CEO Daddy, Come On!/C7 I Don't Ride in a Stranger's Car
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CEO Daddy, Come On!/C7 I Don't Ride in a Stranger's Car
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C7 I Don't Ride in a Stranger's Car

Seeing that Soong Xiaocong didn't say anything, the atmosphere became awkward. Song Meili continued to flatter him, "How about this? Today, elder sister will treat your family to a meal as an apology to this little friend, alright?"

Soong Xiaocong looked at Soong Meijing. Soong Meijing shook her head at him. The one she didn't want to get involved with the most was Song Meili. Was it not enough that she had harmed her five years ago?

Soong Xiaocong understood what his mommy meant. He immediately shook his head. "I'm not going. Besides, you're already old enough to be our aunt. We don't want to call you sister."

The scene became awkward once again. Pei Shengyu, who was standing at the side, felt that Song Meili was too embarrassing. After all, he was the one who wanted to cooperate with Song Meili. He immediately stepped forward to mediate the situation.

"Xiaocong, don't be so rude. Miss Song Meili doesn't look old at all." Sheng Peiyu deliberately emphasized the word "old." Soong Xiaocong glanced at Sheng Peiyu and revealed a satisfied smile.

"It just so happens that we also have to eat. Why don't we just accept it respectfully? Miss Soong also does her duty as a host. This is the first time these two lovely children of mine have returned to the country. " Sheng Peiyu's words had taken everyone's face into consideration. Song Meili and Sheng Tinexiao's expressions eased up a lot.

Even Soong Meijing thought for a while and finally nodded her head.

"Then it's a happy decision!" Sheng Peiyu said with a smile.

"Tinexiao, why don't you go with us?" Song Meili immediately looked at Sheng Tinexiao with a gentle expression, and her words were filled with anticipation.

Soong Xiaoyue didn't cry anymore. Her small hands tightly hugged Sheng Tinexiao's neck, and her voice was pleasant to the ears, "Uncle, you can come with us."

"Okay." Sheng Tinexiao nodded. His tone was indescribably gentle. Even Song Meili who was standing beside him was stunned. One should know that Sheng Tinexiao usually had a cold and domineering face when he was facing her. Could it be that his personality had changed?

Song Meili could tell that Sheng Tinexiao liked Soong Xiaoyue very much. She also didn't know what kind of sedative this child had given him. However, she still had to do enough work on the surface. She immediately pretended to like Soong Xiaoyue very much. She walked over and was about to touch her little face when she was dodged by Soong Xiaoyue. Song Meili's face turned red and then white.

The group set off together. Soong Xiaoyue obediently got off Sheng Tinexiao's arms and pulled Sheng Tinexiao's hand to follow them to the parking lot.

When they reached the parking lot, there was another problem. There were two cars in total. Sheng Tinexiao and Sheng Peiyu drove one each. Then who would take Sheng Tinexiao's car? Who would take Sheng Peiyu's car? This was a problem.

Of course, song Meili wanted to hold Sheng Tinexiao's hand and sit in the silver Rolls-Royce in front of them. They wanted to spend some romantic time together, but at this moment, Soong Xiaoyue, who had been following Sheng Tinexiao, ran between her and Sheng Tinexiao.

Soong Xiaoyue shook Sheng Tinexiao's hand as she said, "Uncle, can I sit with you?"

Song Meili looked at the little devil in front of her and felt a little angry. It was not easy for her to have a chance to eat with Tinexiao. Was she going to let this little devil ruin it?

However, she saw that Tinexiao had a very special attitude towards these two children. She thought about it. If she could make use of the relationship between these two children and Tinexiao to get closer, she wouldn't mind taking a step back. Thinking about this, song Meili bent down and pretended to be gentle, but her hands didn't dare to touch Soong Xiaoyue again.

"Little girl likes Tinexiao so much. Okay, okay, okay. Do you want to sit with Auntie?" After saying that, she got up and acted like a spoiled child to Sheng Tinexiao. "Look at you. Even the little girl has been charmed by you. I am going to be jealous."

Soong Xiaoyue looked at the woman in front of her who was trying to please her. She frowned in annoyance and said in a childish voice, "I don't want to sit with Auntie!"

Sheng Tinexiao looked at Soong Xiaoyue in surprise when he heard this. The smile on Song Meili's face gradually became stiff with the little girl's words.

Sheng Tinexiao already had some conflict with Song Meili, but hearing what Soong Xiaoyue said made him heave a sigh of relief in his heart. He said to Song Meili, "You go and sit in the car at the back."

"Alright, then I will sit at the back." Song Meili's words were full of tenderness and tenderness. She lowered her head and looked at Soong Xiaoyue with a gentle smile.

Sheng Tinexiao looked at Song Meili who was so understanding and nodded. For the past five years, song Meili had always been so gentle and submissive. He couldn't find anything wrong with her. However, the more gentle and submissive she was, the less she was like the passionate girl from that night.

Sheng Tinexiao let Soong Xiaoyue get into the car. He looked at Soong Xiaocong, who was beside him, and could not help waving at him. "Xiaocong, you should get in my car too."

To Sheng Tinexiao, Soong Xiaoyue was very cute and cute. Although Soong Xiaocong was young, he had the aura of a young man. It reminded him of his childhood.

Sheng Tinexiao had an indescribable feeling of familiarity towards this pair of siblings.

"I want to sit with Mommy." Soong Xiaocong shook his head at Sheng Tinexiao and held Soong Meijing's hand tightly.

"Then come up with your Mommy." Sheng Tinexiao looked at Soong Meijing, his face still calm.

"No need. Thank you for your good intentions. But I don't like to ride in a stranger's car." Although Soong Meijing's words were polite, her tone was not polite. She directly opened the car door and said to Soong Xiaoyue who was already sitting inside, "Xiaoyue, come down. Let's go over there and sit."

Soong Xiaoyue looked at Soong Meijing with some hesitation. She did not dare to not listen to her mommy's words and was also unwilling to go down. A troubled expression appeared on her small pink face.

This expression made Sheng Tinexiao's heart ache a little when he saw it. He approached Soong Meijing with some anger. He was a head taller than Soong Meijing and his aura was so strong that it almost made Soong Meijing retreat.

"What are you doing?" Soong Meijing raised her neck and looked into Sheng Tinexiao's eyes. She was not afraid of him.

"Since the child likes to sit in my car, why do you make the child unhappy?" Sheng Tinexiao said somewhat unhappily, "As their mommy, can you control the child's thoughts?"

"You... I..." Soong Meijing was at a loss for words. She wanted to refute but felt that what he said made some sense. But giving in like this was not her character, "Xiaoyue is my child. I want to care about my child. You do not need to worry!"

"Xiaoyue is your child? Then Xiaoyue is very likely also my niece. As the eldest uncle of the child, I have the right to interfere with your bad education." Sheng Tinexiao said, unwilling to be outdone.

"Xiaoyue is not your niece. Stop dreaming." Soong Meijing immediately retorted but her heart was somewhat uneasy because Sheng Tinexiao's eyes were exactly the same as Soong Xiaocong and Soong Xiaoyue's. It could not be such a coincidence that he was the man from that night, right?

Soong Meijing strongly denied in her heart that it definitely wouldn't be such a coincidence.

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