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C16 Sudden Event

The next day, 10: 10 AM, in Han Ming's office.

Lin Mu Wan's exquisite face was painted with makeup, and her curly long hair hung down to her waist.

At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa beside him. He had his hands on his cheeks as he stared at Han Ming's serious work. He had clean and neat short black hair, contours, facial features, and every part of his body was engraved like a divine stroke.

Lin Mu Wan's mind flashed with the words that her best friend had said before: A man who works hard is the most handsome! She curled her lips in disdain. Perhaps other women might be confused by this, but she only felt disgusted.

He looked down at his watch on his left wrist.

"Hey, have you considered it yet? As your personal assistant, I don't even have a single office.

"I'll get someone to arrange it." An impatient expression appeared on Han Ming's face.

After waiting for a while, Lin Muwan looked at the time again. There were still two minutes left.

Ye Zichen revealed a smile that he was determined to get, walked to the side of the table to pour a glass of water, then walked towards Han Ming's desk.

Han Ming was staring at the computer screen, his fingers tapping on the keyboard. He didn't notice Lin Mu Wan who was walking towards him!

"Ah!" With a "peng", Lin Muwan tripped over CEO Han's table!

Before Han Ming could wave away the woman that was falling straight towards him, Lin Mu Wan had already fallen into his crotch!

With a strange posture, the two of them knelt on the ground and sat on a chair.

Suddenly, the office door was pushed open from the outside.

"Kacha, kacha ~ ~ ~"

The sound of cameras constantly rang out. There were people carrying cameras on their shoulders, and even people with microphones ready to be interviewed. Countless flashing lights shot towards Han Ming and Lin Muwan.

A large group of reporters rushed in. There were both men and women, and from their angle, they saw a woman with scattered hair lying on Han Ming's crotch. There was also a pool of transparent liquid on the ground, which made people imagine.

Han Ming was livid. He saw a few familiar faces in this group of people, including the financial program's media who interviewed him, as well as other media.

He covered his face with his arm and pressed the phone on the desk. The word was almost squeezed out of his teeth.

A reporter who wasn't afraid of death rushed forward with a microphone and asked, "May I ask, Mr. Han, is this your secret lover?"

"As the president of Imperial Group, have you been meeting your secret lover in the office many times?"

"Is it your special habit to do this in the office?"

"… …"

The questions asked by the reporters became more and more obvious.

Following that, a large number of security guards came over and chased the reporters out. But what was the use?

Lin Muwan had already stood up from the ground and revealed a hint of joy at her victory.

The already cold Han Ming felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave. Even Lin Muwan, who was standing two meters away, could feel the chill coming from his body.

"What are you trying to do? Did you arrange it? " Han Ming shouted at Lin Muwan in anger.

Lin Muwan had an innocent look on her face, as if she was shocked by the sudden appearance of this reporter.

He said helplessly, "It's not me …" I don't know what happened. " As he said this, he even cried from being wronged. His appearance was so heart-wrenching that even if he was in the wrong, he wouldn't blame Ye Zichen for it.

Han Ming calmed himself down and thought back to the time when Lin Muwan tripped over him. He didn't doubt her anymore. He looked at his table and never let her pour water again!

He dialed a number and said, "Gao Ji, come to my office."

The high season, is Han Ming from a foreign company high salary to dig back the strongest public relations! His ability was unquestionable.

"No matter what method is used, the effect today will be minimized." Han Ming's cold voice was mixed with anger.

"Alright, I'll first go and see if I can get the newspapers and media to suppress this matter."

He wore casual clothes, a medium build, and a peaked cap. He was neither hasty nor impatient as he calmly said to Han Ming.

Lin Muwan saw that her plan succeeded and slipped away before high season arrived.

Han Ming looked at the water stains on his body and adjusted his sleeves, pursing his lips to show that he wasn't in a good mood.

After about twenty minutes.

High Season came in and reported, "CEO, I've contacted all the big newspapers and media in the city, no one wants to miss out on this news. In other words, tomorrow morning, the headlines will be today's news. "

"If you don't want the company to be volatile, the best thing to do now is to publicly acknowledge the woman."

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