Celestial Ruler System/C9 First Transition!
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Celestial Ruler System/C9 First Transition!
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C9 First Transition!

The smoke dispersed, and Sun Xing, who was standing on the stage, was nowhere to be seen. The place where he had just stood was in ruins.

"Bang!" In the ruins, Sun Xing kicked away the stones on his body and climbed out. He stood in front of Yiyun. His clothes were torn and tattered. He looked at Yiyun with fear in his eyes.

Yiyun saw Sun Xing stand up and shook his head. He sighed and raised his hand, wanting to admit defeat. However, just as he raised his hand, Sun Xing waved his hands and said, "Don't, don't, don't! "I admit defeat! I admit defeat! "

Yiyun was stunned for a moment. He was laughing wildly in his heart. Had he been misunderstood? Hahaha! He admitted defeat! That's right.

He felt very fortunate because the system had notified him that this Energy Wave could only be used once every 24 hours. After using it, he could not use it again immediately. Otherwise, it would consume his life force. Thus, he had originally wanted to surrender, but he did not expect the other party to surrender first.

Sun Xing was afraid of Yiyun. This attack had taken half of his life. He did not expect that... The talisman brought out by the sect was useless against this young man who was the same age as him. He wondered if the disciples of the sect had tricked him.

He had to use all the Genuine Qis in his body to barely resist. When he saw Yiyun raise his hand, he thought that there would be another shot. He was so scared that he hurriedly waved his hands and begged for mercy. What a joke! If another shot were to come, without any Genuine Qis, he might die without a complete corpse!

Sun Xing thought that the talisman was fake. However, only Xinglang knew that it was a talisman that could really withstand a strike from a Profound Stage Second Grade and below! If this thing was given to him, he was afraid that even he wouldn't be able to withstand it. It was simply too powerful! This kid was going to that place!

"Yiyun wins!" Everyone was silent. Xinglang announced.

"Wow! Yiyun, I love you!"

"I love you too, young master Yiyun!"

I want to give birth to a monkey for you! "

Instantly, the arena was filled with cheers! This young man was truly too powerful. Such a gorgeous and powerful move was something that they had never seen in their entire lives.

Yiyun had already entered the System Space.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the mission. Obtained a mysterious item! '

'Ding! host has triggered the mission, obtaining first place in the Grand Meeting!'

Yiyun clicked on the mysterious item without thinking.

'Ding!' Host has opened the mysterious item. Obtained a pair of Superhuman Legs! '

'Ding!' Congratulations, host, for triggering a hidden mission! Collecting the remaining parts of the super body! "Reward: Super Heart!"

Oh? There is actually a hidden mission?" Yiyun was very surprised. This was the first hidden mission. He did not know what the Heart of Supreme Energy was, but just by hearing its name, he felt very domineering!

A interface that showed the character's attributes appeared in the system interface. Yiyun clicked it.

Yiyun's entire body appeared on it. Now that he had gathered all his eyes and limbs, all he needed was a head and a heart. He wondered how powerful the super body was. He began to fantasize.

"Next match! Snake Girl versus Yiyun!" Xinglang looked at the audience below the arena and announced. Only then did he pull Yiyun back to reality.

I admit defeat! " When Snake Girl said it, the audience below the stage did not laugh at her. After all, Yiyun's attack just now was too powerful. So powerful that it took root in their hearts.

Yiyun had completed his mission?

'Ding! ' Congratulations to the host for completing the quest! 'Reward: 1 mysterious item!'

Yiyun opened it.

"Ding! He activated the mysterious item! 'Obtained Superbrain!'

[Ding!] Hidden Quest completed! ' 'Reward: Super Heart!'

"Ding! Heart of Superpower fused! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Superpower Body! "Experience Points gained: 1000!"

'Ding! ' Congratulations to host for completing the initial quest! Main mission activated! Complete 100 missions! "Reward: Final form!"

'Ding! ' Obtained Alchemy Ability, Crafting Ability, Talisman Refining Ability... '

Yiyun's mind was about to explode. He was extremely happy. Obtained the ability? He had leveled up? He had triggered the main storyline mission? So the previous missions were all small-scale? He quickly checked his attributes and was shocked.

