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C5 Participating in the Conference

'Ding! ' Congratulations to the host for completing the mission! 'Reward: 1 mysterious item, excessive completion of the mission, awarded grade S + 200 experience points!'

Yiyun looked at the experience bar above his head. It showed a level 2 (not reincarnated). All his attributes had increased. All of them became the same number: 25. Yiyun felt that it was very different. He looked at his combat strength again.


He had actually increased his combat strength by so much after advancing by one level? It seemed like he would have to focus on completing quests and leveling up in the future. Looking at the 400 / 0 experience bar above his head, Yiyun thought to himself.

He couldn't wait to open the mysterious item.

"Ding! Congratulations to user for obtaining Superpower Right Hand! '

A right hand immediately appeared in the inventory, and Yiyun immediately clicked on the equipment.

"Ding! Super Power Right Hand equipment successful!"

Yiyun exited the system interface and looked at his right hand in the real world. He could not see it through his clothes, but he could feel the terrifying power.


Yi Loong looked at Yiyun. He felt as if there was some kind of spirit energy trembling around him.

Could it be an illusion?

Yi Loong only thought for a moment before he understood.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"



"This is really exciting! It's been a long time since I've seen such an exciting duel!"

Yi Leng clapped her hands and cheered.

"Yeah! Little Yun and Little Qin are both very powerful. This battle has really opened our eyes!"

Yi Yuan also said.

"Hmph! Big Brother's son is still the best! " Why don't you take a look at yourself? That little kid of yours is still a level 1 Huang Duan. " Yi Leng and Yi Yuan had never been on good terms with each other.

"You're not any better either. Look at your son. Isn't he also a level 1 Huang Duan?"

After Yi Yuan finished speaking, Yi Lun and Yi Ling looked at each other and tried to hold back their laughter.

"Hahahaha!" They did hold back their laughter, but Yi Loong could no longer hold it in and laughed loudly.

"Alright, alright. Let Xiaoyun participate in this Grand Meeting. I think it's alright!"

"I agree!"

I agree as well!

The people in the lobby also raised their hands in agreement.

"Alright, that's it. Little Qin, you go and rest first."

Yi Loong finished his instructions and walked out of the lobby, his face filled with joy.

"Alright, Little Yun, you should go and prepare as well. Tomorrow, you will participate in the assembly!"

Yi Yuan walked over and patted Yiyun's shoulder. He said with a smile, then walked out of the hall.

"Do your best! Mr Yiyun! Yixuan will do her best too!" Yixuan clenched her fists and cheered Yiyun on. She also walked out.

Most of the people in the hall had also left, leaving only Yu Lian and Yiqin.

"Yun'er, rest early today. You can only participate in the assembly tomorrow."

After saying that, Yu Lian went out.

"That, you should rest well. All the best at the Grand Meeting tomorrow!"

After saying that, Yiqin also left. She walked to the door with her head lowered. If not for Yiyun's reminder, she would have bumped into him.

Yiyun returned to his courtyard and looked at Yun , who was cleaning the fallen leaves.

His courtyard was also very beautiful. There were two willow trees planted beside him. When the spring breeze blew over the willow trees, some of the leaves fell down. It felt like he was in the poetic realm. He looked at the two willow trees floating in the wind. There was a beautiful girl cleaning the fallen leaves in the middle of the trees. Yiyun looked at the tree branches on the ground and picked them up as if he had thought of something.

In the courtyard, Yiyun held the tree branches and used Great Teleportation of Heaven and Earth to flash around Yun . Sometimes he lightly spanked Yun 's butt, sometimes he lightly patted Yun 's hair, and then the fallen leaves on the ground moved beside Yiyun.

"Ya! Young Master! Please don't tease this servant!"

Yun tightly gripped the broom with both hands and was a little shy. Her face was flushed red after being provoked by Yiyun and her eyes were tightly closed. Although Yiyun hit her lightly and did not hurt, this feeling was very strange.

Yiyun ignored her and continued to flash around. Because he had once again entered a mysterious realm.

"Ding! Congratulations to host for activating Skill Comprehension, Ability Comprehension, Sharp Edge waltz! '

Wow! This was not a very popular game. Wasn't this the ultimate move used by a hero called the Sword Princess?

Speaking of this, Yiyun found it funny as well. Because in his previous life, he also played this game. He liked playing a hero, and that was the Sword Princess.

He didn't expect that after so many years, he would actually be able to personally wield a sharp blade, waltz. He was in an extremely good mood and couldn't stop attacking.

A person suddenly approached the yard door. Yiqin wanted to ask Yiyun about the cultivation problem. She did not expect that when she walked to the yard door, she would see Yiyun holding a tree branch and flashing around Yun . He hit her butt and chest. Yun , on the other hand, was holding a broom with both hands. Her face was red as she kept begging for forgiveness.

Seeing this scene, the good impression Yiqin had towards Yiyun immediately disappeared and she walked over in a hurry.


Unexpectedly, Yiyun still did not notice Yiqin's arrival. The branch swung out and hit Yiqin's butt, and only then did he wake up.

Looking at the tree branch in his hand and Yiqin's angry expression, Yiyun could not help but smile bitterly.

Although this system was very powerful, it was also a bit harmful. When comprehending the ability, one would enter a state of selflessness. It was really scary.

"Hmph! Yun ! Let's go!"

