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C13 Meet

It was the woman who had thrown herself at him!

She was wearing a red fishtailed dress that she had changed into in the morning, revealing her perfect figure. Her slightly curly black hair was let loose on her waist as she slightly raised her head and puffed out a cloud.

His movements exuded a lazy and charming charm.

Han Ming's unfathomable eyes narrowed. He didn't think that she would still smoke. He had never had a good impression of women who smoked! He retracted his gaze and coldly left.

Liao Si Hui rarely saw such an elegant and beautiful woman smoking a cigarette. He originally wanted to stand here and admire her a little longer, but after seeing Han Ming leave, he quickly followed, "Second brother, wait for me …"

Lin Muwan came back to her senses. She looked over with her misty eyes and saw two tall and handsome figures disappearing around the corner.

After finishing a cigarette, Lin Mu Wan walked toward the private room that Xiao Xinyuan had reserved.

The room was on the right side of the corridor. She didn't remember the number and wasn't sure which room it was. Just as she was about to take out the phone to ask Xiao Xinyuan, a room nearby suddenly opened up.

He turned his head to take a look. The dim light could not see what was going on inside clearly. There was only smoke and laughter.

She guessed it wasn't, and was about to step into the other room when an arm fell on her shoulder.

She wanted to brush away that hand, but that person used all his strength to drag her inside. She wanted to throw him to the ground with a shoulder throw, but she caught a glimpse of Han Ming sitting right in the middle!

She restrained herself.

"Second brother, the beauty is here!" Liao Si Hui said with a big smile on his face.

Just now, there was a discussion in the room about the newcomer to Blue Dream Bay, a beauty even more beautiful than the famous celebrity Jane Qing. The beauty was simply unfathomable.

Who would have thought that Lin Muwan would come in? This was a perfect combination of coolness and flirtatiousness. Her exquisite white skin seemed to glow in this dark environment.

Han Ming took a hand-rolled imported cigar from the wooden box and took a blue lighter from a rich young master beside him.

She turned on the switch, and green and blue flames lit up. The moment the flames lit up, a handsome face appeared in front of Lin Muwan's eyes.

His heart thumped.

How could it be him?!

Just as Lin Mu Wan became absent-minded, the person holding her shoulder pushed her towards Han Ming.

Catch it steadily!

"I am not a lady here! "I …" Before Lin Muwan could finish her explanation, Han Ming had already pulled her out of the room, leaving behind the dumbstruck crowd in the room!

"Ai!" Has second brother changed his nature?! " Liao Si Hui asked loudly.

"It can't be, right?! So fierce, let's directly take him away!" Another man's voice rang out.

The jealous gazes of the other women in the room could pierce through Lin Mu Wan!

Ye Zichen walked to a quiet place and released her shoulders, then took out a tissue to wipe his hands in disdain.

"Heh, I didn't expect you to be this kind of person. Pack your things and leave tomorrow."

"I came with a friend. She lost her love and came with me."

Han Ming's pitch-black eyes were so deep that they couldn't see the bottom of. Hearing her explanation seemed to be as if he was relieved of a burden, and he didn't know how he could have such a feeling.

She pursed her lips, "Call Le Le to get up on time tomorrow." With that, he turned and left.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly, he didn't expect to meet Han Ming here, so the image he painstakingly created probably completely disappeared.

He went to the bathroom to tidy up the wrinkles on his skirt, washed his hands, and returned to the private room.

"Why did you go to the bathroom so long? Nothing happened, right? " Xiao Xinyuan asked with concern.

Jiang Yunshan also cast a questioning gaze at him.

Lin Muwan shook her head, "It's nothing, just a small mistake."

"Second brother, what's going on? I thought you brought the little beauty home! " Liao Si Hui walked up to him fearlessly.

"Assistant, in the wrong room." Han Ming's slender fingers lit up another cigar and exhaled a mouthful of smoke.

Everyone still had a playful look on their faces.

The private room door opened once more and a lady dressed in revealing beautiful clothes walked in. Only then did the others realize that they were mistaken.

The woman walked straight towards Han Ming. She knew that after taking care of this leader of the empire group, she wouldn't have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of her life.


The woman didn't dare to move forward due to her cold and noble temperament. She smiled embarrassedly and threw herself into the arms of the other princes.

They didn't leave until midnight.

Coincidentally, Lin Mu Wan and co. also said their goodbyes. She stood by the roadside and called a taxi. It would take about ten minutes for her to arrive.

Han Ming saw her standing weakly in the night, a light breeze blowing her long hair. His heart moved, and he lifted his leg to walk towards her.

"Second Brother, you must bring a beauty home tonight."

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