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C15 Anonymous Letter

On the way home from school, Lin Muwan listened to his lively narration about the funny things that happened in kindergarten today.

The music of "Blue Danube Circle Dance" wafted through the large room. It was not very familiar to hear it.

Han Lele sits on the piano stool, the black and white keys jumping from his fingertips. Even though he was only five years old, he was already playing a world-famous melody. In a few years, he would reach the level of a grandmaster pianist.

"Auntie, can you play? I'm a little unfamiliar with this place. " Han Lele walked up to Lin Muwan with the zither music in hand, her eyes filled with curiosity towards knowledge.

Lin Muwan, who was deep in thought, looked at the zither music and said, "I only play once, watch carefully."

The piano sounded again, like the waves of the Danube. The people who heard it seemed to be immersed in it. Their superb skills were unforgettable.

Clap, clap, clap.

"Wow, Auntie's great. She's much stronger than that stinking old man who taught me!" Han Le Le clapped her small hands and looked carefully, her face turning red.

Actually, this wasn't Lin Muwan's highest level of skill. While she was playing the zither, she had been thinking about other things.

After returning to her room, Lin Muwan began to panic. She had to get her trust as soon as possible.

After she absent-mindedly finished her dinner, she browsed through Weibo in boredom. Suddenly, a thought came to her mind and a scheme formed in her heart. She revealed a crafty smile.

A few days later.

Taking advantage of the time he had taken to deliver the English homework to the little bun at home, he went to an empty corner and dialed Ah Heng's number.

"Help me with something. Send an anonymous letter to all the newspapers and magazines in S city, as well as to all the media organizations. I will send you the contents of the letter later."

"Yes." It was still the same cold and hoarse voice.

"Tomorrow morning, 10: 30 AM, Huaxia Building, Empire Corporation's 28th floor, CEO's office, Han Ming secretly met with his lover." Edit complete, send.

"Phew!" Lin Muwan let out a sigh of relief. It's done, I don't believe that the reporters would ignore such an explosive piece of news.

City S.

In a bustling area in the center of the city, a circular building took up an area of about twenty floors.

There was the biggest newspaper in the city, the Guangming newspaper.

It is widely used, whether it be in education, military, finance or entertainment.

Top floor.


A slim man in a white shirt, blue jeans, and casual white shoes with a camera on his chest, wearing a silver rimmed glasses and a letter in his hand, entered the room in a hurry.

"Chief Editor, it's big news!" His voice revealed the excitement in his heart without any concealment. Under the glasses, his eyes revealed a little cunning that did not match his gentle appearance.

Behind the brown wooden table, there was a obese fatty sitting on the leather boss's chair!

Her tiny eyes narrowed into slits as the cigar in her hand emitted green smoke from between her two fat fingers. Her face was covered in oil and her custom-made suit had a button stuck on it. Fat flesh was piled up on her waist.


"Chief Editor, we received an anonymous letter. You would never have thought of the contents of the letter!"

The fat man on the chair took a drag on his cigar, glanced at him, and said in a disdainful tone, "What news?"

"The secret lover in the Empire Corporation's Icemountain CEO's meeting!" We never caught him with any bad news! This kind of explosive material must be the headlines of all the major news newspapers! "

The voices became louder and louder, the ups and downs rising and falling in volume. It was hard to believe that this piece of information would be infuriated!

Dead silence.

Suddenly, the fat guy stared with his eyes wide open. After a long time, he did not do anything and the cigarette ash in his hand fell to the ground. "Hah!" He took in a breath of cold air and slammed the table!

At the same time, another entertainment newspaper specializing in entertainment news.

"So fierce!" "Hurry, hurry, hurry. Prepare well for tomorrow."

"Empty out the front page for the day after tomorrow and set aside a spot!"

"… …"

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