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C14 Mixture a

Twelve o'clock at night, outside Blue Dream Bay.

Cars and horses, lights and wine, flowing lights and vibrant colors, drunk with alcohol.

Han Ming ignored Liao Sihui.

He walked directly toward Lin Muwan, his leather shoes making crisp clicks. His slender legs moved back and forth step by step, giving off a cold aura.

Han Ming frowned as he walked next to Lin Muwan and looked at the building in the distance. He didn't even look at her!

"I warn you again, this is not a place you should be." Han Ming's cold voice was mixed with a trace of uncontrollable disgust.

"The next time, pack up and leave." It was as if saying a single word to her would sully his noble identity.

Lin Muwan's delicate face revealed a hint of disdain as she sneered, "Heh, I can't be bothered to tell you. Then, just chase me away. But …" How do you explain to the little bun? "

Han Ming's black eyes clearly darkened. This woman! Relying on her happy mood, she really did whatever she wanted. No one had ever dared to disobey her words like this.

However —

There was really no way to explain to that little fellow that he wanted her to leave.

If she let the person she liked leave, she would probably cry. It was her weakness.

"Get in the car. Come with me."

"What, you don't need me to scram?" Lin Muwan's sexy and beautiful face revealed a proud smile.

Han Ming looked at the woman in front of him who was getting ahead of herself, and felt that it was terrible. He ignored her and turned around to get on the Mai Bach himself.

The next morning.

Lin Muwan looked at the little bun who was still lying on the bed, her long and thick eyelashes fluttering.

I heard that I didn't see my father when I got home yesterday, so I waited for him to sleep late. That's why I stayed in bed today.

"Little bun, can auntie bring you to daddy when you get up, please?" This was the first time Lin Muwan had looked after a child. She didn't expect it to be so hard to do, so she could only use the ice mountain.

His black and white eyes turned as he said, "Alright!" A cute little voice came out from Han Yue's little mouth. It was simply going to make her look cute!

It was finally done! The two of them stood at Han Ming's door and looked at each other. It was Lin Muwan who lost first and knocked on Han Ming's door.

After a moment, he pushed the door open and entered. There was no one inside.

"Aiya, I forgot. Daddy probably hasn't come back yet." Han Lele knocked on her little head.

Ye Zichen didn't think that he was actually a self-disciplined person. He originally thought that people like Han Ming would either sit or lie down for a whole day, because they also knew how to exercise their bodies.

After the little bun changed into the clothes Lin Muwan had chosen for him, he looked at himself in the mirror with satisfaction. He had a cute baby face, delicate features like a doll, and wore a blue sweater with dark shorts.

When he went downstairs, he saw Han Ming already sitting at the dining table and eating breakfast.

"Father, father." Han Lele's innocent voice carried a hint of coquettishness.

Han Ming raised his hand and caressed his head. "Did you behave yourself yesterday?"

"Hmph, I was the most obedient!" Yesterday, beautiful auntie even accompanied me to practice the zither! " As he said this, he pouted his mouth, his face full of 'quick' scrawls! Praise! Me! Three words.

Han Ming paused for a moment. He met this woman in that place last night, afraid that she would bring a bad influence to Le Le Le. He didn't expect that she would practice with Le Le Yue and hoped that there wouldn't be a next time.

"… …"

After sending the little bun to the kindergarten, he was about to walk into the Huaxia Building's Lin Mu Wan's bag when his phone vibrated.

A Heng's phone call.

He picked up the call from a corner not far away.

A cold, low, and hoarse male voice came over the phone, "How's it going? Did you get his trust? "

"Not yet, but believe me, soon." Lin Muwan let out a smile and confidently replied.

After making the call, Lin Muwan returned to the Huaxia Building as if nothing had happened.

Bai Jing handed her a document. "This is what Director Han asked you to finish today."

He opened the document and saw that it was a very simple task for Lin Mu Wan. She just wasted a bit of time. He shook his head.

He really was a petty man.

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