Yiqin grabbed Yun 's hand and walked towards the courtyard door.

"Miss, Yun volunteered." Yun still wanted to excuse Yiyun.

"Humph! Who cares if this pervert was willing or not. Tonight, you will sleep with me."

Sleep? Sigh! I was misunderstood again. Hehe! Yiyun returned to his room with a smile.

The next morning, Yiyun woke up early.

"Good morning, everyone!" Yiyun smiled and greeted the two maids who were cleaning the courtyard.

"Good morning, young master."

"Good morning, young master."

After saying that, the two maids started to clean the place.

After saying that, Yiyun walked out of the door and headed towards the main hall.

In the main hall, other than the servants, the people from the Lin Family were all there.

"Little Yun! Hurry up and register for the competition! " Otherwise, it will be over! " Once Yiyun walked in, Yu Lian immediately came over and said anxiously.

"So soon?" Yiyun thought to himself.

"Little Yun! Remember, if you can't win, surrender. It's no big deal. The Lin Family doesn't lack a spot for victory. The main thing is safety. " Yi Loong also walked over at this time.

"That's right, Little Yun! Don't show off if you can't beat him." Yi Yuan also came over.

Yi Leng stood at the side. Everyone in the hall was looking at Yiyun with encouraging eyes.

This made Yiyun, who was an orphan in his previous life, feel very comfortable. It was different if someone cared about him.

"Okay! I will work hard!" After Yiyun said that, he immediately turned around and left the room. Yixuan followed closely behind.

When they walked to the street, people were celebrating and the firecrackers rang non-stop.

Opposite Yiyun, a horse carriage ran towards him. This horse carriage was different from the one Yiyun knew. The horse was dark brown in color and had a head full of black hair. There was also a horn, and the horse had two wings around its body. It was like the mount of a prince on a white horse in a fairy tale. It ran over from the crowd.

"Make way, make way. I'm going to participate in the assembly. Don't block my way, or else it'll be too late!" In the carriage, a girl's voice sounded out. It was as if she had used a Genuine Qi, which increased the volume by many times, allowing everyone on the street to hear her.

The carriage rushed towards Yiyun, but Yiyun did not move aside. Instead, he looked at the carriage and held Yixuan's hand. No one knew what he was thinking.

"Move aside! The carriage could not stop. Be careful! " The people on the carriage looked very anxious, but Yiyun could not see it.

When the carriage was only two meters away from Yiyun, Yiyun jumped up and hugged Yixuan as he sat on the horse.

"I'll go!" Lanlan couldn't help but get on the carriage!

The carriage continued to rush towards the venue of the martial arts contest.

"Miss, we also want to go to the martial arts contest. Please make an exception and let us have a ride. Thank you!" Yiyun put Yixuan down, sat in front of the carriage, and said with cupped fists.

"You also want to go and watch?" Lanlan thought about it and asked.

"Yes, we'll leave as soon as we get to the venue. Don't worry, Miss."

Yi Yun didn't even turn around. After all, he had the Superpower Eye. If he suddenly saw something he shouldn't have seen, it would be hard to clean it up.

"Alright, then sit tight! It's about to fly." Lanlan formed a seal with her hands and commanded the carriage. The wings on both sides of the horse suddenly flapped and flew into the air towards the venue.

Yiyun felt wonderful at this moment. A beauty was sitting in her arms and she was riding on a wild horse. She was practically a replica of Prince Charming! Although this beauty was a little small, it was enough.

The venue was like a gymnasium. There were walls on all four sides, and people were coming and going in the audience seats. People dressed in different outfits were all here. The area within a few hundred meters was completely surrounded, and there were many citizens.

The arena was located in the middle. It was made of very hard limestone to prevent damage. Dozens of meters away from the venue, there was a platform. There were a few middle-aged men and a white-haired old man on it.

Suddenly, a black horse appeared in the sky. There were two people on the horse. One was a cute girl and the other was a graceful man. Behind the horse, there was a palanquin. The horse carriage rushed towards the center of the venue.

"Move aside! The horse carriage can't stop!" A girl's voice came from the sedan.

"Bang!" The carriage rushed into the venue and landed on the martial arts stage. It kept moving forward, and the horse immediately used its hooves to brake. It reached the edge of the venue and stopped.

"Who is it?" On the stage, an old man stood up and looked at Yiyun and the others in the venue.

"We are here to register for the competition! I'm sorry if it's a little late now." Lanlan jumped out of the carriage. She was dressed in a white dress with a bow tie at her waist. Her face was covered with a veil so no one could see her mysterious face.

However, Yiyun could see it clearly. Not only could he see it, but he could also see it clearly because he had Superpowered Eyes.

This girl's face was also very beautiful, but... The only flaw was that there was a birthmark on her face.

"Sure, I can still register now, quickly go over there!" The old man pointed at the crowd that was waiting by the side. He was referring to the crowd, but when he saw it clearly, Yiyun was shocked.

Their appearances were all humanoid, but Yiyun could see the shadows behind each of them. There were bird-men, snake girls, cow heads, cat girls and centaurs, as well as the combination of lions and humans. There were all kinds of strange things that couldn't be separated from the fact that they were the combination of animals and humans.

"Alright, thank you!" After saying that, the young girl walked towards the crowd. In her opinion, these people were all normal martial artists, not just her, but also everyone else.

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