Cause Of My Euphoria/C9 Don't Cry, No One Gonna Hurt You.
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Cause Of My Euphoria/C9 Don't Cry, No One Gonna Hurt You.
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C9 Don't Cry, No One Gonna Hurt You.

Nina shifts her gaze at them and her eyes wide open. Nina jumps into Jung-Hoon's arms and hugs them one by one. She becomes so happy to see them. Her eyes were shining and her face started glowing because of happiness.

"I'm Your biggest fan. I love you all, especially you.."

She pointed her finger to Jung-Hoon. Meanwhile, Syanja is feeling a little Dizzy, she holds the counter for support.

They have been talking since then.

Syanja was staring at them with a smile all the time on her face. She didn't talk much to anyone.

Jung-Hoon noticed Syanja didn't say a word.

"I was talking with the little girl then I saw Syanja staring at her while smiling and then our eyes met but she quickly looked away."

"I was looking at them, then I looked at him, our eyes met for a few seconds, my heartbeat increased and I looked away."

As Syanja looked away Nina called her name and made her flinch.

"I wanna go out Maa.."

She looks at Nina and gives her a smile.

"But we can't baby, your mom isn't here.."

After hearing this Nina's eyes become watery. She makes a pout with her lips and her tears start rolling down, she wipes her tears with her little hands, she is sobbing continuously.

"Why did you always do this to me?"

Syanja takes her in her arms and wipes her tears, rubs her back and gives her a glass of water. Nina takes two sips of water and looks away.

"it's okay if she wanna go out so.."

Syanja glances at Jung-Hoon with tired eyes.

"I don't know, cause her mom is not here she'll be back soon, that's why I'm taking care of her.."

Nina started crying again, this time she was sobbing so loud.

Syanja is looking at her and she mumbled.

" I have a headache so bad I think I am having a fever."

Jung-Hoon glances at her.

"Huh? Did you say anything?"

Syanja shook her head and they went out to the Cafeteria. Nina starts jumping on Syanja's arms.

"Do you look at Syanja, she is looking tired."

Seo-Jin and Ji-Ho whisper to each other about Syanja's condition. Then they all went to the car.

"Syanja and Nina come with us in our car.."

Syanja shakes her head, steps towards Jung-Hoon as he offers her to come with him.

"Why don't we just walk?"

Jung-Hoon nods and they start walking. Seo-Jin takes Nina and starts walking forward, Jung-Hoon and Syanja walk behind them.

'So?? Tell me about yourself?"

Syanja gazes at him and smiles.

"I'm Syanja. Twenty three years old, I'm a novelist"

He shakes his head and smiles.

"I know this, tell me more.."

She becomes confused and thinks for a while.

"Umm, I don't know what to tell you, cause no one ever tries to know Me."

They were again lost in each other's eyes, but someone interrupted them.

"Maa Come here fast."

Syanja went to her and Lara jumped on her arms. Syanja was feeling so weak but she was trying hard not to show anyone about her condition.

After some time they reached the Amusement park. Nina got excited and started running while Syanja was following her.

"She looks so good with kids right?"

Ji-Ho nods at Jung-Hoon's statement.

"Yeah, she is wife material.."

Then they went towards Syanja and Nina. Syanna was about to fall down but Jung-Hoon quickly grabbed her by her waist.

"Are you okay?"

"I am feeling so weak now, but I can't tell them because Lara gives me responsibility for Nina's care. I was about to fall then someone grabbed me.. I looked at him. I was lost in his eyes, his face so close to mine. I came back to reality and quickly got out of his grip." Syanja thinks.

"Yeah I'm fine, thanks.."

He smirks at her and mumbled.


Jung-Hoon nodded and went to Nina. He held Nina's hand and they all went to the rides, Syanja followed them. Seo-Jin and Ji-Ho went for rides with Nina. Jung-Hoon was standing with Syanja, and suddenly Syanja's phone started ringing.

"Excuse Me, it's important.."

He nods and Syanja receives her call and goes away.

She was talking on the phone with Hyun-Tae about some work.Then a few boys came close to her and tried to touch her improperly, she gasped and didn't know what to do. She looked at them.

"Please Leave me alone."

Syanja pleaded to them. Syanja was shivering so badly in fear.

"You look pretty, I just want to know how you looked without---"

One of them came close to her and held her wrist. Syanja Tried to push him but he grabbed her waist, and tried to kiss her. She was already weak and after that she couldn't control herself and tears started rolling down on her cheeks.

Syanja flinched a little as someone punched the boy in the face. She gazed at the person, Jung-Hoon was panting heavily due to anger. Syanja quickly ran towards him and grabbed his arm, and hid herself behind him.

"I was waiting for her. It's been a while now, that's why I followed her and saw a boy was trying to kiss her. I couldn't control myself. I just punched in the face of the boy, then she quickly came to me and held my arm and tried to hide behind me. I think she was scared of them." Jung-Hoon thoughts

The boys ran away because of fear. Jung-Hoon glanced at her, she hugged him so tightly and started sobbing. He patted her back.

"It's okay, I'm here, don't cry, no one gonna hurt you."

Syanja looked at him with teary eyes while breaking a hug.

"T--Thank Y-youu."

Jung-Hoon caressed her face and whipped her tears with his thumbs, rubbed his thumbs on her face then he realised she was having a fever.

"Syanja, you are having a fever?"

She nodded and suddenly the rain started. She was shivering already and now rain made the situation more critical. He got worried about her and took off his jacket and made her wear it. He held her hand and signed his friends to move the cafeteria as they joined them. As they reached the Cafeteria while Lara was waiting for them.

"What happened?"

Lara was worried about Syanja.

"Syanja is shivering badly."

Syanja fainted due to weakness, Lara became shocked and Jung-Hoon took her in his arms and went towards her house. Lara and everyone followed him, Lara told him the way to her house. They went into her house. He ran to her room and placed her on the bed. Lara made a call to the doctor. After thirty minutes the Doctor came and Lara showed him her room.

Doctor checked her for a few minutes and heaved a deep sigh before telling them about her condition.

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