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C1 Abduction


China Grand Hotel.

Di — —

The door to the room was opened. The man roughly grabbed Lin Muwan's arm and pushed her in.

Caught off guard, she staggered a few steps and fell to the ground. She turned around and glared furiously at the person who was closing the door.

"Zhao Ailian, aren't you afraid of retribution if you treat me like this!"


Zhao Aimin sneered, then slammed the door, looking down at her condescendingly, "I don't know if there will be any retribution. I only know that your father has happily jumped off the building and threw all his debts onto us. You have to pay your debts today. Don't even think about pulling me down with you! "

Lin Mu Wan struggled, but her hands were tightly tied behind her back. With her strength, there was no way she could escape, especially with Zhao Aimin's help, there was no way she could escape from the hands of the two of them!

After considering the current situation, Lin Muwan suppressed her hatred and calmly said, "I'm the heir to the Lin Clan. I'll bear the debts myself!"

"How are you going to bear the consequences?" Zhao Ailan walked up in disdain and squatted in front of her. She stretched out her hand to pluck out her chin and said, "Other than this little face of yours, what other abilities do you have to pay back the 200 million in a short period of time?"

Lin Muwan turned away from her and said, "At worst, I'll just go to jail."

"Prison? "You wish!" Zhao Ailan raised her voice and fiercely said, "Don't even think about leaving like that damned father of yours. I, Zhao Ailan, am not a pushover. If I don't squeeze you dry and fish out enough benefits, I won't let you off."

Lin Muwan looked at her in disbelief.

Zhao Ailan's stepmother was her stepmother. Although she was her stepmother, they had always been on good terms. In front of her father, she had always acted as a good wife and mother.

Now that the corporation was in a crisis and her father had committed suicide by jumping off a building, she revealed her true colors!

"Zhao Ailian, you will regret it!"

Zhao Aimin ignored her warning and instructed the man behind her coldly, "Tie him up. That person should be arriving soon."

The man replied and walked up to Lin Mu Wan. He grabbed her arm and tossed her onto the bed. Then he took out handcuffs and placed her hands on the bed. He looked at her a few times before unbuttoning her clothes.

"Let me go! "Let go —!"

Lin Muwan struggled as the man impatiently grabbed her by the neck and threw her onto the bed.

Zhao Ailian looked at the time and urged, "Alright, let's go. That person will be here soon."

In the corridor.

A tall figure staggered out of the elevator and leaned against the wall. His long, straight legs could not support his tall body, making it difficult for him to move a single step.

Two hotel waiters hurriedly chased after him, supporting him from both sides as they respectfully took care of him.

"Director Han, are you alright?"

Damn it!

Han Ming shook off their hands and tried to rely on his own strength to stand firm, but his vision blurred.


He had only drunk two cups of wine, how could he be so drunk?

Did someone put something into the wine?

It shouldn't be, it's all because of the chairman, it's impossible to scheme against him.

The waiter came forward to support him, "Director Han, your room is just in front, I'll take you there."

Han Ming didn't resist any longer. He supported the waiter as they walked to the door, and their breathing became heavier and heavier. There seemed to be a raging fire burning inside their bodies, burning their heads until they were dizzy, and their mouths were parched.

The waiter opened the door with a key card and made a please gesture.

Han Ming loosened his collar and supported himself with the door frame. He quickly found his way to the bedside and sat down on the carpet, breathing heavily.

After resting for a while, he lowered his head and his mind went blank.

The air was filled with a faint fragrance, the scent of perfume. He slowly turned his head and met a pair of clear and magnificent eyes.

It was a person.

A woman.

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