CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C11 Throw Yourself into the Arms
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CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C11 Throw Yourself into the Arms
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C11 Throw Yourself into the Arms

"Get out!"

Lin Muwan heard Han Ming's cold voice as if he had been pardoned.

He limped out of the room as though he was escaping. Hmph, this big pig's hoof actually kicked me out of bed. It really hurts.

Lin Muwan went back to her room to sleep. She looked at her watch and saw that it was 2 in the morning. She then turned on the light music and went back to sleep.

Drip, drip, drip … tick-tock

The alarm rang at 6: 30 in the morning. Lin Muwan pressed the button to turn it off and got out of bed.

At seven o'clock sharp, he knocked on the door next door to Han Le Le's room. There was no movement. He turned the handle and walked to the bed. He poked the little bun's small white face.

"Little bun, it's time to wake up!" Lin Muwan leaned over and gently whispered into Han Yue's ear to wake her up.

Unexpectedly, Han Lele's black eyes rolled around as she hugged Lin Muwan, who hadn't gotten up yet, and gave her a kiss.

She had woken up a few minutes earlier, expecting the beautiful aunt to wake her up, so she continued to lie in bed and pretend to be asleep.

Lin Muwan felt as if her heart had been poked to the softest place when her soft lips touched her face.

Tears welled up in her beautiful eyes, and she thought of her child.

She coldly stood up and left. This was the daughter of her enemy. I can't get close to her, Lin Muwan thought.

Han Lele pouted, feeling wronged. Could it be that her mischievous act had angered Auntie!?

After breakfast, Lin Mu Wan and Han Yue went to kindergarten together.

After a long while, Han Ming walked down from upstairs with a cold expression. He felt a headache. He didn't get a good rest after being disturbed last night, so he woke up late.

Han Lele got off the car and waved to her aunt as they walked in silence. Then, she said loudly, "Auntie, I didn't mean to do it in the morning. Don't be angry. Come and pick me up from school tonight! Goodbye! "

With that said, he carried the cloth doll and ran into the kindergarten. Because she was in charge of the kindergarten at noon, it was better to come and pick her up at night. During the day, Lin Muwan still worked normally.

Empire Group.

At the top floor of China's skyscraper.

Han Ming meticulously sat in front of his computer as he processed the work.

Lin Muwan pushed open the door and entered. She felt a little awkward because of what happened last night, but there wasn't a trace of awkwardness on Han Ming's expressionless face.

He walked gracefully to Han Ming's desk. "What do I have to do today?" A clear and cold female voice resounded within the room.

Han Ming said without even raising his eyes, "Go downstairs and buy me a cup of coffee. Ice in America."

Lin Muwan pursed her lips. She didn't need to act like a top student, but a servant instead!

Lin Muwan, who came back with the coffee, undid two buttons in order to seduce Han Ming when she handed him the coffee.

However, a human being is not as good as the heavens.

As Lin Mu Wan stepped on her high heels and walked around the desk, she tripped over the table.

She did not take precautions. Without any precautions, she threw the cup of coffee forward! Both of her hands swung wildly as if she wanted to prop them up on the black desk. In her panic, she felt a tug on her slender arm.

Han Ming was completely drenched by the coffee that Lin Muwan held in her hand. With a dark expression, he caught all the women that were charging towards him.

His back hit the back of the seat, and she hit him in the chest.

Han Ming's cold aura scattered over Lin Muwan's head. Her long eyelashes trembled as she raised her head to look at him.

His angular face was as delicate as a statue of God. His dark eyes were half-closed, and seemed more and more unfathomable.

Their summer clothes were already thin, the two of them tightly pressed their coffee soaked clothes to their skin, and they could clearly see the scenery on Lin Mu Wan's chest.

Caught off guard, her fingers touched something.

The springy protrusion grew even hotter. Lin Muwan seemed to realize that she had touched something as she quickly moved her hand away, her fingers even rubbing against the zipper of Han Ming's pants.

His heart was beating uncontrollably.

It was like a small deer bumping around.

She struggled to get out of Han Ming's arms.

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