Celestial Ruler System/C2 The Conflict of Moving Rice
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Celestial Ruler System/C2 The Conflict of Moving Rice
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C2 The Conflict of Moving Rice

"Yun ! Go to Yixuan's place and sleep. Just say that I said it!" Yiyun also knew that his body was very lecherous. In order to possess Yun , he would use any means necessary. However, this body wanted Yun 's heart, so he was still a virgin until now. It really matched Yiyun's stinky taste.

Yixuan was his younger sister, but she was actually also an abandoned baby carried by his grandfather Yi Loong from outside. She had been held in the hands of his grandfather since she was young. Most of the cousins liked her, and only she was better with him.

"Oh! Alright, Young Master!" Yun was stunned for a while and said, then she exited the room and closed the door. The moment she turned around, there was a clear look of disappointment on her face.

The next day.

"Morning, everyone!" Yiyun walked out of his room and greeted the maidservants who were cleaning the courtyard.

"Young master seems to be in a good mood today?" A servant girl said to another servant girl.

"Shh, lower your voice." The other maidservant immediately pressed her ring finger against her mouth and reminded her in a low voice.

The two of them turned their heads together and found that Yiyun had already disappeared.

In the lobby of Lin Family, the entire lobby was filled with people. Second Uncle, Third Uncle, two aunties, and their children were all sitting on either side of the lobby. The family head, Lin Yi Loong, was sitting on a chair in the middle of the lobby with an old man standing beside him. This old man was also an old man, but his white hair couldn't hide the kindness on his face.

After a while, Yiyun's mother walked to the main hall and greeted her father before sitting on a chair next to her.

"I heard that Xiaoyun's poison was cured last night. Is that true?"

Just as Yu Lian sat down, Yi Loong, who was sitting in the middle of the hall, impatiently asked about Yiyun's condition.

This old grandpa had a head full of white hair, but he didn't give people the impression that he was on the verge of death. Instead, he gave off a very powerful aura, and every move he made was extraordinary.

"Yes, father! Yiyun's poison was completely cured last night!"

It was now the people in the hall's turn to be surprised.

"The Five Spirits Poison has been cured?"

"This Five Spirit Poison is not cured by the Spirit Origin Pill, but solved by oneself?"

The people in the lobby were all shocked.

"Yes, father. It was indeed Yun'er who cured it." Yu Lian said.

"Five Spirit Poison. "Isn't it only a Spirit Origin Pill that can cure it?"

"Could it be that there was some sort of fortuitous encounter?"

The people in the lobby discussed animatedly.

"Forget it, it's good that you're alright. It's good that you're alright. Then ~ Where is Xiaoyun now?" Yi Loong waved his hand. The frown on his face eased up, and he was extremely happy.

"He went out and said he was going to do a mission."

Yu Lian was also curious. To do a mission? He had just recovered from his illness. What mission could he do?

"Mission? No, I have to call him back immediately. The poison has just been cured. What if he's in trouble again?" Second Uncle Lin Yiyuan said.

"Second Brother, you are sorry for that. You wanted to do the task right after removing the poison. Isn't this Xiao Yun's filial piety? He knows how to contribute to the family, so let him do it. " Furthermore, he survived a great disaster. He will definitely have good fortune in the future. " Third Uncle Lin Yi laughed coldly and opposed Yi Yuan's words.

"Are you responsible if anything happens to him?"

Yi Yuan looked at Yi Leng with a bad expression. Other than the old man and the old man beside him, the rest of the people in the hall also had ugly expressions.

"Enough! Can't you guys be more united? " We are a family, so we should be harmonious. We shouldn't be making noise here. "

Yi Loong couldn't stand it any longer, so he immediately stopped them.

He thought for a moment and said to the old man, "Old Ying, go and take a look. If anything happens to Little Yun, you can help him."

"Yes, Family Head."

After saying that, the old man beside Yi Loong disappeared in a breath's time. He was a Fourth Level Yellow Rank expert!

There was something very strange in this world, "Genuine Qi." No matter if it was male or female, old or young, their bodies would automatically absorb Genuine Qis.

And most people called "cultivators" used all kinds of methods to absorb the Genuine Qi in nature and turn it into their own abilities. These abilities all had their own merits and all kinds of strange things. However, the only thing that could not be separated from was their level. After absorbing the Genuine Qis for a certain period of time, they would be able to break through their level and increase their own strength by many times.

"Heaven, Earth, Black, Yellow." There were four big levels, and each big level had eleven small levels, ranging from level one to level ten. There was also the great circle level. It was said that when cultivated to the highest level, one could transform all things in the world into one's own strength, possessing a limitless lifespan.

Furthermore, the lifespan of the creatures in this world was different. Basically, everyone could live up to 200 years.

When he switched to Yiyun's side, he was indeed doing a mission, and it was a mission given to him by the system.

Looking at the mission column, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

"Mission: Help the workers at the dock move rice."

"Mission reward: Each attribute point + 1]

This mission was really strange, but Yiyun still had to do it, because if he didn't complete this mission, he wouldn't be able to do the next one.

Yiyun, who was walking on the street, felt that everyone on the street was looking at him. Although this feeling of being the center of attention was very satisfying, it was also very strange. He didn't know where the dock was, so he could only find someone to ask.

"Grandpa, may I ask where there is a dock?"

The grandpa who was asked had a frightened look on his face.

"Young Master Lin! The pier took a turn after walking on this street. I, I am in a hurry to go home and cook. See you, goodbye... "After saying that, the old grandpa left nervously.

"Hehe." Yiyun only had a funny look on his face. This body really did do all kinds of evil things.

Thinking about it, he walked towards the pier.

