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C4 Let's Have a Competition

No, it's okay. In the future, the two of us can be a bit more casual, no need to thank you!"

Yiyun waved his hand.

"Yes, young master!" Yun said.

"I am resting! You can leave first! Yiyun entered his room after he finished speaking, leaving Yun alone in the wind.

The next day, Yiyun opened the door and saw two maidservants cleaning the courtyard.

"Morning, everyone!"

After greeting everyone, Yiyun rushed to the main hall.

"Morning, young master!"

"Shh ~ Keep your voice down."

The two maids turned around and looked at the courtyard door. Yiyun was already gone.

In the lobby, everyone was sitting on top.

When Yiyun walked to the main hall, everyone was looking at him.

He immediately saw Yi Loong sitting in the middle of the main hall. That was his grandfather. Yes, it was his grandfather. Strangely, he could not see his grandfather's combat strength. He thought that the system had malfunctioned, so he did not pay much attention to it.

"Hello! Hello everyone! "

Yiyun felt something was wrong after he finished speaking, because everyone in the hall was looking at him.

"Yun'er! Come over and greet grandfather!" Yu Lian reminded.

Oh! I forgot about this! Yiyun walked to the middle of the hall and greeted Yi Loong, who was sitting in the middle of the hall.

"Grandpa, what has happened these few days?"

As soon as Yiyun said this, everyone in the hall looked at him.

"Hey, do you remember the poison you were poisoned with last time?" Yi Loong sighed.

Everyone in the hall was silent. The atmosphere was very cold. Yi Loong looked at Yiyun and nodded, then he continued.

It turned out that after Yiyun had fainted from the poison, many people on the Green Rock Formation had been poisoned for no reason. There must be someone who had poisoned them behind their backs.

Furthermore, there was also a group of people who were eyeing the Cyan Rock Town covetously. Yi Loong suspected that it was the people from the Western Sea who had poisoned them, but there was nothing he could do. Those people who could concoct the Spirit Origin Pill were secretly killed by the experts sent by the West Sea. Those who did not cooperate were killed, and those who cooperated were no longer able to concoct the Spirit Origin Pill.

Furthermore, the Cyan Rock Town government did not care about these matters. Moreover, they bullied the people even more and increased the tax.

Tomorrow was the yearly martial arts competition. Only those who won the competition could get a Spirit Origin Pill. Even if the Lin Family won, they wouldn't be able to get a Spirit Origin Pill.

After listening to this, Yiyun thought for a while.

"Why don't you let me fight?"

Everyone in the hall, including Yi Loong, looked at him.

"The risk of the competition is too high. You can't even cultivate. What are your chances of winning?" Yiqin stood out and pointed at Yiyun. She looked a little angry.

The long dress was the symbol of ancient times. There was no blemish on her face. Her long hair reached her waist. This girl was also one of the most beautiful types.

"Mr Yiyun is very strong. He will definitely get first place!" Yixuan also stood up at this time.

Those who had seen Yiyun fight Yi Ling and Yi Lun in the front yard yesterday were all silent. Because Yiqin was the strongest of the younger generation, the second level of the yellow division.

"Let's compete. If I lose, I won't go. If you lose, let me go. Is that okay?"

Yiyun looked at Yiqin with a smile on his face.

"Humph! I'll deal with a person like you who can't cultivate. " I'm afraid that if I win, I'll be mocked. "

"How about this? I'll let you have one hand. That should be enough, right?" Yiyun was still angering her.

"Give her one hand?"

"Sigh! I'm afraid she won't be able to defeat both her legs and fists. Yiqin is a level two yellow level. She is very different from the two young masters yesterday."

The people who saw Yiyun and the two young masters compete yesterday also didn't believe that Yiyun could win.

That's right, the world of cultivators was very different. A difference of one level was like heaven and earth. Unless it was a very powerful expert, but Yiyun didn't think so. Because Old Ying was also at the fourth level yesterday. And the captain was only level 3. But the captain was stronger.

Yiyun had already seen that Yiqin's combat strength was at 4, and his combat strength was at 6. She was two points away from him, so he was confident that he could defeat her.

"Come on." Yiyun used the Eternal Spring from yesterday again because these moves seemed to be more proficient the next time he used them. Yiyun also wanted to give it a try. He saw one hand leaning back and the other reaching forward. His five fingers were joined together and his hand was bent. He hooked at Yiqin.

Yiqin thought that Yiyun was looking down on her with this kind of posture, and she immediately became furious. Not only her, everyone in the hall thought this way. They had never seen such a move before, but no one stopped them. After all, they also wanted to see Yiyun being taught a lesson. Otherwise, they would not know the immensity of heaven and earth. On the other hand, Yu Lian and Yixuan were a little worried.

"Swoosh!" Yiqin kicked the ground and rushed towards Yiyun like a cannonball. Her right leg swept towards Yiyun.

Everyone looked disappointed when they saw that the kick was about to hit him. Yiqin was a little worried. Even she might not be able to withstand the force. What would happen if she kicked him to death? But she would not be able to take it back. After all, she had not cultivated to the realm where she could freely release and withdraw.

Everyone saw that Yiyun was not moved. He did not even blink, nor did he defend himself. Others thought that Yiyun had admitted defeat and it was over, but Yiyun was not kicked away like everyone thought.

