Celestial Ruler System/C7 Comprehend the Healing Technique!
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Celestial Ruler System/C7 Comprehend the Healing Technique!
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C7 Comprehend the Healing Technique!

In fact, it wasn't just the Genuine Qi. Even the energy in the ground was being channeled into Yiyun's hands. He had already entered a realm that could only be triggered when he comprehended a skill. It was the realm of the system!

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for comprehending a skill! Healing skill!

'Ding!' Mission triggered: Rescue Lanlan! ' Mission Reward: Mysterious Item!'

'Ding! ' Quest successful! ' Obtained a mysterious item!'

'Ding! ' Obtained mysterious item, Superpower Left Hand! "

'Ding!' Obtained Superpower Left Hand! ' Two-Handed Combination Skill enhanced!'

Wakaka! To actually obtain so many things unknowingly, this was too awesome! Hahaha! The system was awesome.

Lanlan felt like she was about to die. The pain in her body disappeared and the Genuine Qis on her body kept flowing away. It was a sign of death.

But now, it was the opposite. It was a very painful feeling. After a while, the pain turned into a warm and comfortable feeling. It was as if there was a pair of invisible hands massaging her entire body. Lanlan couldn't help but scoff.

This sound made Yiyun suffer, causing him to react. "Your sister! Don't call me so capricious! However, it's still pretty nice. F * ck you! "Even if it's nice, you can't call me that at this time!" She suppressed the evil aura in her heart and looked at Lanlan as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Whoosh!" He jumped down in the blink of an eye.

Lanlan's veil prevented others from seeing her current expression. Her face was warm as she looked up at Yiyun. She knew that she had lost her composure just now. Lowering her head, she whispered, "Thank you! Thank you!"

"No need to thank me. Just take it as returning the favor of bringing us to the arena!" At this moment, Yiyun's anger had also come down. His hands were wrapped around the back of his head, his face was smiling, and his heart was cursing.

He looked at Lanlan and thought for a moment before saying, " Why are you so desperate?"

Lanlan's expression changed and she felt a little down. She lost. She couldn't get the Spirit Origin Pill. "When a person is in the Pugilistic World, he will not be able to control himself! Hehe! " He looked up at Yiyun and laughed.

That's right! He had no choice but to complete the mission. He had just triggered a mission that was about to be completed. He felt pain in his heart when he saw Lanlan's forced smile, but he couldn't explain why.

"Cough cough!" Xinglang pretended to cough.

At this time, the two of them also reacted. They were still in the competition! Yiyun immediately walked to the arena, while Lanlan walked to the audience platform and sat down.

Xinglang turned to look at the remaining six people on the stage. The rest of the people who had lost had already been carried away. The only ones who could still fight were the people on the stage.

He said loudly to the six people, "The remaining six people will be divided into three matches! Now draw lots! " With that, he flew to the side of the drawing bucket and landed.

The people on the ring were a bit surprised. They were competing separately?

Xinglang reached his hand into the mouth of the bucket and stretched it out again. He held two sticks in his hand and said, "The first match, Snake Girl versus Gu He!" After saying that, he looked at the other people on the stage and said, "You guys come down first and let them compete."

Immediately after that, Yiyun and the other three people came down. Only the black-robed man and Snake Girl were left on the stage.

Xinglang waved his hand, and the screen rose again.

Gu He was the black-robed man with a combat strength of 42. He was slightly weaker than Snake Girl. Although it was only a little, it was not difficult to tell that Black Robe was absolutely no match for Snake Girl in terms of overall combat strength. However, it was still uncertain who would win and who would lose. If their combat strength was about the same, it would depend on the experience of each other.

"Begin!" As Xinglang's voice fell, the eyes of the audience stared at him with great effort.

On the arena, both of them released their Genuine Qis.

If it was a duel between two powerhouses, in order to not harm themselves, both sides would fight. They would release their own Genuine Qis and fight in the air. Such a duel was very fair and safe. However, everyone on the stage could only feel the competition between the two Genuine Qis. They could not watch each other spar with their hands stretched out. If they couldn't feast their eyes on each other, they would naturally be a little unhappy.

However, when Yiyun looked over, he was shocked. However, he was the only one who could see the scene in front of him, because he had the Superhuman Eyes.

