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Celestial Ruler System/C10 His Combat Power Was Actually 1000!
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C10 His Combat Power Was Actually 1000!

"Whew! Whew! Hu! Xinglang forced the wine out. When he swallowed it just now, he used the Genuine Qi to cover the wine and put it in his throat. He did not expect that the wine was as strong as before. Even after absorbing a little bit, he could not stand it. His face turned red as he hurriedly used the Genuine Qi to dissolve the drunkenness. He looked at Yiyun who was lying down beside him and sneered.

"Hahaha! This young man is not bad looking. What a pity!" The Lady Boss walked out from behind the shop, holding the shop assistant in her hand and laughing loudly. The fellow in her hand quickly turned into a dried corpse, and the shadow behind her became even more vivid.

"Humph! I'm afraid that you will also die in your hands!" Xinglang said with a sneer.

"Didn't you also kill the messenger of Xuanyuan Sect? What right do you have to talk about me?" Spider Lady said unhappily.

"Hmph! I'm doing this for business!" Xinglang said coldly.

"Humph!" The spider girl coldly snorted and turned her head around. She looked at Yiyun greedily. Even if it was not for official business, the spider girl could not beat him. She had no choice but to watch Yiyun like this to quench his thirst.

Xinglang waved his hand and a black smoke covered the three of them. When the black smoke disappeared, the three of them also disappeared.

In a bamboo forest ten miles away from Qingyang Town, the black smoke dissipated. The three of them landed in a bamboo forest. Yiyun was lying on the ground. Xinglang and Spider Lady stood at the side. Xinglang took out a key and a lock from behind him. When he inserted the key, the lock and the key shone with a golden light. Then he threw them to the ground. "Bang!" A golden door appeared out of thin air. He grabbed Yiyun, who was lying on the ground. Then, the two of them sat cross-legged outside.

In the Lin Prefecture...

Old Ying was meditating in the courtyard. Yi Loong was standing by the side, watching Old Ying recover his strength bit by bit. He felt extremely happy in his heart.

"Dad! This medicine is really effective!" Yi Leng ran over with a bottle of medicine in his hand. The excitement on his face was self-evident.

This was the medicine that Yiyun asked Yi Xuan to tell Yi Loong and then made.

"Hurry up and get someone to send this potion to the whole town. Remember! It has to be done in secret!" Yi Loong also knew that an innocent man would be guilty of having a treasure. He was very happy at this moment because his grandson, Yiyun, who did nothing, not only got the first place in the meeting, but also made this kind of potion. He could not be unhappy even if he was not happy!

"Right, Xiao Xuan! Where did Xiaoyun go?" After Yi Loong finished instructing Yi Leng, he turned to Yixuan and asked.

"Mr Yiyun told me to tell you the formula of this medicine, and then said that he wanted to go out for a while, so he left." Yixuan pouted and said.

"Oh? Could it be that this kid went on a mission? Forget it, the heavens are really blessing our Lin Family!" Yi Loong laughed as he returned to his room.

At this moment, Lanlan was carrying a carriage and on the way home, she was thinking about Yiyun.

When Yiyun left, Yiqin and Yun got along very well. They had a common topic, which was Yiyun. They could not understand why he had become so powerful after being poisoned once. And he had become more mature.

The evil god on the West Sea had a smoking pipe in his mouth and was wearing a flip-flop. He looked at the pearl ball in front of him in a mess. There was actually a flip-flop in this era? It was completely different from what Yiyun had expected.

"He doesn't have any Genuine Qis on him, Evil God!" Xinglang, who was standing on the other side of the pearl, cupped his fists and said respectfully.

"Mm!" The Evil God looked at the golden door on the other side of the pearl, his eyes filled with anticipation. He wondered what would happen.

This was something he had discovered by chance. He didn't know why, but... As long as one wasn't a cultivator, they could enter. But if a cultivator entered, the higher the level of the cultivator. The faster the time of death. He had also tried to bring ordinary people in, but only one out of a hundred people managed to escape. And he was poisoned to death in a few days, because there was a very powerful monster inside. For ordinary people, this type of monster was not something they could bear. Therefore, he asked Xinglang to find a person with a lot of Genuine Qis, but a lot of strength. He never thought that there would be a freak like Yiyun in this world, who didn't have a single Genuine Qi on his body. He was looking forward to seeing how strong his strength would be.

It was a cute dividing line.

"Cough cough!" Yiyun, who was lying on the ground, lifted his eyelids. The first thing he saw was a purple-blue sky. Dark clouds were floating in the sky. Electricity was rumbling in the clouds. He turned around and found that he was in a desert, a desert that stretched as far as the eye could see.

"I was careless!" He still remembered that after drinking the bowl of Divine Immortal Drunk Wine, he felt an extremely strong drunkenness in his mouth, causing his soul to be captivated. In just a breath's time, he was drunk, but when he woke up, he found himself in this kind of place.

However, Yiyun didn't realize that the air was filled with the energy of devouring the Genuine Qi. Because he didn't have any Genuine Qi on him, he wasn't affected at all.

Standing up, the yellow sand covering his body fell down.

"Where is this?" Looking at the endless desert, Yiyun was a bit confused.

"Congratulations, host, for triggering the mission! Back on the ground!" The system suddenly made a sound and then quieted down.

I'm actually not on the ground? Then where is this place? He thought.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound coming from the ground below him. Yiyun was shocked and immediately jumped up. He looked at the place where he was just now. A huge black pincer stretched out. The pincer was the size of a person. If he had been there just now, he would not have been safe and sound like now.