"Host's attributes."

Host: Yiyun, level 5, first transition!

Strength: 113

Agility: 146

Current Skills: Qigong Wave, Death Waltz, Great Teleportation of Heaven and Earth

The Superhuman Body is a First Cycle! I didn't expect that after turning around, I would become so strong!

He discovered that the cool down of the Qigong Wave had been refreshed. He felt that his body had reached its peak state. It was as if his body would be refreshed after he leveled up. This discovery made him extremely happy.

He did not know why, but his Intelligence attribute had disappeared. Who cared about him! Anyway, he was still very awesome.

He exited the system interface and looked at the top of his head. When he saw this, he was shocked. Combat Power: Unable to be measured!

Nani? Combat Strength: Unable to be explored? This frightened Yiyun so much that he hurriedly looked at Xinglang. The combat strength above his head was still 200. Only now did he feel relieved. It seemed like only his combat strength could not be determined.

When he looked at Xinglang just now, he found that Xinglang was looking at him in a different way. He did not know why, but when he looked at Xinglang again, it was the same.

It wasn't just Xinglang. The eyes of the people below the stage became strange. It was because Yiyun's hair had turned golden, and his pupils had turned green. He had completely changed into a different person!

However, Yiyun did not know at this moment. He looked at the crowd below the stage with a strange expression.

"Cough cough!" Xinglang coughed. Everyone looked at him. "The winner of this competition is..." He looked at the people under the ring and paused. "Lin Yiyun!"

"Wow! So awesome!"

"This style is too cool!"

"Yiyun! Yiyun! Yiyun."

The people below the stage shouted excitedly, almost jumping down to kiss Yiyun.

Although they didn't know why Yiyun had transformed into such a state, they all felt that it was because of the cultivation technique Yiyun practiced.

Yiyun still didn't know about the changes in his body. He only knew that he had won the first place, which made him very happy in his heart.

"This is the reward for this grand meeting!" Xinglang took out the Spirit Origin Pill from somewhere and handed it to Yiyun.

Yiyun took the Spirit Origin Pill.

"Ding! Comprehended Pill Refining! ' 'Spirit Origin Pill!'

As the system finished speaking, a message continuously entered Yiyun's mind.

Spirit Origin Pill! Yellow Stage Level 3 Pill! The information of the medicinal pill's concoction was integrated into Yiyun's mind.

"Yiyun! As the organizer of the meeting, I would like to invite you to have a meal and drink to celebrate. " What do you think? " Seeing Yiyun's stunned expression after receiving the pill, Xinglang thought that Yiyun was shocked by the Spirit Origin Pill. He smiled with satisfaction and invited Yiyun.

At this moment, Yiyun also came back to his senses and looked at Xinglang. A voice suddenly sounded in his ear, "Humph! A mere Spirit Origin Pill scared you to this extent. It seems that I overestimated you. Forget it, you're going to die soon anyway. I can also complete the mission, hahaha! " Yiyun thought that there was an expert by his side. He immediately looked left and right, and suddenly... His eyes fell upon Xinglang, who was laughing and inviting him.

Could it be what he was thinking? Yiyun thought and asked, "Sure! After competing for so long, I'm hungry too. Quickly take me to eat!"

"En! Please follow me!" Xinglang said and walked forward, thinking, "Haha! I didn't think that I would be fooled like this. What a fool!

Did he really hear what he was thinking? Amazing! This couldn't be a skill that appeared after the first transition, right? Too powerful!

Although he was very happy in his heart, he did not show it on the surface. He looked at Xinglang's back as he left and said, "Wait! Let me talk to my cousin first!"

Xinglang turned his head and said, "Okay, then hurry up!" He thought in his heart, "Hehe! You are going to die soon. Take this as your last words! Hahaha! "

Yiyun heard it and felt strange in his heart. Why did this Xinglang want his life? Looks like I won't be able to leave this time! But! Leaving a disaster behind isn't a good thing either. Looks like I have to make a trip! He wanted to walk to Yixuan's side.