He saw Snake Girl put her palms together, her eyes were tightly shut, and a kind of purple Genuine Qi was gathering around her. It was dancing around Snake Girl happily, as if it was very excited. Gradually, the shadow of a python appeared behind her.

Gu He threw the bamboo hat away and revealed the face in the bamboo hat. His eyes were narrowed into a line and there was a scar on his face. It was a knife wound. The killing intent in his brown eyes was thick. It was obvious that he was a killer who had been wandering the world for a long time, and there was definitely a lot of blood on his hands. He also imitated Snake Girl and stood where he was. He put his hands together, and the shadow of a fierce tiger gradually appeared behind his back. The grey Genuine Qi was bouncing up and down.

Of course, this was what Yiyun was looking at. Everyone could only feel the fluctuation of the aura condensed by the Genuine Qi.

"Hu ~" A piercing sound was heard.

Yiyun looked at the snake girl who had made the sound. The shadow of the python rushed towards Gu He. At this moment, Gu He also directed the shadow of the fierce tiger to jump forward. The surrounding wind was blown forward.

"Boom! "Bang! Bang! Sand and stones flew everywhere as the two phantoms tangled together.

The two of them frowned. This consumption of energy was not an ordinary amount. They had to quickly end the match.

The two of them seemed to have a tacit understanding as they directed their respective Genuine Qis to charge at each other once again. This time, white Genuine Qis appeared beside the phantoms.


The two phantoms collided with each other, causing dust to rise everywhere. Their hands were blown out of their hands.

When the dust settled, what caught everyone's attention was that both of them had their hands on their chests. They must have been injured.

"Who won?"

"That's right! Who won?"

"Do we have to do it again?"

The spectators thought that both sides were tied, but only Yiyun knew. It was Gu He who lost. The moment the two illusionary figures collided, The fierce tiger was unable to resist and dissipated, while the python's illusionary figure charged forward. Gu He could only use his palm to block the attack when it hit Gu He. When the Genuine Qi entered his body, there was already a portion of the snake girl's Genuine Qi that was skewering his meridians and dantian.

"I lost!" Gu He helplessly smiled and said: "I lost!"

Snake Girl also withdrew her Genuine Qi. At this moment, Gu He lay on the ground and panted heavily.

"Second match! Snake Girl wins!" Xinglang raised Snake Girl's stick and said.

"The third match! Tauren versus Harry!" He raised Hailey's signature and Tauren's. Hurley was another black-robed man.

46 versus 46. I wonder who wins and who loses?

Yiyun thought about looking at the other person who had yet to draw a lot. He did not expect that the other person would also look at him.

It was a young man. When he saw Yiyun, he was a little surprised. Because, he couldn't see through Yiyun's level at all. Or, it could be said that he couldn't sense any Genuine Qi from Yiyun. This kind of person, unless he was very powerful and could hide his Genuine Qi, or if he didn't have any Genuine Qi, he wasn't a cultivator.

If it was the second type, then Yiyun would be out of luck.

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other. Yiyun did not know why, but he felt a little cold as he looked at the other party's head. 50!

"F * ck!" Yiyun could not help but curse. This, this, this was a level 10 Yellow Rank! F * ck! He didn't even give anyone a chance to live. After saying that, he looked at the ring.

On the ring, the Tauren and Harry were locked in a fierce fight. They were also using Genuine Qis to fight.

Without an exception, the Tauren was the shadow of a cow, while Harry was the shadow of a white tiger. When both sides took over, there would be a whirlwind around them.

"As expected of a level 10 battle against a level 10 battle! A strong battle is indeed powerful!" Yiyun thought.

Suddenly, the two Genuine Qis collided with each other. The sand beside them started spinning in the air, and the thick smoke dispersed. The two of them were holding their chests with their hands. This time, it was a little different. They thought that Yiyun had clearly seen the two Genuine Qis dispersing at the same time, which meant that the two of them were tied.

Hailey immediately held the broadsword on his back. The blade was unsheathed, and he kicked the ground as he rushed towards the minotaur.

The minotaur had also recovered. He bent down and ran towards Hailey.

Hailey covered the blade with the Genuine Qi and covered the Tauren's horns with the Genuine Qi.