"Swish! Swish! Swish!" The pincer slowly descended. Suddenly, another pincer reached out from where Yiyun was standing. Yiyun had already retreated a meter away.

What the f * ck! There was still no end to it? He swung his leg and kicked at the pincer that had yet to retreat.

"Bang!" With one kick, Yiyun felt as if he had kicked an iron plate. The impact was painful. His foot was many times stronger than an iron plate. Why were the pincers so hard? A few greetings popped up in his mind.

At this time, the pliers had fallen again. The place where he was standing began to shake again. He immediately retreated a few more times and the pliers reached out again.

The tiger did not show its might. Do you think I'm a mouse? Suddenly, Yiyun clasped his hands together and began gathering all the abilities in his body, preparing to release Qi waves.


Qi waves hit Yiyun and thick smoke rolled up. Yiyun took a few steps back. He could not tell north, south, east, and west. He looked at where the pincers were. After a while, the dust settled. At this time, the pincers did not fall down. Instead, they made a series of rumbling sounds in the desert. They slowly stretched out and made Yiyun retreat.

What entered Yiyun's eyes was a crab that was eight or nine meters tall and more than ten meters wide. Its two basketball sized eyes looked at Yiyun. Yiyun just looked at him.

After a while, the crab made a sound. "Finally, there's a stronger person! Yiyun did not expect it to be able to speak human language. That was right. Even the Tauren could speak human language, so why couldn't it? The crab's voice was obviously excited.

Then, it immediately rushed towards Yiyun, scaring him so much that he turned around and ran. What a joke, the combat power on the crab's head was actually 1000! If he was caught, he would definitely not be alive.

"Oh my! Why are you chasing me?" Yiyun kept waving his hands and asked while running. He had activated the Great Teleportation of Heaven and Earth to its limit.

"Don't run! Stop and play with me!" The crab blocked Yiyun with one step and waved its pincers at him.

And so, the scene of them chasing each other was played.

One day later...

"Big crab! Aren't you tired?" Yiyun looked back and asked. At this moment, he had no intention of resting at all. For some reason, ever since he obtained the super body, he didn't need to rest. His energy was endless.

"Huff huff ~ You! Don't run! On the other hand, Crab was already so tired that he couldn't catch his breath.

Actually, the crab was also pretending. It indeed felt that it had wasted a lot of energy. However, this little bit of physical strength wasn't enough to make it tired. However, it was extremely surprised by this human in front of it. There was not a single spiritual energy fluctuation on his body that could block the murderous aura here for such a long time. It felt that Yiyun was not simple. Therefore.

"Come play with me!" The crab stopped pretending. It did not know why Yiyun knew it was not tired, or if it was because he was alert, but he actually ran forward without slowing down at all.

"No! If you catch me, I definitely won't be able to live!" Yiyun was a human with a system. Of course, he knew that the crab was not tired at all. It would be strange if the crab was tired after chasing him so closely.

As he ran, Yiyun suddenly felt that he could not stand on the ground. He looked down. "F * ck!" With a whoosh, he fell off the cliff. He could not figure out how there could be a cliff in this desert.

At this time, the crab had already stopped at the edge of the cliff. Looking at the dark cliff, he could not see the edge and sighed. "Hey! Play with me properly. Maybe I can let you go! This time, you will definitely not be able to come back after falling into the Transparent Hell! "What a pity!" After saying that, he left without looking back.

He thought that Yiyun would definitely die. After all, below this cliff was a silent hell! The so-called silent hell was that there was no air or spiritual energy. There was nothing in the natural world below. It was completely a vacuum. All living things needed air. If there was no air, there must be energy. If there was no energy, then there must be death!

Under the dark cliff, Yiyun could not see his hands in front of his eyes. In a river, Yiyun's legs trembled as he climbed up. He smelled a strong scent of blood! Furthermore, the gravity below was twice as heavy as above! He felt a huge rock attached to his body.

If he didn't have a super body, he definitely wouldn't be able to hold on anymore. This place was very quiet, so quiet that it was scary. Yiyun felt that he couldn't hear any other sounds, as if he was the only one there.

He wanted to see and hear something, but he couldn't see anything at all. He could only feel his hands moving forward, and he felt that the gravity would increase with every step he moved forward. If it was someone else, they might have collapsed completely, but Yiyun was different. He really wanted to live! After all, he had already died once in his previous life. What he was thinking now was... To live!

He kept moving forward, and the gravity kept increasing. He felt as if he had walked for a very, very long time, about a year! Suddenly! His body became lighter! He followed the force of gravity and bounced up! He landed on the same spot again.

"Eh?" When he turned around, he realized that he could see it! Furthermore, he could clearly see... He discovered that... From the river in the distance, he looked over. It was actually blood! He had actually landed in such a place!

He looked up and saw that the desert cliff was actually very close to him. It was as if he could jump onto it with a single jump! However, he did not do so. He realized that he seemed to have become stronger! He pulled out the system interface and saw his attributes.

Host: Yiyun, level 6, first transition!

Strength: 167

Agility: 212

Exchange Points: 5

Current Skills: Qigong Wave, Death Waltz Great Teleportation of Heaven and Earth, Healing Technique

His Dexterity had actually reached over 200 points! Yiyun only felt that he could now completely torture the Sun Xing from before!

He never thought that this place could actually make him stronger!

He looked down at the ground in front of him. It was also a pitch-black cliff! It was also a bottomless abyss! He resolutely stepped forward and fell down once again.

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