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C1 Rebirth

"Si! It hurts! Where is this? "Heaven or Hell?" Yiyun opened his eyes and saw neither heaven nor hell. It was a wooden bed.

"Eh? Who am I? What am I doing? "Where am I?" A series of questions popped up in Yiyun's mind, causing him to have a splitting headache. Memories immediately flooded into his mind.

Oh! He was already dead. On the morning of the holidays, Yiyun dragged his heavy body out of the internet cafe. In the end, he was greeted by a large truck. He was so sleepy that he only saw his body moving up and down before he died. He didn't expect that he would actually be reborn now.

He turned his head and saw a girl lying on the bedside. The girl had two ponytails and a pink face. Her mouth made sounds as she slept. A long purple robe outlined a perfect figure that could make a man's nose bleed. She was petite and cute, and her full chest pressed on Yiyun's feet.

"Mm ~ mm ~" The girl turned her head around, but she did not seem to have woken up.

"F * ck me!" At this moment, Yiyun had already burned himself in the bath, but he still wanted to divert his attention. If the girl beside him woke him up, he would definitely be very embarrassed.

However, after calming down and thinking about it, why would he be reborn? Could it be that the heavens knew that he was still a virgin in his previous life, and they specially favored him so that he could be reborn? F * ck! Who cares! I survived! I don't need to die! Hahaha!

"Huuu? Sigh ~" The loli beside him had woken up, and Yiyun, who was holding up his twin peaks with both hands, had a panoramic view of what was happening.

"Ya! I'm sorry, young master! Yun fell asleep. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Suddenly, she took a few steps back and knelt on the ground with her knees on the ground. She knocked her head against the ground with loud banging sounds. She kept saying that she was sorry.

This frightened Yiyun. Why did he feel so guilty? He actually made such a cute loli kneel on the ground and apologize? Yiyun immediately wanted to get off the bed. When he raised his head, he found that his whole body was in pain and he didn't have any strength left. After that, he fell down again.

"Ya! Young master!" The pigtailed girl immediately rushed to the edge of the bed and looked at Yiyun. Her trembling body and eyes were filled with fear.

"Why are you looking at me like that? What did I do? "Oh no! "What did this body do?"

Yiyun's mind was sweating. To be more precise, his body was sweating. In these few seconds, the sweat had soaked Yiyun's body. He felt extremely uncomfortable, and his body was wet and sticky. It was very strange, and he even smelled bad.

"Bang!" Someone pushed the door open and two maids in long white clothes came in. They immediately stood on the left and right sides of the door, and then a woman came in.

She wore a yellow dress until her feet were bare. A golden hairpin went through her hair, and there was a bow tie tied around her waist. Her steps were dignified and powerful, and her black pupils were full of elegance and elegance. She had an extraordinary temperament. This series of appearances revealed that she was the mistress of the house! Only a young lady from a noble family would have such demeanor!

"Yun'er! Are you alright?" The mistress sat at the edge of the bed, looking nervously at Yiyun.

"Huh? How did she know my name? Who is she? "So beautiful!" A series of questions flashed through Yiyun's mind.

"Hmm? What's that smell?" After a breath, the mistress realized that the air was filled with a scent. Upon smelling it carefully, her expression changed slightly.

"I'm sorry, that..." Before Yiyun could finish, the mistress immediately spoke.

"Yiyun! You can speak now? " Your poison has been cured? " Madam looked at Yiyun and her tone was filled with anxiety and gentleness.

She did not say that she did not know, but once she said it, everyone in the room was shocked.

"Young master is done?"

"Is young master done?"

"The young master is really alright!"

Yiyun looked at them strangely.

"What, what's wrong?"

"Yun'er, you are poisoned. Without the Spirit Origin Pill, you won't be able to live. How did you do it?" The wife looked at Yiyun, her eyes full of love.

"Me? I'm poisoned?" It was fine if he didn't say it. This gave Yiyun a scare. He immediately put his hands on the bed and remembered.

When Madam saw this scene, she was so shocked that she couldn't say anything. He had actually recovered completely? He could actually cure it without the Five Spirit Poison of the Spirit Origin Pill? And it was completely cured? Had the strange poison really been cured?

Yiyun crawled up with all his strength, and the bedding on his body slid down. At this moment, all the maids in the room were blushing. It turned out that Yiyun was not wearing any clothes. When Yiyun woke up, everyone in the room naturally saw Yiyun's body from top to bottom.

Yellow skin. His eight abdominal muscles were uniform and uniform. The muscles on his arms and arms, and the tight muscles at the bottom of his thighs. There were also muscles deep in the thighs, full of wildness. To put it in modern terms, this person was a fierce man.

"Wow! Young master has a lot of capital!"

"Lower your voice, are you afraid that young master won't hear you?"

Yun was the most excited in the entire room because she was really attracted by Yiyun's figure.

"Really!" Yun swallowed hard.

"Oh my! How can I be so perverted!" After looking at it for a long time, Yun immediately lowered her head. Her face was red, as if it was on fire.

Other than the madam, everyone else in the room, except the madam, also realized their actions. They also lowered their heads, and the blush on their faces dissipated.

At that moment, Madam saw a puddle of dark brown sewage on the bed. What was this? Strange! Doubt surfaced on her face again, and her brows were tightly knitted.

