CEO Daddy, Come On!/C5 Are You Our Daddy?
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CEO Daddy, Come On!/C5 Are You Our Daddy?
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C5 Are You Our Daddy?

Soong Meijing was still wondering who this person was when she saw the man stop beside Sheng Peiyu.

He did not look at Sheng Peiyu but looked ahead. His eyes stopped on the two children beside Soong Meijing.

Soong Meijing could clearly feel his body stiffen.

After a while, Sheng Tinexiao said slowly, "What? You can't continue living overseas and are preparing to return to the country?"

He was still looking forward, but he was talking to Sheng Peiyu.

Sheng Peiyu took off his hat and tidied his hair, then put it on again. "I have no choice. The fans in the country are too enthusiastic. I can't let them down. Unlike some people, even if they get sick, no one will ask."

Sheng Tinexiao lowered his head and touched the ring on his finger. "That's true. For someone like you who relies on selling yourself to earn money, the more people see you, the better."

Soong Xiaoyue looked at the man in front of her and felt curious. She went to Sheng Peiyu's side and hugged one of his legs. Her big black and white eyes stared at Sheng Tinexiao.

Sheng Tinexiao looked at Soong Xiaoyue and slightly narrowed his eyes. Soong Xiaoyue, on the other hand, did not recognize strangers and called out, "Hello, uncle."

Her voice was clear and melodious, carrying with it the tender and childish voice of a child. The unapproachable aura around Sheng Tinexiao's body instantly dissipated.

He gave Soong Xiaoyue a deep look. "I was wondering why you came back to the country. It turns out that your child is already so old. At such a young age, you are thinking about what you should do after you are 30 years old. I see that you do not have a good time in the country."

When she heard Sheng Tinexiao say Sheng Peiyu like this, Soong Meijing could not help but step forward and say: "Sir, please speak with some respect. What do you mean by not doing proper work? Is it not proper to give birth to a child? Moreover, this child is not his but mine. I'll have to trouble you to clarify things in the future before you speak. "

Soong Meijing originally had a good impression of this man in front of her. But now, it seemed that he was the same as Song Meili. Although his appearance was bright and beautiful, his inner heart was very different from his outer appearance. From his tone, one could tell that he was an arrogant and arrogant person.

Sheng Tinexiao looked at Soong Meijing with a threatening look in his eyes.

Soong Meijing stood there without any fear as she met his gaze.

Today, she wore a pair of 10cm high heels. She felt that it was the most correct decision she had ever made in her life. Otherwise, she really would not have an imposing manner.

Sheng Tinexiao smiled and said, "The child is yours. Did you come out of your life alone? Furthermore, your child looks so similar to Peiyu. For the sake of his star path, you have hidden it well enough."

At this time, Soong Xiaocong, who was beside Soong Meijing, looked at Sheng Tinexiao and said, "Uncle, you are wrong. We are not Uncle Yu's children. Although we look like Uncle Yu, Xiaocong feels that we look more like you."

After Soong Xiaocong said this, Soong Meijing realized why she felt that Sheng Tinexiao's eyes were very special. That pair of eyes was exactly the same as Soong Xiaocong's and Soong Xiaoyue's eyes. If the two treasures were 70% similar to Sheng Peiyu's, then they were 80% similar to this Sheng Tinexiao in front of her.

At this time, Soong Xiaoyue ran to Sheng Tinexiao's side and grabbed one of his fingers. She looked back at Soong Meijing and said, "Mommy, is he our daddy?"

Soong Meijing was just about to pull Soong Xiaoyue away from Sheng Tinexiao when she saw Sheng Tinexiao squat down and carry Soong Xiaoyue.

Perhaps it was because it was his first time carrying a child, Sheng Tinexiao's movements were a little stiff but very gentle.

Soong Xiaoyue hugged Sheng Tinexiao's neck and looked at him in his arms. "Uncle, are you our daddy? We don't have a daddy, and Uncle, your eyes are so beautiful. They are as beautiful as Xiaoyue's eyes."

