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C19 Dance

Lin Muwan picked up a glass of champagne from the table and handed it to Han Ming before sitting down beside him.

"This, this, this …" Liao Si Hui was shocked speechless.

Lin Muwan let out a breathtaking smile as she untied the belt on her mask.

She had slender eyebrows, a pair of eyes that looked forward to bewitching, a pretty nose, a slightly red cheeks, alluring and alluring lips, and skin as translucent as jade. She was exceptionally eye-catching against the crescent white silk cheongsam.

Liao Si Hui was momentarily stunned. He slapped his head and said, "Isn't this the beauty from that night?!"

The others also looked at her. When the man saw that she was completely captivated by him, he revealed a look of jealousy.

"Let's go inside, these are the daughters of the common upper class celebrities, the main attraction is inside."

When they reached the entrance of the castle, a servant in uniform welcomed them respectfully.

Inside, there was a whole new world. They nodded at each other as a form of greeting.

"Lin Muwan, go walk around by yourself." Han Ming said indifferently to Lin Muwan.

Lin Mu Wan smiled sweetly, "I'm afraid that I will disturb you, so I'll be leaving first."

He went over to the table and grabbed a plate of dessert, then sat down and quietly watched the scene.

Not long later, a man came over. It was the young master of the Su family, Su Rui. He was the main character who had hosted this party.

The Su Clan was also a very influential clan in S City. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to invite so many famous people from the upper echelons.

"Hello, I'm Su Rui."

"You … Lin Muwan."

Su Rui recalled that he didn't seem to have any recollection of this name. Maybe it was someone that brought his sister here, it didn't matter.

Lin Muwan didn't want to talk to him, but it was too boring sitting here by herself, so she decided to chat with someone.

"Second brother, why did you bring your assistant here?" Liao Si Hui whispered into Han Ming's ear, "There's someone you didn't expect tonight."

Han Ming held the red wine in his hand and shook his head, frowning as if he cared about what Liao Si Hui said. Actually, he was thinking that the taste of the wine would be better if it was opened a year later.

The music in the room abruptly stopped and a clear male voice rang out, "Welcome to the Su Family's single party. I want to introduce a new friend to everyone!"

Everyone below the stage applauded.

"Let us welcome the overseas Teng Qi Group's daughter, Zhou Shuyi."

When Han Ming heard the name, he didn't even raise his head, but his eyes were filled with annoyance.

The Han Family and the Zhou Family were old friends. When Zhou Shuyi was young, she often came to the Han Family to play with Han Ming. Han Ming didn't like this girl then.

He was the only one who had seen Zhou Shuyi accidentally break an antique vase in the house. When she was found out, she refused to admit that it was the babysitter who broke it.

Within a few years, the Zhou Family moved overseas. Teng Qi Group was the property of the Zhou Family, and was famous for its ceramic products.

Zhou Shuyi was like an extremely gorgeous doll, stunning everyone. She had a head full of golden wavy hair which radiated a dazzling light, her slender thighs wore a short, goose-yellow miniskirt, and her waist was covered with a short white singlet.

When the men below the stage saw this, their eyes lit up.

"Next is the ball. Please invite your favorite friends to the center of the dance floor."

The music started, and a moment later, a waltz appeared in the middle of the dance floor.

"Brother Ming!" The moment Zhou Shuyi got off the stage, she headed towards Han Ming happily.

She hugged Han Ming's arm. "Big Brother Ming, I haven't seen you in so many years. You're getting more and more handsome!"

The coquettish voice that was intentionally being pinched caused Liao Si Hui to shudder, and before Han Ming could say anything, he said, "Second brother, I'm going to the dance floor first."

With that, he patted Han Ming's shoulder and gave him a look that said, "Deal with me and I'll escape."

Han Ming stiffly pulled his arm out of Zhou Shuyi's hand and took a step back, brushing the wrinkles off his sleeves.

He asked coldly, "When did you return?"

Seeing him take his arm away, Zhou Shuyi curled her lips in displeasure. "Big brother Ming, I came back this afternoon. I heard you were participating in the party tonight, so I came here on purpose."

"Are you happy to see me?"

The corner of Han Ming's eyes twitched slightly. If it wasn't for his grandma being cared for by the Zhou family overseas, he wouldn't have had to deal with this annoying woman!

"Yes." He answered coldly.

However, Zhou Shuyi did not think so. She felt that Han Ming would definitely be very happy.

"Brother Ming, let's go dance too!" With that, he pulled Han Ming's hand and walked towards the center of the dance floor.

Han Ming struggled for a bit, but didn't manage to struggle free, so he let her do as she pleased.

When Lin Muwan saw Zhou Shuyi stick to Han Ming, she had a rough understanding of what was going on.

"Miss Lin, if you don't mind, can you dance with me?" Su Rui invited Lin Muwan.

"Sure." Lin Muwan smiled very flirtatiously.

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