"Mr Yiyun! "You're so awesome! "You've won the first place!" Yixuan jumped up and hugged Yiyun's neck as soon as she walked in. She said excitedly.

Yiyun awkwardly looked at Lanlan who was beside him. He took Yixuan off her body and whispered something into her ear.

Yixuan opened her eyes wide and said to Yiyun, "Mr Yiyun! Is this true?" Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

Just now, Yiyun had told her that the Spirit Origin Pill was indeed a type of medicinal pill, but Yiyun discovered that this kind of medicinal pill could be mixed with several herbs to create a medicinal liquid with the same effect. Even if it was given to someone to drink, it could also cure the Five Spirit Poison. Yiyun told these few herbs to Yixuan, told him to go home and tell his grandfather, and then made it for the people in the town to drink.

"En! It's true. You can't tell anyone other than grandpa!" Actually, Yiyun had never tried it before. He didn't know whether it would work or not. However, these herbs were given by the system, and he absolutely believed in the system. If the system said it could be replaced with something, then it could definitely be replaced with something.

"There's more! I'll give you the Spirit Origin Pill for this lesson!" Yiyun turned to look at Lanlan and stuffed the pill into her hand.

By the time Lanlan realized that Yiyun and Xinglang had left, everyone at the meeting looked enviously in the direction they had left. At this moment, their admiration for Yiyun had become even more obvious. They were no longer looking at the young master of Lin Family.

Yixuan waved her arms in front of Lanlan's eyes.

"Sister Lanlan? Sister Lanlan?"

"Oh? Oh! " She held the Spirit Origin Pill that Yiyun had given her tightly in her hand. She was a little flustered, and her face was slightly red.

How did he know that he needed this pill? Was this a token of love for her? Does he like me?

She staggered as she followed Yixuan.

"Hahaha! As expected of the young master of Lin Family! He actually has such a powerful move! If I could learn one and a half moves, wouldn't I be able to sweep across the martial world?" In the restaurant, Xinglang's face was flushed red. He was somewhat drunk, but in his heart, he thought, Kid... Kid, your alcohol tolerance is pretty good! You still can't get drunk? Looks like I have to spend a lot!

Yiyun drank more than Xinglang. If these few jugs of wine wanted to make Yiyun drunk, then he would be looking down on him.

Furthermore, Yiyun found that after drinking all the wine, he didn't seem to be drunk at all. He knew that this was definitely due to his extraordinary physical strength. He wasn't afraid that Xinglang would toast him one after another.

"Aiya! It's meaningless to drink like this! How about this! "Take out the Divine Immortal Drunk from my collection and drink it!" Xinglang was indeed a little drunk. However, in order to make Yiyun drunk, he had put in a lot of effort. It wasn't easy for him to get the Divine Immortal Drunk. After all, as the name suggested, even a Divine Immortal would get drunk!

"Alright! Come on! " I won't return until I'm drunk tonight! " Yiyun pretended to be a little drunk and said loudly.

The lady boss hurriedly carried a big wine jar over and placed it on the table with a bang. When it was opened, the waiter standing next to the wine jar immediately fainted. The lady boss covered her nose with the Genuine Qi and waved the Genuine Qi with one hand to wake the waiter up. She then took the stone cap and left.

Yiyun saw the shadow of a black spider behind the Lady Boss, and the combat power on her head was 100! He knew that the real lady boss in this shop was most likely dead.

Xinglang waved the Genuine Qi with one hand, raised the jar, and poured wine into Yiyun's bowl.

Yiyun knew that it must be very strong! He had never seen such a strong wine. The fragrance of the wine assailed his nose. To someone like Yiyun who drank but did not like wine, it was very tempting. Just smelling it made him sleepy. He looked at Xinglang.

Xinglang grabbed the wine bowl in front of him and said, "Brother, I'll drink first to show my respect!" After saying that, he raised his head and drank all the wine in the bowl.

Yiyun saw Xinglang drink the wine, so he raised his head and drank the wine with him. In the end, as soon as he finished drinking, his eyes darkened, and his body fell backwards. He looked for the ground and fell asleep.

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