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C5 Rebirth by Fire

Five years later.

Jiang Prefecture International Airport.

The moment Lin Muwan got off the plane, she attracted a lot of people's attention. Everyone looked at each other and discussed softly. They were guessing which actress or international celebrity was she, but they couldn't find out what was going on.

A few courageous and elite men also caught up to her and asked her for her phone number, but she rejected them all with a smile.

After getting a taxi, Lin Muwan sat in the back seat. She took out her laptop and typed two words into the search engine.

— Lin Group.

In the past, entering the Lin Group's page would first appear a picture of my father, and then there would be all sorts of news about my father doing philanthropy and the group foundation for philanthropy.

But now, when he searched the Lin Clan group, he only found a picture of another person.

His tall and straight stature was comparable to the sex appeal of European and American male models, especially his pair of long and straight legs. His towering eyebrows made his sword-like eyebrows even more handsome, and his long and narrow eyes were unfathomably deep, giving him a mysterious and solemn look.

He was her nightmare.

After so many years, she had awakened from her nightmare countless times. That night's actions were still fresh in her mind, and even the pain felt as if it was real.

Now, he had become the new owner of the Lin Clan.

It was no coincidence.

However, what happened that night was sufficient to prove that he was not the mastermind of the plot. However, the mastermind must be related to him, his Han Group!

The taxi driver kept peeking at her in the rearview mirror, not daring to make a sound. After getting on the viaduct, he timidly asked, "Miss, where are you going?"

Lin Mu Wan took off her sunglasses, her eyes filled with endless coldness.

"The Han clan."

China Building.

Han Group.

The automatic door slowly opened.

A slender leg stepped into the room, the cold side of her face looked cold and noble under the light.

Countless elites in suits and suits trotted to keep up with him, following him all the way to the elevator.

The assistant hurried in from outside and indicated with the phone in her hand, "Director Han, the kindergarten called and said … He escaped from school when the security guards weren't paying attention, and then sneaked out the back door when the security guards weren't paying attention! "

Han Ming rubbed the pain between his eyebrows.

This little thing!

Ever since he had attended kindergarten, he had to stir up some trouble every now and then. Either he had broken both the little girl's heart and his two feet, or he had been mischievous with the teacher. Now he was even more formidable, and had learned how to skip school!

Han Ming walked towards the elevator and looked down at his watch.

"Tracking the surveillance footage nearby."

The assistant pressed the button on the floor and stared at the phone. He ran out at ten in the morning, caught a taxi, and headed north... He had walked all the way to … Financial Street? "

Ding –

The moment the assistant finished speaking, the elevator door slowly slid open.

A small figure wearing a dinosaur jacket was standing at the foot of the front platform. He was holding a little bear doll in his arms. His pink cheeks were filled with dissatisfaction as he angrily glared at the person in the elevator.

Han Ming immediately lost his temper when he saw Li Feiyu's dark eyes. He smiled wryly, squatted in front of Li Feiyu, and pinched his face that was soft like cotton candy.

"You should be in kindergarten."

Han Lele harrumphed and stamped her feet and placed her hands on her hips. "I don't want to go to kindergarten!"

Han Ming sighed helplessly, then pulled his little hand and walked inside.

"But all the kids have to go to kindergarten."

Han Lele raised her chin and said proudly, "I'm not like all the other kids. I'm a different type of fireworks."

Han Ming lowered his head and looked at him.

The front desk ladies held their faces, looking at the pair of figures, one big and the other small, as they called out in a cute low voice.

Who would have thought that the usually cold and heartless CEO Han who did not give any face would be so gentle and patient in front of this little fellow, especially his pampered gaze that said "I can't do anything about you". It was simply too life-threatening!

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