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Celestial Ruler System/C8 Use Qi Wave!
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C8 Use Qi Wave!

Invisibly, there seemed to be a big hand grabbing the thumb and forefinger of the group of people who had just been discussing, making them a little out of breath.

After a while, Xinglang withdrew the pressure. Those who were stunned did not dare to say anything anymore.

Xinglang looked at them and coldly explained, "It's not that I'm unfair. You can ask the two of them whether this result is good or not."

Harry and Ox-Head looked at each other and nodded with bitter smiles. It was not that they were unwilling, but they could not fight anymore. Their Genuine Qis had all been used up. If they continued to fight, one side would definitely die, and even two people would fall. Furthermore, there was still another match after this match. They didn't think that the Genuine Qis that were used up wouldn't be able to be replenished in just a few hours. It wouldn't be fun if they got injured again and got beaten to death.

"Alright, the next match!" Xinglang said and looked at Yiyun. He wanted to see something in Yiyun's eyes, but he could not see it at all. His black eyes were still staring at Yiyun with a smile. He was not nervous at all. After watching for a while, he said, "Lin Yiyun versus Sun Xing!"

"Huh? Isn't that the young master of Lin Family?"

"Yeah, I heard that he doesn't have a dantian or meridians in the sky, so he can't cultivate!"

"Hmph! Maybe he went up to play. He didn't even take a look at where it was. " Is this a place that a young master of the Lin Family can come to?! "

"This useless piece of wood is going to die!" A young man said in a low voice.

The people below the stage discussed animatedly.

Yiyun and Sun Xing stood on the stage and bowed. They then stood on the same spot with their four eyes facing each other.

"Begin!" Xinglang looked at the two of them after he finished speaking. He was looking forward to this match the most in all the competitions.

Yiyun, who was standing on the ring, suddenly disappeared. In a flash, he appeared in the air behind Sun Xing and stomped down with his left foot.

He actually didn't use Genuine Qis?

Apart from Yixuan, everyone on the stage was shocked. However, what happened next shocked them even more.

Sun Xing sneered. He put his hands back on the Genuine Qi and raised it above his head.


His hands and feet collided heavily. Sun Xing was pressed down by the force. Yiyun spun in the air again and kicked Sun Xing's chest with his right foot.


Even though Sun Xing had already used the Genuine Qi to protect his back, he was still in pain from the shock. The surprise in his eyes had yet to dissipate. He could clearly feel that when the Genuine Qi was inserted into Yiyun, it circled around his body once and then rushed out of his body.

The people in the arena recovered their senses and cheered!

"Wow! So handsome! " What kind of move is that? "

"Yeah, I've never seen such a move before. It's so gorgeous!"

In the past, the matches they had seen were purely a head-on Genuine Qi battle. As for Yiyun's jumping and jumping, they had never seen such a gorgeous sparring match before.

However, the faces of those who mocked Yiyun just now couldn't hold it anymore. They felt a burning sensation on their faces. It was as if they had been slapped in the face in front of everyone.

In just a breath's time, Yiyun once again charged towards Sun Xing...

"F * ck me!" After blocking Yiyun's fist, Sun Xing could no longer hold it in. The level that he had shown to others was at the seventh level of the Yellow Stage. In order to cover up the truth, He had never thought that this young man would actually activate his strength at this moment. Of course, Xinglang, who was at the first level of the Profound Stage, also knew that he was hiding his true strength. However, he didn't say it out loud.

Yiyun, on the other hand, didn't rest at this moment. With the help of his Supreme Power Hands, he had become even stronger, and his combat strength had broken through to 30! Adding on the martial arts he had practiced in his previous life, he was now suppressing Sun Xing. He did not know why Sun Xing did not release the strength of a level 10, but instead used up his strength like this.

Yiyun had never been afraid of using up his energy. After all, he had a system.

Bang! Yiyun kicked Sun Xing's thigh again.

Sun Xing couldn't take it anymore. He started to remove the restriction on his meridians. He planned to release the tenth level of the Yellow Stage at the same time.

However, Yiyun wasn't stupid. His opponent was going to unleash a powerful attack. How could he do as he wished? He rushed forward and kicked again.


