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Celestial Ruler System/C6 A Powerful Enemy
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C6 A Powerful Enemy

"Wait! Follow me!" Yiyun said as Lanlan walked past Yiyun. He held her hand and walked towards them.

Lanlan was held by Yiyun just like that. This was the first time she was held by a man. She felt strange looking at Yiyun's back.

Halfway there, Yiyun seemed to have thought of something and turned his head. "Yixuan! Why don't you go down the stage and watch? " Or you can go home. "

No! Yixuan wanted to cheer for her brother, "she waved her small fist and said to Yiyun.

Yiyun was also helpless. If she wanted to see, she could. Then let her see how he would win the championship.

Handsome boy, do you want to be intimate with me? I really like you." As soon as Yiyun and Lanlan walked into the crowd, a woman with heavy makeup immediately winked at Yiyun.

Yiyun said, "Please move aside, I want to register!" Yiyun looked at the shadow of a python behind the woman.

What a joke! Others might not know, but Yiyun knew it very well. If he really left with the snake girl, he might not be able to return.

"Hahaha! Old Snake! " Didn't I tell you not to invite him? Wouldn't it be better to kidnap him and make him your husband? " A burly man beside Snake Girl chuckled.

In Yiyun's eyes, it was a Tauren.

"Yo! Little girl! Do you want to be this young master's concubine? I can give you riches and honor!" A lion looked at Lanlan and drooled.

Lanlan was disgusted by this. She had goosebumps when she saw the woman flirting with Yiyun. She didn't expect this well-dressed man to be such a monster.

"Get lost!" She coldly replied and wanted to walk in with Yiyun again.

"Haha! It seemed like the old lion wasn't that great. " He was actually scolded by a woman. " Snake Girl had just been defeated, and now she was also mocking the lion.

It was unknown if Snake Girl's taunt had worked or what, but the lion did not give up and stood in front of the two of them, saying coldly: "Humph, the thing I want isn't something I don't have yet. If you obediently agree to me, I'll let you in. If you don't agree, you won't be able to leave this venue today."

Yiyun, who was standing at the side, wasn't nervous at all. He looked at the lion and saw that the combat strength on the lion's head was 6, which was much lower than his own.


A sound was heard. The lion was already ten meters away from the crowd. It was lying in the ruins with blood flowing out from its mouth. It was unknown whether it was dead or alive.

Among the crowd, an old man looked at the list in his hand and cut off the lion man. A few people walked out of the venue and immediately moved the lion man's body down. The people below the competition venue were very surprised.

Yiyun also looked at Lanlan in shock. The combat power on her head was two digits, and it was a lot! A total of 26!

Lanlan had already retracted her fist, and the surrounding people were still in shock.

"Wow! It's a level 7 Huang Duan! This meeting is going to be fun!"

"What's there to be nervous about? It's not like I've never seen it before!" In the crowd, two men in black wearing bamboo hats were chatting. On their backs were sabers that were sheathed.

Yiyun was also shocked when he looked over. One was 42, and the other 46! Too strong! He didn't think that there would be such a strong person in this martial arts competition. He looked at the old man who had registered in the crowd. "F * ck! More than 200 combat strength! Looks like the possibility of winning is very small. I have to think of a way to survive!" Yiyun thought about it and nodded.

After registering, there were 27 people. Therefore, they drew lots to choose a person who did not need to participate in the competition. After the lots were drawn, this person could directly pass the elimination round and enter the next round of the competition.

"Lin Yiyun! Enter the next round of the competition!" The old man shouted.

Looking at the wooden stick in the old man's hand, which had the words' Lin Yiyun 'engraved on it, Yiyun knew that the old man did it on purpose, because he had just seen the old man touching the wooden sticks like he was playing mahjong with his super eyes. Then, he lifted Yiyun's stick. Although he didn't know why, Yiyun was still glad that he could avoid this round.

"Announce the rules of the competition now!"

The competition was carried out at the same time. After the fight, one would step down from the stage, and both sides might not be able to carry out the next song of the competition. If such a situation were to occur, it would be determined that both of them had lost the competition and directly skipped over.

A big hand was approaching Yiyun and the others, but they did not know about it at all.

The old man stood below the stage and waved at the air. A barrier rose up.

After he rose, the old man said: "Begin!"

"Swish, swish, swish ~" As soon as he finished shouting, many of these people shot toward the enemy like cannonballs. No one wanted to be the first person to be killed.

The wolf didn't take these people seriously at all, because he was a First Grade Profound Stage expert! There might not be anyone who could defeat him. Moreover, This time's assembly was to choose a test subject, and it was secretly planned by that person. Because Xinglang didn't think that anyone in this group could be the test subject, so... The sooner the problem was solved, the better. He still wanted to drink!

However, this competition suddenly made him feel a little interesting. Because of Yiyun, Xinglang could not sense any fluctuation of the Genuine Qi from his body. Either it was very strong, so strong that he could not see it, or he was here to cause trouble and send himself to his death. If it was the second type, Xinglang felt that it was not right.

In order to determine Yiyun's strength, Xinglang deliberately kicked him out first. After all, those who could enter the elimination round were all powerful people. In terms of absolute strength, all of his thoughts would disappear like smoke. If he was also very strong!

On the arena, the fight was already at its climax. Many people had finished their matches and were sitting at the edge of the arena, meditating. All of their opponents had died in the arena.

