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C20 Ball Interlude

In the middle of the dance floor.

A huge crystal lamp hung from the round ceiling, illuminating the entire venue. The elegant posture, the magnificent dance steps, and the reserved smile seemed to have been measured and measured; everything seemed so dreamlike.

"Brother Ming." Zhou Shuyi held Han Ming's hand and was about to pull him to the center of the dance floor, but Han Ming half-closed his eyes and watched Lin Mu Wan and Su Rui walk over side by side.

"Han Ming, long time no see." Su Rui smiled brightly and greeted Han Ming.

The Su Clan and the Imperial Conglomerate also had some business dealings. Although the two could not be considered friends, they had met before.

"This is your party?" Liao Si Hui didn't tell Han Ming who held it, but he already knew.

"Yes, the main reason is to let Shuyi re-enter our circle. The two elders of the Zhou family plan to return to their country to develop their company and bring Shuyi back first." Su Rui explained.

"Thank you, Big Brother Rui." Zhou Shuyi smiled as she thanked him, "Brother Rui, you're not too kind. Who is this beauty standing beside you? "I'm not introducing them either."

The moment Zhou Shuyi saw Lin Mu Wan, she felt that it was a bit familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen it before.

Seeing Lin Mu Wan wearing a white evening dress, delicate facial features, perfect curves, jade-like skin, and a noble aura around her, Zhou Shuyi's eyes showed a hint of jealousy.

"This is Miss Lin, Lin Muwan. I also met her at today's banquet." Su Rui gave Zhou Shuyi a simple introduction.

"Hello, I am Zhou Shuyi. Which family are you from?" Why haven't I heard of you? "

"Hello, Lin Muwan. I'm not a daughter of any family. I'm just an ordinary person."

Han Ming looked playfully at Lin Muwan. He didn't expect that this woman hadn't reported her family background in vain.

Hearing Lin Muwan's words, Su Rui revealed a surprised expression and quickly adjusted his body.

However, Zhou Shuyi ignored Lin Mu Wan'er. Such a person wasn't worth it for her to befriend him.

"Big Brother Ming, let's go dance!"

The others had just finished playing a song, so when they saw Han Ming and the young miss coming over, they made way for them.

Han Ming was dressed in a black suit, and his tall and slender figure revealed elegance and nobility. Zhou Shuyi's two slender legs were also like butterflies dancing in the air, and the two of them seemed to be a perfect match.

As Su Rui was her master, she naturally didn't hide anything. She made an inviting gesture with her hands while Lin Muwan naturally placed her hands on Su Rui's. Su Rui felt that her hands were smooth and delicate, like fine silk.

Although Han Ming didn't participate in many similar banquets, he danced very well. Zhou Shuyi and Su Rui naturally didn't need to speak much about him.

However, Lin Muwan was just an ordinary person, so it was hard to say.

Zhou Shuyi was waiting for Lin Mu Wan to make a fool of herself, peeking at her while she jumped.

The train of her dress began to flutter, and the white hem of her dress, in the deep light, brought forth a mysterious and suffocating white shadow, glowing with light.

The skirt was heavy, and the sense of suspense had a three-dimensional effect, revealing a small section of snow-white legs. Before anyone could see clearly, she had already covered her face with her hands, leaving them to reminisce more or less.

Her skin-tight top was also rotating, revealing a dazzling figure. Her chest was full, and with every turn, it made people worry that they wouldn't be able to hold on and would spew out. She suddenly drew back her waist, but there was a curve in her lower body that was blatantly tempting.

The eyes of the surrounding people were fixed on Lin Muwan, as if they were stuck in glue.

Zhou Shuyi gritted her teeth. She did not expect that this woman who was even more beautiful than her could waltz so well! She was the main attraction of the day, but she didn't expect an ordinary woman to steal the limelight from her.

Jealousy flared up in her heart.

The dance floor was originally large enough, but Zhou Shuyi brought Han Ming in circles as she approached Lin Mu Wan and Su Rui.

"I didn't expect you to dance so well!" Su Rui praised sincerely.

"Yours too." Lin Muwan smiled. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Zhou Shuyi and Han Ming getting closer and closer.

Han Ming was also a bit surprised when he saw Lin Muwan's dance moves. She really was an unexpected woman, but she didn't feel the least bit disgusted.

Zhou Shuyi calculated in her heart, intending to hit Lin Mu Wan on purpose. Wearing high heels and dancing, she couldn't wait to see Lin Mu Wan make a fool of herself.

At that moment, Zhou Shuyi turned around and was about to collide with him.

Lin Muwan's heels lightly touched the ground like a dragonfly skimming water, gently caressing it. As for the toes of her shoes, they supported the ground as they drew arcs left and right. One by one, circles were drawn on the ground, narrowly avoiding Zhou Shuyi.

An unfathomable smile hung on Han Ming's face. He had seen all of this, and was even more disgusted with Zhou Shuyi.

The song ended.

Liao Si Hui exaggeratedly clapped his hands and giggled as he came up to him and said: "Beauty is not only a beauty, but also a beauty! "Amazing!"

Lin Mu Wan thanked him softly as she pondered why Zhou Shuyi would have such enmity towards her.

When the party ended, Zhou Shuyi pestered Han Ming to send her back. Lin Mu Wan looked at Han Ming with a smile that was not a smile, then left in the car.

Not long after Lin Muwan arrived home, Han Ming returned as well.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and teasingly said, "What, didn't you send the beauty home?"

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