CEO Daddy, Come On!/C9 The Two Little Babies Ordered Their Food
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CEO Daddy, Come On!/C9 The Two Little Babies Ordered Their Food
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C9 The Two Little Babies Ordered Their Food

While talking to the two kids, they soon arrived at the restaurant, and there was a group of entertainment reporters at the entrance of the restaurant who had heard the news early on and were waiting for the big star, song Meili, to appear.

Song Meili looked at the crowd of entertainment reporters outside the car and her mood became better again. She turned the expensive bracelet on her wrist and smiled as she calmly walked down.

When the reporters outside the car saw Song Meili, who had been waiting for a long time, finally appear, they hurriedly surrounded her.

"Miss Song Meili, I heard that you are going to cooperate with a mysterious foreign guest. Is that true?"

"Miss Song Meili, who did you meet at the Chanter Restaurant today?"


Questions popped up from the entertainment reporters' mouths one after another. They nervously looked at the big star in front of them, afraid that they would miss any valuable information.

Under the flash, song Meili maintained a decent smile. She patiently listened to the reporters' questions and quietly changed her posture. Every movement she made revealed an elegant temperament.

"It's not convenient for me to reveal my recent schedule. I hope that everyone can support the upcoming movie, 'Love in Moscow', which I will be the lead actor in." Song Meili was well aware of these questions. She avoided the important points and even publicized her movie.

"As for the reason why Chanter came to eat today, it was because he had an appointment with Mr. Sheng." She smiled and revealed a piece of news that was enough to seize the headlines of all major entertainment news in an hour.

The reporters looked around, wanting to find the legendary Mr. Sheng with a mysterious background, but they did not see him.

Sheng Tinexiao frowned when he saw the entrance of the restaurant surrounded by reporters. He immediately stepped on the brakes and drove to the side door.

Soong Meijing, who was beside him, felt the impatience on the ice face and laughed softly.

Sheng Tinexiao glanced sideways at the woman who suddenly laughed. He thought about whether she had the ability to take care of the two children in disgust.

Soong Meijing said half-jokingly and half-mockingly, "What's wrong? The grand CEO is so afraid of reporters."

This was the first time Sheng Tinexiao heard someone dare to talk to him like this. He withdrew his gaze and coldly spat out two words, "Idiot."

Xiaocong looked at the reporter outside the window and said seriously, "Mom is not stupid at all. Mom is the smartest person in the world! Uncle, the next time you are pestered by reporters, you can come and find Mom for help. "

Xiaoyue, who was beside him, heard him. She used her chubby little hands to hold Sheng Tinexiao's hand and said in a childish voice, "Uncle is not afraid. We will protect you."

Sheng Tinexiao felt warm in his heart when he heard that. He raised his hand and touched Xiaoyue's head. His expression eased up a lot and he explained, "I just felt that it was troublesome, but I don't think so now."

"Why?" The two children asked at the same time.

Sheng Tinexiao looked at the two children looking at him. Soong Meijing also perked up her ears and listened quietly. He slowly said the answer, "Because I found that there are people who are more troublesome than reporters."

"You!" Soong Meijing Meijing reacted. She stared at Sheng Tinexiao angrily and could not say anything.

Sheng Tinexiao looked at the woman in front of him, who looked defeated. He turned his head, but his mood inexplicably became better.

The two children seemed to have understood something. They looked at each other and surprisingly nodded in unison. "Uncle Yu is indeed very troublesome."

When Sheng Tinexiao heard the two children say this, he helplessly touched their heads and did not refute.

At this moment, he was also in a very good mood. There was also Song Meili. It was not easy for her to invite Sheng Tinexiao out today. She could not wait for the paparazzi to secretly take pictures of her.

Sheng Peiyu stopped the car in the basement. When he thought of Song Meili's actions just now, he curled the corner of his mouth. Sheng Tinexiao's judgment was getting worse and worse.

When they entered the private room, song Meili's tone revealed a sense of superiority. "This is the best restaurant in Long Island City. I will pay for it this time as a host." As she spoke, she handed the menu to the two children.

Not mentioning the previous matter, she used to be the landlord to increase the distance between her and Soong Meijing's group. This sentence could be said to be very clever.

Sheng Tinexiao saw that Song Meili was so enthusiastic about the two children and his expression eased up. He used his eyes to signal for the children to order.

Although the two children were very young. However, they often interacted with reporters, so they could naturally hear the hidden meaning behind her words.

Xiaocong stood up and took the menu. He wasn't in a hurry to refute Song Meili, but first asked for the opinions of the others in the private room. Sheng Tinexiao saw that the two children were very polite, so he shook his head lightly, indicating that he had no objections.

After they waved their hands to let the two little babies order the dishes, Xiaocong and his sister looked at each other and smiled. Then, they said the names of the dishes.

"Buddha Jumping Over the Wall." Xiaocong looked at the menu and ordered the most expensive dish on this page.

"White truffles!" Xiaoyue also did not want to be outdone and shouted in a crisp voice.

"Lobster fried omelet."

"Golden foil holy generation!"

"White truffle golden pizza."

... "" The two children seemed to be in a competition to find the most expensive dishes. Beside them, song Meili's face also became more and more stiff.

Finally, Xiaoyue stopped before Song Meili wanted to say stop. She asked Song Meili in a childish voice, "Auntie, are we ordering too expensive? If we don't have enough money, we can refund some, right?"

Xiaocong immediately smiled and comforted his sister. "No, auntie is a big star. She is getting tired of eating these things."

Song Meili looked at the two children staring at her innocently. She gritted her teeth in her heart and said, "It's alright. We agreed that Auntie would treat you. How could I not have enough money? Look, is there anything else you want to eat? "

Sheng Peiyu, who was sitting beside her, saw that the two little babies cooperated so well. He suppressed his laughter and lowered his head. Are you tired of eating? The people on the global billionaires rankings did not dare to say that they were sick of eating. These two little babies were really too cute.

Soong Meijing, who was beside the two children, glared at Sheng Peiyu, who was holding back his laughter. She reached under the table and pulled Xiaoyue's clothes, indicating that the two babies should not go too far.

After all, there would be a lot of cooperation in the future. It was better not to go against each other now.

Xiaoyue received the instructions from her mommy and pointed to the last dish with her chubby fingers, "This is more or less enough. In the end, I want another fruit plate."

"Wait a minute!" Soong Meijing heard what Xiaoyue said and pulled over the menu to carefully look at what the fruit plate was made of.

Sheng Tinexiao heard Soong Meijing stop him and frowned, "Child, you don't need to listen to your orders if you want to eat anything."

Soong Meijing looked up and glared at Sheng Tinexiao. "Luckily you did not become a daddy. Do you want to kill the child? You only know how to spoil the child! "

When Sheng Tinexiao heard this, his face darkened a little. He opened his mouth and wanted to refute this woman in front of him who was arbitrary.

Xiaocong looked at the two childish adults in front of him, somewhat speechless. They started arguing again.

Xiaoyue saw that her mommy and uncle quarreled because of her. She quickly helped her mommy explain, "Uncle, it's not like that. Mommy and I are allergic to mango. We can't eat mango!"

Sheng Tinexiao saw that Xiaoyue was so anxious that her small face was flushed red, so he softened his tone, "Yes, we do need to check it out."

Song Meili, who was standing at the side, heard their conversation and lowered her head to smile.

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