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Mu An looked at her in surprise.

Didn't they say it was a secret marriage?

Who did he invite?

"You'll know once you see it!"

Jane Wenmo's lips curled up into a malicious smile. His shrewd and scheming eyes made Mu An halt in his tracks. Just as he was about to run, he saw a person impatiently peeking out from inside. The instant he saw Mu An, it was as though he had seen a new world.

"Sister-in-law, why haven't you come in for so long?" We bros have been waiting for a long time! "

Her teasing tone and calling her sister-in-law made Mu An's face darken.

"That... "You got the wrong person."

He subconsciously took a step back and grabbed her wrist before she could leave.

"Wife, it's time to go in!"

Pulling her into his embrace, Mu An subconsciously struggled. "Jane Wenmo, is your words true or not?"

He actually even invited someone to marry her.

"You didn't arrive on time either!"

Jane Wenmo could not help but grind his teeth in her ear.

Who knew what kind of jokes those people in the Civil Affairs Bureau who had been waiting for her for so long were making at his expense.

Who would have thought that she would see that scene when she went to the Xi Family to arrest someone?

If it wasn't because he felt pity for her, his temper wouldn't have let him off so easily.

She was the first one who made him lose face in front of his brother.

"I didn't mean to."

Who would have thought that he would run into Xi Mubai, and he treated her so cruelly.

"I don't care. If you're late, then it's you. If you don't want me to argue with you, then behave."

Jane Wenmo bit her ear and lowered his voice to threaten her. When the sloppy man beside her saw this, he couldn't help but secretly laugh.

"Yo, at least you're worried about the feelings of us single dogs!"

The man interrupted unhappily. Mu An's face suddenly turned red and he subconsciously wanted to push Jian Wenmo away, but how could this tyrannical person let her go?

He immediately carried her into the Civil Affairs Bureau.

It was one thing if he didn't enter, but once he did, Mu An was shocked.

A room full of people?

"Jane Wenmo, you ?"

He subconsciously backed up and placed his back against Jane Wenmo's chest. In front of him was a bunch of gazes sizing him up.

The air was in a stalemate. After a while, someone laughed and said, "Very positive."

"Where did you get this treasure?" Seeing this little god in front of us, none of you are in a difficult position! "

"That's right, I didn't expect you to be the first one among us to get married."

"Ai ?" I came in the morning to eat some dog food, I really ? You're asking for a beating! "


Mu An didn't recognize any of the men, but it seemed like they were both rich and honorable. Someone who could become brothers with Jane Wenmo, how could she possibly have the qualifications to do so?

Not to mention anything else, the looks on their faces were also higher than before.

"What nonsense are you talking about? Wait until I get my proof, I'll treat you guys to candy."

Jane Wen Mo laughed wickedly, and the leading man with a head of dyed parrot hair was speechless. "I say, have we never eaten sugar before? We're here to receive gifts from the bride. Who hasn't seen your candy bars before? "

"Yeah, it's not like he's a child. Don't try to be shameless!"

The man he'd seen before on the stairs snickered unhappily. He glanced at Mu An and a fox-like smile flashed across his eyes. "Sister-in-law, don't be restrained. If you suffer any grievances in the future, come find me. I'm a lawyer. I'll definitely settle this with you. I won't let him take advantage of you."


Just as the man finished speaking, Jane Wenmo kicked him.

Luckily, this person was able to dodge quickly so he wasn't kicked out.

"Cut the crap! I will deal with you after I finish the formalities!"

"Damn it, I'm just a potential customer."

"Puff ?"

The moment those words were said, everyone in the room immediately started to laugh, causing even the staff to be unable to hold back their laughter.

Who would develop their customers this way?

Develop divorce business when people get married?

"Alright, I'll look for you in three years. If he can come out clean, I can give you half of the family property."

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