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C3 Binding

"Over there!"

The moment Lin Muwan ran out of the hotel, the security guards immediately surrounded her.

She looked around in panic as she endured the pain in her body and ran to the side of the road.

"Stop!" "Don't run —!"

The guards shouted a warning and ran toward her.

Lin Muwan panicked and increased her speed, but before she could even run two steps, she tripped and fell to the ground.

At that moment, a van pulled up to the side of the road. Two men jumped off the van, picked her up from the left and right, and stuffed her into the van. Before the door was closed, the driver stepped on the accelerator.

Startled, Lin Muwan raised her head and saw a face she hated to the bones.

Zhao Ailian turned around to look at the security guard who had been left behind, then ordered the man beside her, "Call the old lady and tell her that it's a success. Tell her to send the deposit over."

A deposit?

Lin Muwan was at a loss for a moment.

She had already slept with that man. Why was she still unwilling to let him go? Was everything not over yet?

She reached out to grab Zhao Ailian's collar in anger, but was quickly held back by the man beside her.

"Zhao Ailian, what are you trying to do!? I've already been defiled, and you're going to get your money too. Isn't that enough? "

Zhao Ailian smiled proudly and leaned in close to her, "What does this little money count for? The valuable one, is the one in your stomach. "

Lin Muwan's eyes widened. She didn't know what she was talking about.

Zhao Ailian looked at her with a smile that was not a smile, "There's a video monitor in the room. You've been doing it all night and these are your ovulation days. You can't do it so many times, can you?" It doesn't matter if I fail, I'll just sleep a few more times.

Lin Muwan finally understood what Zhao Ailan meant.

She didn't want her to sell herself, she wanted her to become pregnant!

The child she was about to give birth to was the real deal between her and the person behind the scenes!

But what was the use of this child?

Lin Muwan's mind was in a mess. She quickly thought of an answer when she saw Zhao Ailan's vicious gaze.

Lin Group.

For decades, under his father's management, the Lin Clan had been one of the top businesses in the industry. Although they had been burdened with debts due to their father's mistakes, its status and value in the industry was not to be underestimated.

After her father passed away, countless companies came to her and offered to take over her company. To them, the Lin Clan was a huge piece of meat that the business world could not shake because of whoever could swallow it.

If she died, the child in her would become the legal successor of the Lin Clan. At that time, this poor child would be at the mercy of Zhao Ailian to decide the fate of the Lin Clan.

So it turned out that from the beginning, what Zhao Ailian wanted was her life!

She raised her head in astonishment and was about to speak when her mouth was covered.

The man roughly pulled her out of the car. The cool sea breeze blew over and ruffled her long hair.

Not far away, there was an empty villa by the sea. It seemed to have been abandoned for a long time and was devoid of people.

The man dragged Lin Muwan all the way to the villa, locked her in the bedroom, and used heavy chains to shackle her arms and legs.

Zhao Ailian stood at the door and looked down at her with a condescending sneer.

The room had been abandoned for a long time, dark, damp, musty everywhere, with occasional mice running past.

Zhao Ailan's scheme succeeded. One month later, Lin Muwan was confirmed to be pregnant.

She sat dejectedly in the corner, looking out the window at the cloudy sky, feeling hopeless and helpless.


Why is God helping them?

Why did he want her to have this child?!

She refused to eat or drink, and did everything she could to maim herself. She wanted to drain the child and put an end to their schemes.

However, Zhao Ailian did not give her the chance to do so.

She tied her completely to the bed and forced her to eat with her esophagus.

The hellish life, day after day, day after day big belly, she can clearly feel the child's growth, feel him gently kicking her belly.

However, the day of his birth was the day of her death.

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