Sun Xing was still in the process of removing the Genuine Qi, but he saw Yiyun kicking him. He was so frightened that he removed the condition of releasing the Genuine Qi. The sudden interruption also caused Sun Xing to suffer a backlash. When Yiyun kicked him, the injury he received could be said to be salt on the wound!

Yiyun still did not let him go. He continued to chase after him. He raised his right fist and threw it at Sun Xing's face. Sun Xing did not care about his internal injuries and used both hands to block it.



The sound of two objects colliding could be heard. After Yiyun's right fist was blocked, he used his left fist to strike again. Sun Xing, on the other hand, was unable to withstand it at all. He was sent flying once again and landed on the barrier. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Wait!" Sun Xing got up from the ground and saw Yiyun rushing over. He was also scared. He covered his chest with one hand and raised his other hand to reach out five fingers. Yiyun also stopped to look at him. Sun Xing continued, "Can you let me remove the restriction of the meridians and continue to fight?"

Yiyun thought for a moment and stood up. He said, "Okay! You can remove it! "

"Hahaha! You dare to look down on me? Watch me lift the restriction and hang you up and beat you up!" Sun Xing was very happy. He was thinking about how he should torture Yiyun later.

The people under the ring saw Yiyun rushing towards Sun Xing. The latter raised his hand. They did not know what they had said, but Yiyun suddenly stopped attacking. He stood where he was and crossed his arms to look at Sun Xing. Sun Xing sat where he was and meditated. This made the people who were watching the fight a little unhappy.

At this time, the Sun Xings around Sun Xing began to gather. They were Sun Xing's own Genuine Qis.

The people below the ring did not know, but Xinglang, who was beside the ring, heard it. He thought, "I didn't expect this young man to be able to win. He can still keep his cool and let his opponent recover his strength. Is it because of his pride or is he fearless? It's really hard to guess!" He sighed. If it was the latter, it would really be a pity.

"Sister Lanlan! What do you think they're doing? " Why isn't Mr Yiyun attacking? " Yixuan grabbed the corner of Lanlan's shirt and asked anxiously.

Lanlan frowned as she looked at the ring and thought for a moment. "I don't know either."

Lanlan thought to herself, Yes! Why did it stop? Shouldn't he chase after her? Should he let his opponent regain his strength and fight again? She couldn't understand. He could have won!

In fact, Yiyun also had his own thoughts. He also wanted to see how far he could defeat her.

On the arena, the Sun Xings around Sun Xing's body gradually became stronger. He had already reached the ninth level of the Yellow Stage. Everyone below the arena was shocked! He had suddenly leveled up?

No! It was impossible for the upgraded Genuine Qis to stabilize so quickly! It seemed like he had hidden his strength!

This was not the end. Sun Xing laughed loudly. "Hahaha!" His strength instantly reached the great circle of the tenth level of the yellow section! His combat strength had broken through to 100!

The injuries on his body had also recovered. He stood up and looked at Yiyun with disdain in his eyes. During the period of time when his strength had been sealed, he had broken through the barrier and directly leveled up to the perfection stage of the yellow section! He was also very surprised!

If breaking through to the Profound Stage was a big level, then breaking through to the Great Circle of the Yellow Stage would be the same as breaking through to the Great Circle of the Yellow Stage! It was a middle level. Many cultivators were stuck here and didn't want to advance any further. They didn't expect Sun Xing to let them break through the barrier after being tortured for a while.

His current combat strength was no longer comparable to what Yiyun had learned in the modern world. In the face of absolute strength, all schemes and tricks were futile.

Yiyun was also a little panicked, but he still wanted to win this match. Because just now, when Sun Xing was breaking through, the system suddenly gave him a mission: defeat Sun Xing!

"For the sake of letting me level up, I will give you one chance to surrender!" Sun Xing pointed at Yiyun and said proudly.

He had been beaten like a dead dog just now, and now he wanted to humiliate Yiyun.

"En... Can you take one of my attacks? After taking one attack, I will admit defeat if you don't fall, alright?" At this moment, Yiyun had a begging look on his face.

"What are they doing?"

"I don't know!"

"Why did Sun Xing suddenly level up?" Wang Yao asked.

"How could the young master of Lin Family defeat a complete stage Huang Duan?"