"Hey, look, isn't that the young master of Lin Family? Didn't he get poisoned?" Passerby A

"Shh ~ Don't talk nonsense. Do you want to be caught and hung on a tree?" Passerby B's expression was nervous.

"Let's go, let's go" the people beside him reminded him in a low voice.

Then the crowd dispersed.

Yiyun walked on the street. These people all looked at him and did not dare to look at him a second time. Yiyun was angry and funny.

Standing at the corner, he was shocked once again. He looked at the clear seawater. There were also many wild geese on the sea. Moreover, these geese were all formed in the shape of a human with over a thousand of them. They cried out.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang ~" On the surface of the sea, a very large ship was approaching the shore. The ship was beating the gong and drums, reminding the people on the dock to prepare to unload the goods.

Amazing! The bow of the ship was pitch black and sharp, both sides were covered with black stones. The sail was made of iron, and the hardness of the iron sheet was beyond imagination. When the ship sailed over, waves were pushed off the back of the ship, making Yiyun tremble and his eyes sparkle.

"If I had this ship, wouldn't I be able to become the Pirate King?" Yiyun had a small plan in his mind.

As the ship approached the dock, a crew member threw out an iron chain. The iron chain was as thick as an adult's arm. No one knew how heavy it was, but the crew member who threw the iron chain down did not even breathe.

Then, the two people in the ship's cabin picked up the stone slab that they had prepared earlier. The two people at the dock also followed there and began to move the rice.

Yiyun immediately ran over and mixed into the crowd to help them move the rice.

"Come on, bring a bag of this kind of rice to reward you!"

A man in white clothes stood on the boat, directing the group of big men.

Suddenly, he saw Yiyun, who was carrying the rice, looking at his clothes with a strange look in his eyes.

"Who is it?! Are you from our side?"

Hearing someone call him, Yiyun raised his head and looked at the man. The men beside him also looked at Yiyun.

The captain was thinking, 'Enemies really cross paths!' Because, the captain was the one who poisoned Yiyun! But when he covered his face back then, Yiyun still couldn't recognize him.

"Eh? He looks so familiar."

The man who was closest to Yiyun spoke up. The people beside him also spoke up.

"This... Isn't this young master Yiyun from the Lin Family?"

One of the men was the first to react. He pointed his right ring finger at Yiyun and shouted.

"That's right! He is the young master of the Lin family! " Why is he doing such rough work here? "

"I heard that he was poisoned, how could he come out?"

"Shh ~ Keep your voice down."

"Why are you whispering? How could the young master of Lin Family move these things here?"

"Yeah, yeah!"

The young master of the Lin Family said. "Maybe he looks a little bit similar."

These big men who had finished moving the goods came over and formed a circle, surrounding Yiyun in the middle. Yiyun had already entered the system interface.


"Host has completed the mission. The reward is an all-rounder attribute bonus 1. Because this is the first time you have completed the mission, you will be rewarded with a mysterious Gift Bag and 100 experience points."

Then, Yiyun saw a white number 100 / 300 appear above his head. This was an experience bar.

Those big men were discussing spiritedly. Yiyun ignored them for the time being. He looked at the mysterious reward in the inventory and clicked open it.


"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Initial Skill Qigong Wave. All attributes + 10, Exchange Points + 5!" "Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Initial Skill Qigong Wave. All attributes + 10, Exchange Points + 5!"

Yiyun immediately felt that something was different. His body seemed to have become even sturdier. After feeling it for a while, he immediately checked his attributes.

"Host level!"

Host: Yiyun

Level: 1 (Not reincarnated)

Attributes: Strength 14

Agility: 13

Intelligence 12

Exchange Points: 5

First ability Supreme Eye, Qi Wave

Yiyun looked at the most special five points and clicked into the Exchange Shop.

"Fuck, what kind of exchange is this? This is simply an unscrupulous profiteer!"

There were a lot of things in the Exchange Shop, they were all first-class items. What super legs, super experts, super brains... The most common thing was that they were all very expensive. The cheapest thing required 500 exchange points. Compared to Yiyun's 5 exchange points, these 500 points made Yiyun pound his chest and stomp his feet.

When he returned to reality, he saw that the big men had already dispersed. They stood by the pier and looked at the man who had just commanded everyone.

"I've moved it. Here are 20 copper coins. You can divide it among yourselves." The man weighed the money in the bag and gave it to the big man in the lead.

"Thank you, boss. Thank you, boss."

The man in the lead took the money and kept saying thank you. Then he immediately turned around and opened the bag. He gave everyone money. One copper coin for each person. There were 21 people in total, but 20 were divided. Only Yiyun did not get any money.

"What about me? Why don't I have any?"

Yiyun was stunned for a moment before he shouted at the big man in the lead.

"You? Are you a member of our group? Why haven't I seen you before? "Could you be a member of the ship?" The leader scratched the back of his head and turned to look at the captain.

"Oh? So he wasn't with this group of people? Looking at his attire, he should be from a rich family." The captain looked at Yiyun and his heart was filled with suspicion. Could it be that he had been discovered?

"I also moved, how can I not have my share?" Yiyun did not care what their gazes were, and directly asked the captain for money.

"But, that's all I have prepared. And didn't I tell your team that there would be twenty of them?" The captain's face began to lose its color.

"I don't care. Since I've helped, I must..." Yiyun really didn't want anything, so he just asked for money.

"What else can I do if I don't give it to you?" The captain lowered his head and looked at Yiyun. His face was extremely gloomy. Just as he was about to make a move, the twenty big men saw that the situation wasn't right and also wanted to help resolve it. At this moment, a person walked over from afar.

"Young Master Lin! There are many of these copper coins in the coffer room. If you want them, just go to the coffer room and get them. There's no need to argue here."

Butler Old Ying gave Yiyun a greeting gift.

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