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C6 Recruitment

Back at the office, Han Ming bent down, scooped up Han Lele and placed him on the desk as a warning.

"If you skip school again, I won't let you eat ice cream."

Han Lele opened her eyes wide in disbelief. It was as if she had suffered a great grievance. She unexpectedly gathered up her little fist and smashed it against his arm.

"Daddy is a bad guy! I want to tell Mom! "

Han Ming looked at her and said, "Hmm, I also want to tell mom that Le Le is a bad kid who skipped school. Do you think she would like a bad kid?"

Han Lele nervously held onto the little bear in her arms. The arrogance she had just now was completely gone.

If my mother knew that Le Le was a bad child, would she not come back?

No, no!

If Mom doesn't come back, Le Le will have no mother's child.

After some deliberation, Han Lele made up her mind and promised, "I won't be skipping school anymore. You're not allowed to complain to Mom."

Han Ming nodded in satisfaction.

After dealing with Han Yue, Han Ming took the time to press the phone: "How is it?"

On the other side of the phone, the assistant fearfully replied, "The person applying for the assistant will be here at 11 o'clock! A total of five people, all of whom have gone through layers of selections, have a high education, high quality, and experience in parenting! "

Han Ming nodded and looked towards Han Lele.

When the little guy was young, other than eating, he slept. All he needed to do was tell him a bedtime story every day.

Right now, this little thing was very mysterious. He didn't know how much trouble it could cause every day. He really couldn't deal with it alone, so he had to find a reliable person to monitor him 24 hours a day.

Morning, half past ten.

A taxi slowly stopped in front of the Chinese Building's entrance.

Lin Muwan got off the car and went straight to the bathroom. She quickly changed into a business suit and put her hair behind her head. She took out a pair of black-rimmed glasses from her bag and put them on.

She looked at herself in the mirror, smeared her lipstick, and dialed Hung's number.

"I'm already here. How's it going over there?"

"Done. The people who are interviewed today will be late or won't be able to make it. The rest depends on you."

Lin Mu Wan sneered as she held onto her chest, looking at her sexy figure and her charming eyes in the mirror.

After all these years, she had been training herself every day to achieve the pinnacle of a woman's charm. She had also succeeded, and no man could escape her temptation.

She was very confident that she could take down Han Ming.

That kind of man couldn't escape his different ways.

She was ready.

Ding –

The elevator door slowly slid open and Lin Muwan walked out of the elevator in her high heels. She pushed open the glass door and stopped at the reception desk.

"Hello, my name is Lin Mu Wan. I'm here to apply for the position of the CEO's assistant."

The front desk ladies all looked up at her and hesitated for a second under the pressure of an invisible aura.

One of them regained his senses and looked at the time, "You're early."

She pursed her lips. "It's better than being late."

The front desk girl pursed her lips, stood up and gestured: "Please come with me."

Lin Muwan followed her into the meeting room. Along the way, she attracted many people's gazes. The moment they saw her, they all moved to the side and secretly whispered to her.

She was already used to it.

After walking to the CEO's office, Lin Muwan undid the buttons on her shirt, purposely revealing the proud lines in front of her chest.

The receptionist glanced at her chest, made a flustered gesture with her hand, and fled.

Lin Muwan stopped in front of the door. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door with an attractive smile.

She was ready to face the man again, but there was nothing.

The office was empty.

Han Ming is not here.

Lin Muwan hesitated for a moment before walking into the office. After confirming that there was no one around, she walked up to Han Ming's computer and opened it, hoping to find some useful data.

"Pata ~ ~ ~"

A ball of paper hit her in the face, right on the line of business in her chest.

She picked up the ball of paper and looked up into a pair of bright, clear eyes.

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