CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C12 Encounter at Nightclub
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CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C12 Encounter at Nightclub
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C12 Encounter at Nightclub

At this moment, Han Ming's disgust for this woman reached its peak!

He had climbed into his bed last night, and he didn't believe that he had gone into the wrong room, that he had seen so many tricks!

Today, she intentionally threw herself into his arms!

Although Lin Muwan wanted to seduce Han Ming, she wouldn't use such a vulgar method!

She looked up at Han Ming, who was sitting on the chair, in embarrassment, and looked at him coldly.

His black eyes were like water in a deep pool, unable to reach the bottom.

Lin Mu Wan couldn't keep her gaze from him for too long, so she was the first to break the silence in the room. "Sorry, but I will compensate you for the clothes."

Han Ming pursed his lips. His body was completely permeated by the iced coffee. It didn't seem that cold. The remaining warmth from the woman's body was like Han Ming's.

He frowned, but his cold expression revealed his impatience. He ignored Lin Muwan and picked up his phone. He dialed a number and said, "Send a suit to my office." She looked Lin Muwan up and down.

"S code."

Lin Muwan's curvy body was very slim. With just a glance, she could tell it was the smallest piece of clothing.

She hadn't expected this cold man to call her with a change of clothes.

"You'd better be quiet! If it wasn't for Le Le liking you, I would have told you to go as far away as you can. " Han Ming spat out those cold words word by word.

Lin Muwan helplessly opened her palms, indicating that she was also innocent. Combined with her pair of eyes that were as clear as a deer's, even a normal man wouldn't be able to resist!

After changing into a new set of clothes, Lin Muwan made everyone's eyes light up. She wore a red fish tail dress that showed off her perfect figure! Her collarbone was clear and beautiful, her protruding front and back. Her pair of long and straight legs were wrapped around her, and her snow-white skin was especially alluring when compared to her red dress.

Han Ming had no choice but to admit that the woman in front of him was indeed beautiful, but he had never been near a woman. It was only on the night when he was drugged five years ago …

When Lin Muwan returned to her station, the surrounding people looked at her like they were hungry wolves and wanted to eat her.


"What a rare beauty."

"You said that she changed her clothes from the CEO's office, is that …"

"Look at her foxy look!"

"… …"

Lin Muwan didn't care about this at all. She lowered her head and let out a sneer. This kind of slander was nothing compared to the humiliation she had suffered …

She picked up her phone and opened WeChat. There were two messages, from her best friend, Xiao Xinyuan.

"Wan Wan, I'm out of love again."

"At 8: 30 in the evening, I'll go to the Blue Dream Bay private club."

Xiao Xinyuan was Lin Muwan's best friend. When she disappeared, Xiao Xinyuan didn't even use her own network to find out where she was. However, she contacted Xiao Xinyuan 2 years before she returned.

He lost love again. This best friend of his had lost love about 20 times a year!

He sent a "good" message over. After all, she was his best friend, so he couldn't do anything about her. After calculating that he had plenty of time, he picked up the little bun and left.

4 PM.

At the entrance to the kindergarten.

A cute little bun hopped onto the car.

"Auntie, look at the hairpin my teacher rewarded me with today!"

The children who were able to attend the Aristocratic kindergarten were naturally not ordinary families, but the teacher would still reward some small things to encourage them.

Han Lele happily held up the shiny shell hairpin in her hand for Lin Mu Wan to see.

"That's great." He praised in an indifferent manner.

"I gave it to you!"

Han Yue took the shiny shell and placed it on the side of Lin Muwan's seaweed like hair.

It was somewhat childish, but it made her skin whiter than snow. The otherworldly atmosphere weakened a little, making her look more like the little bun's mother picking him up from school.

Lin Muwan's body became stiff, but she still couldn't bear to be so cold to a child.

After returning home, Han Yue went back to his room to finish his homework.

Lin Muwan went back to her room to fix her makeup and decided to go to Blue Dream Bay that night.

Nine o'clock.

Blue Dream Bay Private Clubhouse.

"Why are you half an hour late?"

"I practiced piano with a little friend of mine."

The moment Lin Mu Wan entered the room, she was immediately questioned by Xiao Xinyuan.

Under the dim light, there was another person hidden. It was Jiang Yunshan!

Lin Muwan's other good friend had been staying outside the country the entire time. She didn't expect to be able to return, so she was pleasantly surprised.

"Long time no see, Wan."

Pouring out the wine, the three of them began to narrate what had happened in recent years. However, Lin Muwan's past memories made her head hurt. Quickly adjusting his mood, he smiled at the two of them and said, "I'm going to the washroom. I'll wait for my return later."

Lin Mu Wan stepped on her high heels and went to the bathroom. She didn't go in. Instead, she leaned against the wall of the bathroom and lit a woman's cigarette. Her addiction wasn't that bad, she only smoked a little when she was in a bad mood.

She exhaled a mouthful of smoke, her expression somewhat dazed.

She wanted to bring the person who killed her father, Zhao Ailian, to justice. She would not spare anyone who had harmed her!

Two tall figures walked out from the men's restroom.

The black suit wearing man's facial features looked as if they were sculpted. He was perfect and handsome. As the lights flickered, those sexy and thin lips of his made others want to put a pint on them!

"Second Brother, when are you going to find that little rascal Han Yue a mother? Didn't your grandma already urge you to marry? You wouldn't really want to marry Zhou Shuyi from the Zhou Group, right?"

"Shut up."

"Eh …" There's actually a beauty here. "

Hearing Liao Si Hui's words, Han Ming inadvertently glanced at the woman leaning against the wall and smoking.

His pitch-black eyes immediately narrowed.

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