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C9 Home

Lin Muwan held onto Han Lele's hand as they walked out of the Huaxia Building.

A middle-aged man in a suit and white gloves stepped out of the Rolls Royce parked by the side of the road. It was Han Ming's driver, Mu Zhong.

He respectfully opened the car door and gestured for them to enter.

The car was a custom-lengthened ultra luxury model with plenty of space and all kinds of equipment.

As the car drove along the road, the people sitting inside the car didn't feel the slightest bumps on the road. It was as if they were lying on their beds in their bedroom at home.

The little guy said a few words in the car before falling asleep in Lin Muwan's arms.

Thirty minutes later.

The car stopped in front of a retro baroque building, a private villa.

Beep beep — The automatic scan identification plate sounded in front of the gate.

The door slowly opened, and what entered his sight was a lush green patch of grass, along with a fountain that was flowing rapidly.

"Little bun, we're home." Lin Mu Wan gently called out to Han Lele, who was lying in her arms.

"Mm …" A childish voice came from her small mouth. Han Lele opened her eyes and looked at Lin Muwan in confusion.

After standing up and stretching his back, he pulled Lin Muwan's hand and got off the car.

"Le Le is so early today!"

"Mom Zhang, dad specifically allowed me to go home early today!"

Le Le, this little trick of his, wouldn't say that he was sent back after skipping school!

"Mrs Zhang, this beautiful aunt is a guardian specially hired for me by father. She will be staying at home with me. Please tidy up the room beside mine."

An amiable old woman with a smile on her face replied.

She had worked for Han Ming's family for more than 20 years. Even though she was a servant, she could be considered to have watched Han Ming grow up.

Lin Muwan changed her shoes and looked around the room. The decorations were unique and unique.

Sister-in-law Zhang also looked at Lin Mu Wan with curiosity. After all, no woman had ever entered this place before!

She took the initiative to greet "Mrs Zhang" and said, "Hello, I am Lin Muwan. I just passed the interview this morning and am the one in charge of taking care of Leisure."

"Hello, you can just call me Sister Zhang."

Aunt Zhang's kind eyes revealed a trace of light. This woman was well-dressed and had a delicate appearance. However, she didn't make anyone feel disgusted and wasn't simple!

"Auntie, I'll take you to my room."

Han Lele pulled Lin Mu Wan'er's hand and walked up to the second floor.

The standard room that a little boy likes, the whole tone is the little boy likes the blue, many toys, very childish.

"Why didn't I see your mother?" Lin Mu Wan'er, who was sitting on the sofa in the room, asked this question.

"My mom is studying abroad and will only be back in a few years. She's the most beautiful woman in the world, and no one but her can be worthy of dad!"

Han Lele talks about his mother's pride

As if he felt it was inappropriate to say this, he added, "Auntie, you're the most beautiful auntie I've seen so far!"

Lin Mu Wan lowered her head and covered her mouth as she smiled, "Didn't I just say that your mother is the most beautiful woman in the world? How did you become my prettiest girl in the blink of an eye? "

He reached out his hand to pinch Han Yue's face, which was as soft as cotton candy.

"Although …" Although I have never seen my mother before, but she is the most beautiful in my heart! "But Daddy said that as a person, one must be honest and not lie. You are naturally number one now!" Han Le Yue said in a weird tone.

Tuk, tuk, tuk … Someone knocked on the door.

"Miss Lin, the house is ready. Let me show you around."

Lin Muwan's room was mostly white, which was her favorite style.

"Thank you. You can just call me Mu Wan. There is no need to be so polite." If there's nothing else, please go and busy yourself first! "

"Alright, be at ease and stay here. If you lack anything, tell me and I'll arrange for a subordinate to prepare it."

"Tuk, tuk, tuk ~ ~ ~"

Lin Muwan sat down and was about to send a message to Ah Heng when someone knocked on her door again.

"Is there anything else?"

Lin Muwan politely asked as she opened the door. She thought that there was something else for her to do.

He opened the door and bumped into an open chest.

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