.

"What's your order?"

She gave them the menu card and waited for their orders.

"Two cups of coffee and one juice.."

She nodded and went to prepare the order..

"My Heart is pounding so fast bro.."

Jung-Hoon put his hands on his chest Seo-Jin rolled his eyes to him and pushed him away.

"Stop acting like that you are looking so cheesy.."

They were talking and Syanja came to them with their orders.

"Here you go.."

Suddenly Nina came to her and hugged her legs. Syanja was about to fall but she managed to stand, Syanja took Nina in her arms and Nina hugged her.

"I wanna go out.."

Syanja patted her back and whispered in her ear.

"Nina, look who is here??

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