CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C7 Initial Observation
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CEO Daddy Buys One Gets One Free/C7 Initial Observation
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C7 Initial Observation

"Who are you?"

In the next second, the soft voice of a child echoed in Lin Muwan's ears.

Han Yue's large black eyes stared unblinkingly at Lin Mu Wan's face. What a beautiful aunt. A strange feeling of intimacy arose within him.

Lin Mu Wan thought that the house was empty and was startled by the little thing that suddenly came out.

Looking at the little fellow in front of him, even his ice-cold heart had a trace of tenderness. He only felt that those eyes were very familiar.

She stood up and adjusted her black glasses, holding the ball of paper in her hand. She didn't panic at all, as if she was checking her own computer.

Lin Muwan let out a sweet smile. She leaned over and said, "I'm here to apply for the position of assistant president. Little friend, do you know where CEO Han went?"

"Oh, you mean Daddy?" Han Lele blinked her large eyes. "He went to give me …" Before he could finish, the door was pushed open from the outside.

A tall and stern shadow entered his vision. A suit with not even the slightest crease wrapped his slender body. His sharp and distinct face was as handsome as a sculpture, and his eyes were sharp.

If you ignored the item in his hand, no matter how you looked at it, he would look like an international male model.

Han Ming held a glass of milk in his hand as he looked at the two figures standing in front of his desk. His eyes narrowed, while his body emitted an ice-cold aura.

When Han Yue saw that his dad had brought him hot milk, he ran over to Han Ming's side with his short legs and hugged Han Ming's thighs.

"Dad, a beautiful auntie is applying for an assistant!" Han Yue raised his head and said to Han Ming with a smile.

Although she had made the preparations to face this man again, the moment she saw Han Ming, Lin Muwan's heart trembled and the unbearable feeling of her past appeared in her mind.

With just a thought, she quickly adjusted her emotions. A dazzling smile that could captivate the dead appeared on Lin Muwan's beautiful face. She knew that this kind of smile would easily arouse a man's goodwill.

Her red lips parted slightly. "Hello, CEO Han. "I'm Lin Muwan, who is here to apply for the position of the CEO's assistant."

The man pursed his cold and proud lips in displeasure. He squatted down and handed the milk in his hand to Han Lele, then pinched his jade carved face.

"The milk is ready, drink it obediently." His tone was completely different from the gentle and patient tone he had used before, completely different from the man who exuded an ice-cold aura just now.

"I'm sorry, CEO. This is the candidate for the position of assistant. She came early. I thought you let her in while you were at the office." The assistant that let Lin Muwan in hurried over to explain.

Han Yue, who was a small person, naturally felt his father's displeasure with the woman who had suddenly appeared in the room. He didn't say anything as he sat obediently on the sofa with the milk in his hands, drinking it with a sway of his calves.

Han Ming waved his hand to indicate her to withdraw and walked towards his desk. His slender fingers knocked on the table and his cold eyes swept over the resume in his hand.

Another annoying woman dressed in flowery attire, not sure if she could take care of the fun. He thought to himself.

"Tell me about it."

A deep, magnetic male voice came from the large office.

Lin Muwan was currently standing across from Han Ming. Her eyes revealed a hint of charm as she replied with a sexy voice, "I …"

Before she could finish, she was interrupted.

"Dad, I want to see this beautiful aunt everyday!" Han Lele said in her childish voice.

Han Yue who was sitting to the side had his eyes fixed on Lin Mu Wan. A small voice continuously sounded in his heart. He wanted to see her every day!

The little bun, who had never seen his mother before, suddenly felt that his first time meeting her would make him feel like his mother. He naturally asked Lin Muwan to keep her.

Han Ming frowned. What a big head, but from the beginning he planned to find a reliable person to monitor Le Le 24 hours a day. Since he chose this person, then he might as well stay.

He pressed the phone on the desk. "Come in and take her out."

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