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"Ah, admitting her identity? No! But! "Yes!" Han Ming gritted his teeth and said hatefully.

Gao Ji helplessly spread his hands. "Then I have no other choice but to wait for tomorrow's headlines before making my decision."

Then he left.

The next day.

The front page of Guangming Morning Post — — Surprise! Meeting a secret lover in the office of the Icemountain God and doing something unspeakable!

Entertainment Beauty Morning Post's front page headline – Empire Group President's Lust for the Office is Exposed!

The front page of the morning visit to the north — — Han Ming's celibacy male god decree is broken!

"… …"

At the same time, the number of shares in the Imperial Group continued to drop!

Within the company.

The employees who did not have much work in the morning all held their cell phones and watched the morning news with relish.

"Look, look!" The CEO and that vixen have gone to the newspaper! "

"I really didn't expect that the CEO would be in the office with such an inhuman look …"

"I already said that woman is not a good person. It must be her seducing the CEO!"

Lin Mu Wan'er, who just finished sending the little bun into the company, immediately noticed the peculiar gazes from the crowd.

There was contempt, there was mockery, there was jealousy …

Liao Si Hui, who had been playing for an entire night, was still soaking in the swimming pool.

His left arm was wrapped around a fair-haired, blue-eyed foreign beauty. His skin was the color of wheat, and he looked healthy and shiny. His towering chest was pressed against Liao Si Hui's chest.

He was holding a glass of red wine in his other hand while flirting with the beautiful woman in his arms. From time to time, he would reveal an evil smile.

Suddenly, the butler came over with a newspaper in his hand, "Young Master, please take a look."

Liao Si Hui pushed the woman in his arms to the side and placed the red wine beside the pool.

"What?" There was fatigue from staying up all night on his handsome face.

Hm?! Shock!

He quickly jumped out of the pool, wiped his body with a towel, and walked into the house. He opened his phone and carefully browsed through the news.

He pressed a number, beep beep beep — —

Han Ming, who was on the other end of the line, picked up the phone.

"Second Brother!" I didn't expect you to be so fierce. This must be the girl in the room that night, right … Even though you said no on the surface, your body is very honest! "

Liao Si Hui's deafening voice was so loud that it made Han Ming's head hurt. He pinched the center of his brows and slowly said, "Misunderstanding." I'll call you back when I'm done. "

Liao Si Hui burst into laughter. He wiped away his fatigue from the night and continued reading the comments online.

In the CEO's office.

Han Ming looked at his stocks falling as he ordered the high season, "I didn't come back for you with a high salary. No matter what price you have to pay, stop these media outlets from talking!"

"Yes, since you don't want to use yesterday's proposal, you can only spend a lot of money to buy it now."

Han Ming's dark eyes darkened. "Add another one, block their mouths and send them a clarification."

In the middle of the season, when he returned to his office, he contacted all the newspapers in the city and recalled them back to the unsold newspapers with a fee of tens of millions. It was all a misunderstanding that the female assistant had seduced the CEO, which was why that scene had occurred.

Soon the clarification was posted online and stocks stopped falling.

When Lin Muwan saw the explanation, anger appeared on her beautiful face and she clenched her fist. Ye Zichen originally thought that he could force Han Ming to admit his identity, but he didn't think that he would be the one to rebel.

Ye Zichen picked up his phone, walked towards Han Ming's office with anger on his high heels.

"I'm not trying to seduce you. This is slander, slander."

"It's you who fell on top of me, isn't that right!? I'm doing this to minimize the company's losses. "

Lin Muwan was completely speechless. She couldn't let go of her anger, so she didn't want to listen to other people's chatter anymore.

"When is my office scheduled?" Lin Muwan asked Han Ming.

"Tomorrow at the latest." Han Ming replied impatiently. If it wasn't for Le Le being fond of this woman, he wouldn't have let her stay until now.

So many ridiculous things had happened!

The phone rang.

"Second Brother!" So it really is a misunderstanding. You didn't do anything to the little assistant, right? " Liao Si Hui laughed and then said, "Tomorrow night there will be a single person who is a young master from the upper class. You've been single for so many years already, shouldn't you find a mother for Little Le?"

Han Ming was silent for a moment. He wanted to reject her offer. He wasn't interested in such a useless game, but then he thought that if he brought Lin Muwan along and let her meet other successful people, he wouldn't be bothered at all.

"Alright, send me the time and place. I'll be there on time tomorrow."

Liao Shihui never thought that Han Ming would agree so quickly. Usually, he would waste so much time talking that he might not even be able to move him. Could it be that his personality had changed?!

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