CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C2 He Would Never Let Her Go
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CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C2 He Would Never Let Her Go
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C2 He Would Never Let Her Go

Lin Muwan shivered as she laid on the bed.

The man beside the bed had blood-red eyes that caused her to feel instinctive fear. Like an antelope being stared at by a lion, a suffocating pressure assaulted her, causing her to madly want to escape to a place he couldn't see.

She was unconscious, just tired and dark.

When she opened her eyes again, she wished that everything that had happened last night was a nightmare. Or perhaps, he could be even more cruel and give her an end.

In this way, she would be free, and she might even be able to see her father.


How could the current her still have the face to see her father?

Sunlight shone through the window and onto the man beside her. Under his broad shoulders was a figure comparable to a model. The delicate muscles of his stomach were as clear and sexy as a paintbrush.

There were countless scratches on his chest, all of them very deep. There were also bloody scratches on his shoulders. There were also traces of her fiercely biting him when she resisted. There were also bloodstains.

However, it was nothing when compared to her body full of scars.

It was hard to tell if she was lucky or unlucky that she didn't die.

Lin Muwan stood up. She found that her handcuffs had been somehow undid by the man. With this movement, her entire body was filled with pain that caused her scalp to go numb.

Gritting her teeth, she endured the pain and went down to the floor. She pulled a bathrobe from the closet and wrapped it around her as she walked out, leaning against the wall.


The man's cold and hoarse voice sounded from behind him.

Lin Muwan's heart skipped a beat. She no longer cared about the pain as she quickly escaped.

Han Ming looked at the fleeing figure and wanted to chase after him, but he suddenly stood up and felt a throbbing pain on his forehead.

Damn it, was it really given to him!?

He leaned back against the bed, thinking back to last night, his face growing colder and colder.

After a while, he took out his phone and made a call.

"It's me, bring that woman back!"

After so many years, there were many women who wanted to throw themselves into his arms, but she was the first person who dared to scheme against him and crawl into his bed without his life.

He wanted to see what kind of woman would use this kind of method on him.

He would never let her go.

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