"Is that so?" Sheng Tinexiao rubbed Xiaoyue's nose lovingly. "Fortunately, you don't look like your mommy. Otherwise, you wouldn't have such beautiful eyes."

Soong Meijing only felt speechless. Could it be that her eyes were not good looking?

"Uncle, you are wrong. Mommy is the most beautiful. Xiaoyue hopes to look like Mommy. Unfortunately, Xiaoyue and Mommy don't look very alike." Xiaoyue said while curling her small mouth with a disappointed expression, "Mommy is the most beautiful and kind person in the world."

After she finished speaking, she struggled to get off Sheng Tinexiao's body. Sheng Tinexiao gently placed Xiaoyue on the ground. Xiaoyue ran over and opened her arms to ask Soong Meijing to hug her.


"I don't care if this child is yours or not. It is not a problem for you to film an advertisement with them. But you can't admit that this is your child to the public. Otherwise, your big group of fangirls will be heartbroken. At that time, who knows how many fans will fall, but it will also be a loss to the company. Whether you say this child is your family or any other relationship, That's all right, but it can't be said that he's your child." Sheng Tinexiao ordered coldly.

"You don't have to worry about my matters." Sheng Peiyu turned around and held Soong Xiaocong's hand, preparing to walk inside.

Sheng Tinexiao sneered. "Don't need me to take care of it? This company is mine. You are my contracted artiste. Do you think I need to interfere in this matter? "

Sheng Peiyu had just taken a step forward when he stopped in his tracks. He turned around and looked at him in surprise. "What did you just say?"

Sheng Tinexiao turned around and looked at Sheng Peiyu with a cold expression. "I just said that I am the boss of this company. You are an artiste that I signed with. I have the right to care about anything you do."

"I have seen the president of this company before, not you."

"You are not young anymore. Why are you so simple-minded and well-developed? Don't you know about the boss on the surface and the boss behind it?"

Sheng Peiyu looked at Sheng Tinexiao angrily. He suddenly tightened his grip on Soong Xiaocong. Soong Xiaocong looked at Sheng Peiyu. Children were always so naive. "Uncle Yu, are you angry?"

Sheng Peiyu did not answer Xiaocong's question. He held MALE's hand and walked out. As he walked, he said, "Meijing, I will not sign a contract with this company. Let's go."

A big star like Sheng Peiyu suddenly made trouble. If it were any other company's boss, he would try his best to keep Sheng Peiyu, but Sheng Tinexiao just watched Sheng Peiyu walk forward and said lightly, "If you want to sign a contract, you can do it. First, pay the breach of contract."

"I will pay you how much it costs."

Sheng Tinexiao said lightly, "300 million."

Sheng Peiyu was stunned. Three hundred million! Why was there so much?

He looked at Soong Meijing, who whispered to him, "Because this company gives the best treatment. That's why I chose this company for you. But if you break the contract, the penalty will be the most."

Sheng Peiyu's furious aura immediately dissipated. If he were to leave now... All these years of hard work and wealth were gone.

Sheng Peiyu thought for a while and cleared his throat. "It's fine if you don't terminate the contract, but I don't want your domestic agent. Meijing will be responsible for everything. She has been my agent for many years. She knows everything about me, and you can't interfere with my schedule. "

"First of all, please remember, I'm your boss, you're my subordinate, and everything in your career is up to the company to decide. You don't have the right to make any conditions. Second, don't treat our company like a small company, you quit, Naturally, someone will replace you "

Sheng Tinexiao's eyes were sharp. When he said these words, he had an irresistible aura.

"Also, we are not from the same entertainment company. We have a perfect program for every contracted artiste. Of course, we will also give you the most suitable professional manager for you."

As he spoke, he looked at Soong Meijing with disdain. "Even the manager of the least popular celebrity in our company is better than this one beside you. And there are some things that require veteran managers to do. The one beside you is really too young. I will get you a better one. "

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