Yiyun looked from beginning to end and paid special attention to the two men. They were the two men wearing bamboo hats and black robes. They were not ordinary strong. He defeated his opponent with just one move and then sat in a corner of the circular ring. They did not even need to meditate, which meant that they did not even use a bit of strength. They didn't even touch the saber on their backs.

Lanlan felt like she was struggling. She was fighting against the Tauren, who was as tough as steel. For some reason, she felt a strong force on her head.

"Ah Da!" The minotaur rammed into her with his head again. Lanlan raised her hands and used Genuine Qis to resist. She was forced to take a few steps back before she saw the man charging towards her.

In fact, in Yiyun's opinion, the minotaur didn't use any strength at all. He was hiding even more strength. He was just playing with Lanlan. His strength was completely different from the lion man's. He had 46 points of combat power on his head.

On the side, there was a man with a saber fighting against the snake girl. Snake Girl spat out her tongue and hit the man's knife. The man took a step back and charged forward again. With the Genuine Qi attached to the knife, Snake Girl slashed with both of her fingers. The man's blade could no longer cut through the man's blade. It could be seen that... Snake Girl was also teasing the man.

Yiyun looked at the man's head, 30, then looked at Snake Girl, 43.

"F * ck! What kind of people are these?!" Yiyun thought to himself.

Bang! Lanlan was once again sent flying through the barrier. She fell to the ground with a trickle of blood at the corner of her mouth.

This was the third time. Lanlan had been sent flying, falling, flying, and falling for a long time. Everyone was watching her get beaten up. It was boring.

Lanlan struggled to stand up again in the ring. Her stamina could no longer sustain her exhaustion. Seeing her exhausted and wounded body, even though Yiyun was not very familiar with her, he still felt a little heartache.

"I can't, I can't, I can't fall." Lanlan's eyes began to blur as she looked at the tall man in front of her. He was like a mountain pressing down on her head. The difference was too great. There was no competition between a level nine and a level seven. She was completely defeated.

Even though she was covered in wounds, Lanlan still staggered to her feet. She wanted to win. Her master was still waiting for her Spirit Origin Pill.

Seeing Lanlan stand up, the minotaur said helplessly, "Just admit defeat! I don't want to play with you anymore. You're too weak. It's boring. " The minotaur turned around and wanted the referee to announce his victory. After all, if this continued, he would definitely win, but... He didn't want the match to continue, nor did he want to kill Lanlan. After all, he was here for the Spirit Origin Pill.

"Wait! I..." Lanlan couldn't take it anymore. She was also holding her breath as she competed. If she was killed just like that, she wouldn't be able to accept it. However, without the Spirit Origin Pill, she was even more unwilling to accept it.

"I... I haven't lost yet!" With one hand protecting her heart, she clenched her other hand into a fist and slowly raised it up. "Come on!"

"Sigh! Why did you have to do this? Forget it. " Since you want to die, "the Tauren said as he turned around. His eyes widened." I'll help you! "

Boom! A loud explosion sounded in the air as the minotaur rammed into Lanlan. He didn't want to play anymore. He used his ultimate skill, Raging Bull Strike!

Lanlan's eyes were blurry and she couldn't see the minotaur's figure. She only knew that he was extremely fast!

She closed her eyes as she looked in the direction the minotaur was charging towards.

Bang! The Ox Head crashed into her and knocked her out of the arena. Xinglang had already removed the barrier with a wave of his hand. Lanlan landed where Yiyun was watching from outside the arena.

He opened his arms and caught Lanlan as well. It was heart-wrenching to see her like this.

"Sister Lanlan!" Yixuan, who was on stage, panicked. She didn't want Lanlan to die.

Lanlan opened her eyes. It started to hurt, but the pain slowly disappeared. It was replaced by the gentleness in Yiyun's arms. She felt like she was going to die.

She looked at Yiyun's face and wanted to take off the veil on her face so that Yiyun could remember her. However, when she thought about the birthmark and how she no longer had any strength left, she stopped and looked at Yiyun.

Lanlan thought to herself, "Master said that people can see the most important person in their lives before they die. Perhaps this is true!" She closed her eyes happily. All the Genuine Qis in her body were flowing out. Yiyun could not feel it, but the cultivators could.

"Hey! Kid! This girl is going to die! " Hurry up and let her say her last words! " The bamboo hat man next to her, who had a combat strength of 46, reminded her.

"What? Am I going to die?" Yiyun was nervous. He didn't know why he was nervous, but he didn't want to see Lanlan die.

"Yeah, this girl's dantian is broken. Her meridians are broken and she's suffering from such serious injuries. " Even if you have the Great Recovery Pill, you can't save her. You should prepare for her funeral! Sigh! What a pity for such a beautiful girl. "The bamboo hat man looked at Lanlan in pity. Even though her face was covered by a veil, it was still possible to tell that she was a beauty. He shook his head and sighed as he walked away.

Yiyun looked at Lanlan in his arms and thought that perhaps only the System could save Lanlan.

As he thought about it, Yiyun's hand began to emit a golden light. The surrounding Genuine Qis began to tremble. At this moment, the surrounding self-cultivators all looked at Yiyun. They could clearly feel that the Genuine Qis around them were starting to skewer Yiyun's hands.

Below the arena, Xinglang's expression became even more excited. What kind of ability was this? It could actually summon Genuine Qis so quickly? Even though he was a Profound Stage warrior, he was still very moved at this moment. This was not a simple technique!

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