The people below the ring could not hear the conversation between the two. They only knew that Sun Xing had made a breakthrough in this short period of time.

Xinglang looked at the ring and shook his head with a bitter smile. "Sigh! What a fool!" He did not expect Sun Xing to make a breakthrough in the battle. Yiyun even let him make a breakthrough. Did Yiyun not know the immensity of heaven and earth, or did he have the capital? In Xinglang's opinion, it was definitely the former, so he was a little disappointed in Yiyun.

"Sister Lanlan! Why did Sun Xing suddenly level up?" Yixuan grabbed Lanlan's shirt and asked anxiously.

"It seems like that Sun Xing is hiding his true strength! Yiyun gave him time to increase his strength. "But, he has reached the consummate level! "So strong!" Even from such a distance, Lanlan could feel that she was no match for Sun Xing.

At this moment, on the arena, Sun Xing looked at Yiyun and said: "Alright! I'll let you have one move! " If I don't fall after one move, then you admit defeat! " Sun Xing had nothing to fear anymore. No matter how Yiyun attacked, he was sure that his current True Qi could definitely block Yiyun's punches and kicks.

That's right! It was punches and kicks. Yiyun had never used any offensive skills from the beginning to the end.

He looked around and decided! He did not have a sword on him, so he could not use Sharp Edge Waltz! As for Yongchun who was close to him, he would definitely not be able to defeat him. Right now, all that was left was the Qigong Wave that he had never used before. He was also a little nervous. After all, he had never used this Qi Gong wave before, so he didn't know how powerful it was.

He retreated to the edge of the arena and looked at Sun Xing in the distance. He stretched his hands forward and put them together in a circular shape. He pushed his right waist and started to condense them.

Qi wave! Qi Wave: Concentrate all the energy in his body to the limit! Its power is extraordinary!

This was not enough to show how powerful he was!

Everyone in the arena felt as if something was flying towards Yiyun's palm. It was the wind! The rotating hurricane!

A round object the size of a glass ball began to appear in Yiyun's palm.

Xinglang, who was below the arena, looked over there. His eyes were filled with surprise. He could feel that this thing was definitely not simple!

The people below the stage could feel it, and Sun Xing, who was standing on the ring, could also feel it. He could not help but stand rooted to the ground and did not stop for a moment.

The Qi wave in Yiyun's hand had already condensed to the size of a ping-pong ball. He felt that he might not be able to control it no matter how big it was. He looked at Sun Xing and said, "Are you ready? I'm going to make my move!"

Sun Xing also reacted at this time. He knew that he might not be able to resist it. He reached his hand into his clothes and took out a talisman.

Xinglang, who was standing below the stage, stared at the talisman with his eyes wide open. It was a talisman that could defend against a strike from a Profound Stage warrior below the Second Grade. No matter what kind of attack it was, as long as it was below the Second Grade, it wouldn't be able to break the talisman. Now, he was guessing where this young man came from. He didn't expect there to be such a talisman.

Sun Xing released the talisman, and a yellow barrier appeared around his body. At first glance, it looked exactly the same as the barrier on the arena. At this time, Yiyun also unleashed his Qi wave and rushed towards Sun Xing.

Dong! Dong! Dong! "

When the Qi wave hit the barrier, it did not stop or explode. Instead, it kept hitting the barrier.

Below the stage, Xinglang, Yixuan, Lanlan and Snake Girl were all watching the Qi wave attack the barrier. The Qi wave that was not even the size of a fist contained a very powerful ability!

"Chi! Chi! Chi, chi, chi, chi! " The barrier began to crack. Although the power of the qigong wave was much weaker, it was still very intimidating!

"Bang! Boom! " The energy wave finally broke through the barrier and exploded on Sun Xing's body. Sun Xing used all of his skills, using all of his Genuine Qis to block the attack of the Qi wave. In an instant, all the Genuine Qis on his body were sucked out.

"Hu!" A fierce wind blew in all directions, and the surrounding sand and stones were thrown into the air. Even the large limestone on the arena was lifted up and shattered into pieces. Sun Xing's surrounding area of ten meters was blurred.

Everyone on the stage had their eyes and mouths wide open. Looking at Yiyun who was breathing heavily on the stage, they were all thinking in their hearts, Is this a monster?

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