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"Why don't you just rob them?"

Hearing Jian Wenmo's words, Mu An couldn't help but gnash his teeth.

This person was really used to being an overlord.

Not only did she check up on her background, she even checked up on her boyfriend.

Right now, she was like a peeled banana, naked in front of him. The funny thing was, she was even more grateful.

Ironic words couldn't help but burst out from his mouth.

Jane Wenmo did not get angry and instead laughed. He could not help but raise his eyebrows.

For some reason, she felt that the way she was grinding her teeth was very likeable.

A woman should have the appearance of a woman.

These were her minions.

Being grinded out means losing interest, right?

"Woman, I'm fighting for her now!"

A smile slowly appeared on Jane Wenmo's beautiful face. With his smiling appearance, he gave off a peerless beauty.

It had to be said that this enchanter was truly beautiful, but his character was truly dregs!

"Young Master Jane, don't worry. Since I've already signed the contract, I will carry it out according to Young Master Jane's request. However, as a partner, do you need to cooperate appropriately?"

Sooner or later, a conclusion would be reached between her and Zichen.

Even if Jane Wenmo didn't tell her, she would still ruthlessly end up with Zichen.

She was no longer clean enough to deserve him.

Ye Zichen's heart hurt a bit when he thought of Zi Chen.

He couldn't help but slightly frown. When he saw the injury in his eyes, a bit of displeasure actually arose in his heart.

He didn't like her thinking about other men.

Without asking the reason, he simply didn't like it.

"Woman, this is your problem!"

After putting it away, Jane Wenmo said in a bad mood.

This sudden anger made Mu An at a loss. How had she offended this young master?

Ye Zichen glared at him in annoyance.

Looking at the contract on the table, he picked up the pen and was about to sign his name when he suddenly thought of something. "We can get married, but I hope that Mr. Jane will keep it a secret from the public."


Jane Wenmo's eyes, which were originally tightly shut, now turned into a wave.

Was he, Jane Wenmo, so shameful?

How many women had lined up to marry him, and now she actually despised him and still wanted to have a secret marriage with him?

"This is just a deal. Sooner or later, there will be an end to it. It's such a glorious day and such a lonely day in three years. I'm just an ordinary employee. I'm still looking forward to living a good life."

She did not want to become the new darling of the media after three years under the title of Jane Wenmo's ex-wife.

Mu An said indifferently, his tone full of disdain.

Immediately, Jane Wenmo's eyes became even more intense.

This woman was so calm that he was impressed.

However, it was so straightforward that it made people angry.

"Signature, why are you saying so much nonsense!"

Jane Wenmo suddenly flew into a rage and threw a pen at Mu An.

The pen was thrown onto the contract by Jane's Ink. It bounced on the contract for a while before struggling to not fall to the ground.

When Mu An saw this scene, he frowned even harder.

However, an arm wouldn't even be able to be twisted. Moreover, she didn't plan on twisting it.

Her mother would have surgery tomorrow. She couldn't afford to delay matters that didn't matter to her.

After signing, Mu An raised his eyes to look at Jian Wenmo. "Alright, now that I've signed, I can leave!"

"Whatever! "I'll pick you up from the Xi Family at eight o'clock tomorrow!"

Jane Wenmo glanced at the contract and was quite satisfied.

Mu An shrugged. "No need, I have legs, I can go by myself!"

Seeing that Jane Wenmo was about to get angry again, Mu An hurriedly ran off.

The luxurious presidential suite instantly regained its calm. As Jane Wenmo looked at the words on the contract, the smile on his face became more wanton and insolent.

"You want to marry secretly?"

You want to distance yourself from him and pretend to be a stranger to him?


None at all.

He had always been a high-profile person, but he just didn't like to hide it.

Mubai was clad in gauze as the door to the Xi Family mansion closed behind her. It was as if the door was giving her a warning.

This large and powerful family was not one that a small family like hers could easily reach.

Xi Mubai bit his lower lip as he hugged his arms tightly in the cold wind, but his eyes were full of unwillingness.

"I will definitely become the young mistress of the Jane family!"

Her voice was filled with resolution, and her eyes that were filled with fighting spirit shouted the lofty ambitions of a young girl.

The mountain roads snaked, and on the pitch-black road, the dim light from the street lamps made one's hair stand on end.

At a turn, two figures rushed out. One of them quickly covered her mouth while the other cut her neck with his knife. Before she could react, Xi Mubai fainted.

"Take him away!"

In the darkness of the night, a clear female voice could be heard, followed by the roar of a car. However, after a few minutes, the night returned to its previous tranquility, as if nothing had ever happened!

The next day, Mu An prepared to go out at 8 o'clock. Outside, a woman with messy hair and a black veil came staggering back.

The moment she saw Mu An, the woman's eyes became sharp. The next moment, the woman seemed to have gone mad and pounced towards Mu An.

"Xi Mian, I'll kill you!"

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