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C18 Single Party

"There's a single partner tomorrow night, come with me." Han Ming's overbearing tone did not allow her to argue.

Lin Muwan's delicate eyebrows furrowed together. She was surprised that Han Ming took the initiative to invite her to join the party. She didn't understand what he meant.

In short, it was beneficial for him to get close to Han Ming and increase his relationship with him.

"Yes." Lin Muwan indifferently replied. She was still angry. After all, his explanation had ruined her reputation and the newspaper didn't even take a picture of her. Other than the people at the company, no one else knew.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, Lin Muwan held an umbrella as she waited for the little bun to come out from school. Today, she came out a little later than usual.

The little bun lowered his head gloomily as he walked. When he saw Lin Mu Wan, he smiled.

"Why aren't you happy? "Little bun." Even Lin Muwan couldn't figure out the child's temper.

"Auntie, I heard from other kids recently that there's a woman seducing my dad, is that true?" As Han Lele spoke, she was on the verge of tears.

Lin Muwan felt that her head was as big as two heads. She was the female protagonist.

She comforted him gently, "No, it was all a misunderstanding. Auntie knows what happened so I won't lie to you."

When the little bun heard this explanation, it was as if he had reinvigorated. The sadness in his body from before had completely disappeared without a trace.

After dinner, Han Ming ordered someone to measure Lin Muwan and prepare her dress for tomorrow night.

The next day.

Lin Muwan stared at a small area separated by Han Ming's office. That was her office! Male! Room!

The office that was originally large did not shrink due to the area separated from it. Instead, it filled up the spacious room.

Han Ming was worried that Lin Muwan might cause some trouble, so he decided to keep her under his nose.

She thought it would be easier to be in the same room with this man, and far from the talk of the rest of the company.

Ye Zichen walked over while wearing his high heels.

He took Han Lele home and placed the custom-made dress on the bed.

Lin Muwan changed into a new set of clothes, tied up her hair, and put on a pair of diamond earrings before leaving in the car.

Han Ming and Lin Muwan split up. Lin Mu Wan sat in her family car to pick up Le Le, while Han Ming himself drove the Maybach away from the company.

The two arrived one after the other, wearing the mask that Patty had prepared for them.

Lin Muwan chose a piece of white lace and put it on. The moment she entered, there were already quite a few people in the manor. Green grass, custom-made rose petals, and a dream-like scene. The table was filled with delicate snacks and champagne.

She scanned around but didn't find Han Ming.

She carried a glass of champagne to the empty sofa at the side. She had no interest in chatting with those handsome men and beautiful women.

"Hello, let's get to know each other?" A man in a grey suit came up to her and greeted her.

She waved her hand and that person tactfully left. There was no lack of other men who wanted to come and get to know her, but seeing her cold attitude, they did not go over.

However, there were still people who kept looking at her.

Lin Muwan was wearing a moon-white silk qipao with her undergarment cut to her thigh. Her almost perfect curves were vividly outlined with her protruding front and back, revealing her small and exquisite face and cherry red lips. The coiled hair was noble and unearthly.

Han Ming!

The simple black suit faintly showed a few lines under the reflection of the light. It was low-key and luxurious, its tall and straight body was perfect proportions, and its handsome face made people unable to get tired of it.

He wasn't wearing a mask. After all, everyone knew who he was. They all lazily walked toward where Lin Mu Wan was sitting.

When the women at the banquet saw that the lord had arrived, they all started to move. Han Ming was surrounded by these women before he had even taken a few steps.

When Liao Si Hui saw that his second brother was surrounded, he quickly went to rescue him.

"Second brother, why didn't you say anything when you came?" If I don't see you, I'm afraid you'll choke from the perfume! " Liao Si Hui told Han Ming as they walked.

When Lin Muwan saw him, she took her champagne and walked over.

"F * ck off, my second brother isn't with you vulgar common fans." Liao Si Hui saw another woman who didn't know what was good for herself, and hastily spoke up for Han Ming.

"Send her over."

It was Han Ming's cold voice. Liao Shihui looked at Han Ming with wide eyes, as if he wasn't mistaken.

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