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C10 Misunderstanding

Han Ming lowered his head to look at Lin Mu Wan who had smashed into his chest.

Because he was worried about little bun, he arranged his work simply and hurried back.

He planned to tell Lin Muwan to pay attention to the little guy.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?"

A deep male voice rang out from the top of Lin Mu Wan's head. It didn't carry a trace of emotion, but it was exceptionally pleasant to hear.

Lin Muwan took a step back like she had bumped into a ferocious beast. She smiled wryly in her heart. She clearly wanted to seduce him, but she wasn't used to interacting so intimately with men.

She turned her body and walked towards the sofa in the room. Han Ming's eyes darkened, as if he was an ancient well in deep water, and unceremoniously followed her as he sat beside her.

"Le Le is allergic to cilantro, he doesn't like to eat carrots, he drinks less sweet food, he gets up at seven in the morning, eats breakfast at half past seven, and goes to kindergarten at eight …"

Lin Muwan didn't think that this man, who emitted a cold aura, would talk so much. She was truly taken aback.

Han Ming then tightly pursed his lips. This was the prelude to his anger. He was seriously talking about Han Yue's daily matters, but the woman in front of him was looking at him with a blank expression.

The originally cold and handsome face immediately turned gloomy.

He pinched Lin Muwan's chin and asked, "Woman, are you listening to me?"

Lin Muwan's slender white hand gently held onto Han Ming's chin as she said, "Do you want me to repeat it to you?" A sweet, sexy voice came out of her seductive red lips.

"It's best not to play any tricks for me!"

After saying so, he stood up and cast a sidelong glance at her before striding out of the room.

"He Heng, I'm at Han Ming's house." Ye Zichen quickly typed out those words with his finger and sent a message.

"Don't worry, take your time." A'Heng knew that this was the sign that Lin Muwan had gone through an interview. She had trained hard for five years and finally had the chance to take revenge!

At dinner time.

On the table, there was no delicacy, only four simple dishes and a soup, but it was a combination of meat and vegetables with plenty of nutrition.

"Dad, I want some soup." Han Lele, this young master, ordered.

Han Ming put down the bowl and chopsticks in his hand. Just as he was about to serve her some soup, he caught a glimpse of Lin Mu Wan eating it and paused for a moment.

"Lin Muwan, serve the soup."

She elegantly used a tissue to wipe the corners of her mouth. She stood up and scooped a bowl of lotus root soup and placed it on Han Le Le's table. She said, "I'm full. I'll go up first."

Late at night.

Lin Muwan, who was wearing a white robe, came out of her bathroom in a daze. The light was very bright, so she muttered something and turned off all the lights.

Coming out, she felt her way back to her room.

The instant he laid down, he was incomparably clear-headed.

Because — There was one more person on the bed!

Han Ming woke up when the door rang. Because when Le Le was young, he would regularly get up to change into nappy to feed his mother, so he didn't sleep too deeply in the night.

The fragrance from the bath assaulted his nostrils, and he smelled very comfortable. His hair was scattered all over the pillow.

In just a split-second, Han Ming had kicked her off the bed!

The atmosphere was tense and quiet!

"You want to crawl into my bed? You're not worthy!"

The sound was like the dark sky at the beginning of a storm.

Lin Muwan rubbed her butt that was almost split in half. Even though she was in such a sorry state, she still couldn't ignore her amazing beauty.

Her distinct black and white beautiful eyes raised and met with the dark and deep eyes. Those intimidating eyes were all an indication of the displeasure of the owner of this room!

Lin Muwan supported herself up from the bed and said in a soft voice, "I came out to the toilet. I accidentally walked into the wrong room. Sorry." As he spoke, he pretended to cry.

Han Ming pinched the center of his brows. He knew that this woman had good intentions for him!

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