"Clang!" The black blade smashed into the bull's horn, and an intense sound rang out in the air. It was as if the surrounding Genuine Qis were trembling.


Ox-Head clenched his hand into a fist and clashed with Hayley's other hand. Both of his hands were covered with Genuine Qis.

"Boom! Boom! The intense battle caused the surrounding ground to tremble.

"Swish ~ Swish!" Both sides split up.

"Bang!" They fought again.

An hour later.

They separated again. The two were already a bit tired. After all, this kind of close combat consumed Genuine Qis even more. No one wanted to be hit by the opponent's Genuine Qis, so they could only use Genuine Qis to protect and attack. After an hour... This consumption was obvious. Both of them were gasping for breath.

"Hu! Hu! How about a final attack! " It's time to see who wins and who loses! " Hailey began to gather Genuine Qis with one hand.

"Woo! Woo! Come on! "Give me the final blow!" After saying that, the minotaur bent down and wrapped the Genuine Qis around his horns before starting to condense them.

The audience below the stage felt the air around them change. Countless Genuine Qis flew towards the arena.

This was a method of gathering materials from the ground. The Genuine Qis around him would be refined into their own Genuine Qis on the spot.

Yiyun saw the shadow of a cow beginning to gather in front of the minotaur. In the blink of an eye, the shadow of a cow had gathered and was still gathering. The shadow gradually appeared, and it was the same in front of Hailey.

"Amazing! He can actually summon a true qi shadow to attack at level 10 of the yellow section. If it were a few more years, he would definitely be able to directly attack with the Genuine Qi. These two people are very powerful!" Xinglang thought to himself. He paused for a moment and looked at Yiyun. "I wonder how this kid is doing!"

On the stage, the shadow had already appeared. Now, not only could Yiyun see the white tiger and the bull's head, he could also see them from top to bottom of the stage.

"Look! That's the shadow of the true qi!"

"Isn't that a true qi shadow that only Profound Stage and above can use?"

"That's right! I never thought that I would be able to see such an expert in this match. I didn't come for nothing!"

The people in the audience were all discussing animatedly.

"Sister Lanlan! Who do you think will win?" Yixuan asked Lanlan who was sitting beside her.

Lanlan and Yixuan had already gotten along well during the fight.

"I can't say for sure. After all, they seem to be evenly matched." Lanlan looked at the Tauren and Hailey on the ring and said.

"Yes! No matter what, Mr Yiyun will definitely be the first!" Yixuan firmly looked at Yiyun who was beside the arena. For some reason, she felt that Yiyun could obtain the first place.

Lanlan looked at Yixuan and then looked at Yiyun. This man is really amazing. I wonder how strong he is, she thought.

At this moment, the minotaur and Hailey both moved forward and slashed forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom! After the two phantoms fought, they vanished into thin air.



The Tauren and Hurley simultaneously spat out blood.

Xinglang suddenly announced, "Both of them have lost! There was no winner. "


"That's right! They haven't collapsed or admitted defeat yet! " How did they all lose? " The people in the audience seats began to feel a little restless.

"Oh?" Xinglang looked at the audience seats and raised his eyebrows. "You doubt me?" As he spoke, he released his Genuine Qi's pressure.

A Profound Stage warrior! Only a Profound Stage warrior could release such pressure! The people on the platform were also shocked. They never thought that Xinglang was actually a Profound Stage warrior. They only knew that this man was sent by Xuanyuan Sect. He was very strong, but they didn't expect him to be so strong. He was actually a Profound Stage warrior.

Although there was only a difference of one level between a Profound Stage and a Yellow Stage warrior, there was only a difference of one level between a Profound Stage warrior and a Yellow Stage warrior. Although there was only a difference of one level between a Yellow Stage warrior and a Profound Stage warrior, it was impossible for a Yellow Stage warrior to reach this level.

For example, there were ten perfect yellow level warriors fighting a First Grade Profound Stage. As long as they weren't too weak, there was no way a Profound Stage would lose to a yellow level warrior. No matter how many people he had, it wouldn't help him.

Furthermore, after reaching the Profound Stage, he would be able to release his aura, making a Profound Stage warrior invincible.

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