His body suddenly bent down and perfectly avoided the kick.

Yiqin was also shocked. He was so fast? Her expression was a little relaxed as she thought.

"Fortunately, I didn't kick him to death. However, it ends here!

Yiqin turned around in the air and Yiyun's body fell to the left. He held onto the ground with one hand. At this time, Yiqin had already used her right foot to kick at Yiyun in an impossible position. She did not expect to miss again. Looking at Yiyun below her, she could not hold her breath anymore.

She kicked the ground with one foot, but Yiyun calmly slapped the ground with one hand and flew backwards.

Just like that, the people in the hall watched Yiqin and Yiyun chase each other. He was calm and collected, and from beginning to end, he was not touched by them. He dodged left and right.

On the contrary, Yiqin was sweating profusely. She was out of breath and stood where she was, gasping for air.

"Phew, phew ~ What kind of ability do you have to dodge around? If you have the guts, then take over with me! Huhuhu ~ While panting, he shouted at Yiyun.

At this moment, Yiyun could not hear anything, because he had fallen into a system state mode.

"Ding! Congratulations to host for triggering comprehension ability! ' Comprehending move, Great Teleportation of Heaven and Earth!'

Wow! This system is really awesome! He could even comprehend skills from left to right.

"Ding! Host triggered the mission to defeat Yiqin. Reward: One mysterious item! '

Another mysterious item? I wonder if I can reward something similar to the Superpowered Glasses!" Yiyun's heart began to twist again.

"Lin Yiyun!"

Yiqin shouted and brought Yiyun back to reality. He looked at Yiqin with a puzzled look. At this moment, he realized that when he was walking around Yiqin, she did not hit him at all. Yiyun stood where he was and looked a little awkward.

"No, it was not on purpose, hehe."

In Yiqin's eyes, Yiyun was looking down on her, which aroused her fighting spirit.

"Come and fight me if you have the guts. What kind of hero are you?"

"Hero? Hero? I don't want to be a hero. " However, if you want to fight me, then... take it! "

After saying that, Yiyun used a horizontal kick with his right foot.

"You actually don't use Genuine Qis?"

Yi Loong could not sit still on the wooden chair in the lobby. In this kind of attack, unless there was a huge difference in level, if he didn't use the Genuine Qi to attack and defend, he would definitely be blocked by the opponent using the Genuine Qi. Then, he would throw the Genuine Qi into his body, causing damage to his dantian and meridians. However, Yiyun didn't even use the Genuine Qi.

Although Yi Loong saw that Yiyun's dodging just now was also very magical, it might really end here. He was worried that Yiyun would be injured.

The people in the hall also widened their eyes, afraid that they would miss the first time Yiqin defeated Yiyun.

"He actually didn't use Genuine Qis?"

Yiqin also became even more furious. You said that you didn't use the Genuine Qi to attack me when you were hit by me. You shouldn't look down on people like this, right? It seems like if I don't teach you a lesson, how can the geniuses of my Lin Family be jealous?

Yiqin immediately used both hands to block the attack. She used all the Genuine Qis in her body to attack Yiyun. She was determined to defeat him in one strike.


This time, a loud sound was heard. Yiqin was sent flying by the kick! Yiyun was fine. He saw Yiqin being kicked in the air. The shock on his face had yet to disappear. He immediately rushed over and unleashed the Great Teleportation of Heaven and Earth to its limit.

"Stop!" Yi Loong thought that Yiyun still wanted to teach Yiqin a lesson. When juniors sparred with each other, they should stop at nothing. This was the family rule of Lin Family.

He wanted to rush over. However, the family rule also stipulated that no one was allowed to interfere with the spars. He could only give up and sigh in his heart.

The people in the hall had the same thoughts as Yi Loong, feeling indignant in their hearts. Although they really wanted to stop the sparring session, they didn't dare to interfere. After all, Yiqin was the one who made the first move.

Yiyun rushed to Yiqin's body and spread his arms.

Yiqin thought that he still wanted to attack her. She was a little annoyed in her heart and tried to use the Genuine Qi to block it in the air. However, when she sparred with Yiyun just now, the Genuine Qi had already been used up. She could only rest for a few hours before recovering.

"Sigh! You deserve to die!"

She closed her glasses and waited for Yiyun's attack.

However, when she landed, she did not feel any attack. Instead, she gently caught her with her hands and opened her eyes.

What greeted her was Yiyun's melancholy gaze. His eyes seemed to have seen through everything in the world and experienced the vicissitudes of life. At this moment, Yiqin was captivated. Her eyes were staring straight at him. Adding the sweat that fell from the fatigue just now, it made her look even more beautiful, and Yiyun was also entranced by it.

The people in the hall were overjoyed. This young man definitely had a bright future!

"Cough, cough!"

Yi Loong really couldn't stand it anymore. You are siblings! Was it really good to look at each other in broad daylight? Besides, there were so many people in the hall.

Yiyun looked around and immediately put Yiqin down.

Yiqin's head was lowered and her face was red. No one knew what she was thinking, but this scene made the few young masters' eyes widen. It was really too beautiful, even though it was not directed at them.

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