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C8 Suspicion

"Knock knock ~ ~ ~"

The door was knocked. The assistant who received the call opened the door and gently said, "Miss Lin, please follow me."

At this moment, Lin Muwan was completely confused. She had carefully prepared words to say "I", but she didn't know what he meant.

Lin Muwan hesitated for a bit before walking to the door. She looked back and smiled, hoping that her beauty would leave a deep impression on this man.

Han Ming leaned on the F Nation's custom-made leather chair as he watched the coquettish back. A trace of undetectable gloominess surfaced in his eyes.

It was best for this woman to take good care of her son!

"Miss Lin, congratulations on passing the interview!" "Welcome to the Imperial Group!" Bai Jing didn't have any hostility towards Lin Mu Wan. She just felt that even the celebrities on the big screen might not be as beautiful as her!

Lin Mu Wan'er didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she didn't expect the little bun to pass the interview so easily.

"In the future, your main job will be to be in charge of supervising President Han's son, Miss Han Lele, twenty-four hours a day." Bai Jing introduced the contents of her work to Lin Mu Wan.

Lin Mu Wan suddenly realized why the recruitment assistant required parenting experience. It wasn't hard for her to figure out why the little bun had left her with just a few words.

It seems like this job is easier to get close to Han Ming than I thought!


She had an inconceivable thought in her mind. Could Han Lele be the child she gave birth to five years ago?

She felt an indescribable pain in her heart. She didn't know if the child was male or female, but her flesh and blood had been separated the moment she was born. It was as if … It should be gone already!

"You should sit here for the time being and wait for the follow-up arrangements. Maybe later, you'll have to follow Young Master Le to take care of him."

Lin Muwan was thinking about her own things along the way, but she only nodded when she arrived at the counter.

Everyone looked at Lin Muwan. Women were always a bit jealous and dissatisfied with women who were too beautiful. The men were all friendly toward her, so she was already used to them.

In the CEO's office.

"Le Le, have you finished the milk?" Han Ming was always worried that his son wouldn't obediently drink the milk, so he personally heated the milk for him to drink.

For such a small matter, it would be fine to just have an assistant do it. However, he still did it personally. From this, it could be seen how much his son loved and doted on him.

"I'm done!" As the little bun spoke, he turned the bottom of the cup upside down, proving that he drank it all down. His little mouth pouted as he said, "But I'm very obedient!"

Han Ming really had no choice but to support his forehead with his hand. "An obedient baby should be attending kindergarten at this time."

"Tell Daddy, why did you keep the aunt?" Han Ming asked about the doubts in his heart.

After all, Han Lele was raised by him, and he has never seen him get close to any woman.

Han Lele threw herself into his arms and said coquettishly, "I just like that auntie! She … She gave me an indescribable feeling of familiarity, and I don't know why. "

Ye Zichen rubbed his eyes, "Daddy, can you let beautiful auntie come home with us?"

Looking at her son in her arms, she had a small hope on her face. Probably no one could refuse such a cute baby's request!

"Alright, it's still early. Dad still has some work to do, so he asked Mu Zhong to take you home first." It was an unquestionable tone.

Han Ming still has a lot of documents that he has yet to deal with. He doesn't want his son to stay in the company because his work efficiency will be greatly reduced!

Han Lele didn't make any noise after hearing this and jumped down from his lap. Instead, she smiled and bade him farewell.

When Han Ming saw this sticky little bun impatiently say goodbye to him, he knew that she was in a hurry to find Lin Mu Wan. His eyes darkened. He didn't know what kind of magic she had that Han Yue would like.

"Auntie, let's go home!"

The child's voice pulled Lin Muwan back from her thoughts. Not far away, she saw a small, skipping dinosaur moving closer to her.

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