"Um, sorry, can you find a place for me to take a shower?" Although Yiyun wanted to find some clothes to wear, he found that his whole body was sticky and uncomfortable.

"Oh! Yun , quickly take Yun'er to take a bath." The wife came back to her senses and asked Yun to help Yiyun take a bath. Who cares about him? As long as Yiyun was fine.

At this time, everyone in the room also came back to their senses. They walked to the sides and made a path for Yiyun.

Yun shyly walked to the bedside and did not know what to do. Her face was red as if it was on fire. Although Yiyun had many questions, he also wanted to wash this sticky thing clean first. He first walked out of the door of the room and Yun followed closely behind.

"Looks like I have to get used to it," Yiyun thought as he felt that his body did not belong to him.

"That, is there a well?"

"Hmm? Yes! Yun heard Yiyun's question and immediately replied, "In the backyard." In her heart, she also felt strange. Why did he want to find a well?

Yiyun followed Yun to the backyard and immediately saw the well on the left corner of the backyard. He immediately walked over and grabbed a bucket of water and poured it into his body.

"Hua ~"

Not long after, Before she could even put down the bucket, the lady in the room had already walked to the door of the backyard. When she saw this scene, she hurriedly walked over.

"Yun'er, what are you doing? Quickly come over and catch a cold. It will be bad if you catch a cold." The lady hurriedly walked to Yiyun's side.

When she came closer to take a look, she was shocked because that kind of sewage flowed out of Yiyun's feet again. It was as if the toxins in his body were expelled again.

At this moment, Yiyun did not care about so much. He thought that a voice had appeared in his mind.


"I thought that the host had completely removed the poison and strengthened my body!"


"Host's compatibility with the System is 100%!"


"Congratulations on merging with the Strongest Celestial Thearch System!"

"Bang!" A loud sound rang out in Yiyun's mind. Immediately, a bunch of memories surged into his mind.

The continent he was in was called the Eastern Region, and the place he was in was called Cyan Rock Town. The owner of this body had the same name as him, and was also called Yiyun. Yun was his maidservant, and that wife was his mother, Yu Lian.

Yiyun had been a playboy since he was a child. When he was a child, he had provoked people and beaten them half to death. His meridians and dantian had been shattered, and this time, when he went out to play with Yun , he had been killed by poison. If it wasn't for his transmigration, Yun wouldn't have had a good time if Yiyun died.

He clenched his fist and thought to himself, "I will definitely avenge you!"

"Wait! I actually obtained the System!" Yiyun was very happy to know about his past life. In his previous life, he had read web novels about the main character transmigrating, reincarnating, obtaining the system, sweeping across the world, and becoming the overlord of a region. He never thought that he would also get a "system.

Yiyun closed his eyes. A lot of things appeared in his mind. There was an item column, quest column, character attribute column, and the Exchange System.

"Ding! Character has received the first reward from the system. Lottery draw once. Host, please begin the Lottery draw."


Yiyun did not hesitate to call for the start.

The Lottery Page in his mind kept spinning until it reached the place where the mysterious reward was. It stopped and the mysterious reward suddenly appeared in front of Yiyun.

Yiyun clicked on the reward.

"Congratulations to host for obtaining the mysterious reward," Super-powered Eyes "One set."

The Superpower Eye landed on the inventory. Next to it were two small icons, equipment and gifts.


Yiyun clicked on the equipment.

'Ding... Super Power Eye Equipment Successful! '

The Super Power Eye in the inventory disappeared.

Very quickly, Yiyun's eyes became strange, as if they were washed by warm water. It was very comfortable, and a few seconds later.


"Host level!"

Host: Yiyun

Level: 1 (Not reincarnated)

Attributes: Strength 3

Agility 2

Intelligence 1

Current Abilities: Superpowered Eyes

"That's it?" Yiyun touched his face. Where did the Superpowered Eyes come from?

When he exited the system interface, he saw Yun standing beside him. He took a closer look. Huh?

"Yun , are you wearing a purple bellyband today?" Yiyun said.

"Young Master, did you peek at this servant taking a shower and changing her clothes again..." Yun 's face turned red as she lowered her head shyly and snorted softly.

"Me??? My body did peek at Yun taking a shower before. But that is not me! He still had to take the blame after being reborn?

"Wait! Could it be that the spectacles are one with the body? Their functions are so powerful? Oh no! Such a wretched ability? Does that mean there are a lot of similar functions? " As he thought about it, Yiyun laughed maniacally. In reality, he gave people the impression that he was a rogue, a pervert!


Madam had been watching in the courtyard for a long time. Could it be that she had been poisoned once and became stupid?

"Oh? Oh!" Yiyun immediately came back to his senses and found the yard. There were also many maidservants looking at him just now, and he was also very embarrassed.

"Young Master! Please follow me to change clothes!" Yun led Yiyun towards her own courtyard. She lowered her head and her face was still flushed.

Yiyun also knew that because he was wet and had not put on any clothes yet, he could only look up at the sky and follow Yun .

After returning to the room to change his clothes, he turned his head and saw Yun standing at the door of the room. She put her hands together and kept rubbing with her head down. No one knew what she was thinking.

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