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Ding Huizhen's eyes were full of viciousness. She glanced upstairs and sneered.

You want to escape her control?

Don't even think about it!

What happened to the Jane family?

The Jane family could not care about her Xi family's business!

Ding Huizhen sneered. Xi Mu Xi frowned and pouted.

"Mom, no matter what, we have to go through with Mu An's mother's operation. Otherwise, if we really kill someone, it will be bad for our family's reputation. Besides, even if we do the operation, isn't it up to you to decide whether to use medicine or not? Furthermore, wealth comes from danger. If I don't give it a try, how would I know if it will work? "

She didn't think Xi Mubai was any better than she was.

Since Jane Eyre had taken a liking to Xi Mian, she naturally had taken a liking to him as well.

Mu Xi thought, her eyes becoming firmer.

"Mom, if you think about it, if you can make it to the Jane family, you and I won't have to worry about it for the rest of our lives! When that time comes, do we still need to fear Xi Mu and safely count this family's wealth? "

"..." "Yeah, that's true, but ?"

He was still a little worried about letting his daughter go.

"Mom, don't worry, believe me!"

Mimu Xi patted Ding Hui Zhen's hand. Upstairs, in the shadows at the corner of the stairs, Mu An sneered and then lifted his foot to ascend the stairs.

As expected of a mother and daughter, their thoughts were just as vicious.

But no matter what happened after that, the operation had to be carried out!

The scene was captivating, the hotel was dazzling in splendor, and the atmosphere was filled with extravagance.

Room 2806, VIP area, Imperial City Hotel. Within a brightly lit room, a luxurious crystal lamp illuminated everything within the room until there was nothing to hide.

Mu Xi stood nervously in the middle of the hall. Looking at the tensed face of the man who seemed to be holding back his anger, she said carefully, "J-J-Young Master Jane!"

Although the man didn't look too good, he was still relieved.

As long as he entered the right room, it would be fine.


Jane Wenmo sneered as he lazily looked at the woman in front of him. His eyes were filled with a dangerous light.

How dare you tease him, Xi Mushan, you have really made me look at you in a new light!

First, he gave him two red notes, looking down on his identity.

After finding out who he was, he started to play around with him.

Do you really think that I, Jian Wen, am a paper tiger?!

Good, this is great.

See how I'll deal with you later!

"Jane, Jane, this is Xi Mubai. Elder sister is not feeling well today, so I ?"

"Take it off!"

Jane Wenmo spat out the two words in annoyance.

Mubai was taken aback.


However, after reacting to Jane Wen Mo's words, he held his collar with a hesitant hand.

She, she had never experienced such a straightforward scene before ?

"Are there any professional ethics?"

Jane Wen Mo sneered lightly. He looked at Xi Muxi with disdain and said, "You have to have some integrity when you come out to sell. Don't play pure with me, either take it off or scram!"

There was no place for him to vent the rage that raged in his heart.

Thus, he could only make her feel wronged.

"I, I'm not!"

When did you ever receive such mockery?

However, the more she cried, the more Jane Wenmo felt disgusted.

"Why are you still pretending to be a pure saint when you're dressed in such seductive clothes?" Could it be that you didn't come to beg me to come to you, but wanted to have a long night of simple conversation with me? "It's a pity that I don't have such high sentiments!"

As Jane Wenmo spoke, he coldly stood up and prepared to leave.

Xi Mubai took a look and blocked Jian Wenmo's path. He steeled his heart and unzipped his skirt, causing it to fall to the ground. Immediately, his beautiful figure could be seen clearly in front of Jian Wenmo.

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