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Gu Ya's eyes turned cold as she raised her head to look. A man with a thick beard and wide eyes and tall eyebrows entered her sight.

The man whistled as he sized Gu Ya up without restraint. With a roguish smile on his face, he asked, "Beautiful lady, are you looking for an appointment?"

Invite? Invite what?

A strange smile suddenly appeared on Gu Ya's face as she raised her brows and said, "Let's go!"

The man looked at her swaying back and immediately revealed a lustful expression. He thought to himself, "Heh, once we reach my territory, you won't be able to escape!"

In the corner, a man's jaw dropped and he spat out a mouthful of wine.

He yanked out a tissue, roughly wiped the wine stains from the corner of his mouth, and strode out with his bodyguard.

This person was Mo Lingxuan. He did not expect to meet Gu Ya in the bar, nor did he expect that Gu Ya would leave with a strange man in the dark!

Heh! It seemed like not only was there a problem with this woman's character, she was also someone with an extremely poor character!

Although he was furious, he didn't want Gu Ya to be slighted by a hooligan like that. Hence, he followed her quietly along with his bodyguard.

However, just as he followed Gu Ya through the dark alleyway, the sounds of fighting reached his ears.

Startled, he hastened his steps, rolling up his sleeves in an attempt to save the beauty. However, when he rushed to the corner of the street, his mouth was wide open in shock.

He saw the rogue who tried to run away unruly lying on the ground. On the street in front of him was the handsome back of Gu Ya, who had left in a natural and unrestrained manner.

Mo Lingxuan squinted his eyes and smiled with interest.

Heh, this woman had some skills!

Inside the hotel, a warm yellow light shone down from the crystal lamp, illuminating the entire room.

A man in a bathrobe was lying on the sofa. He held a glass of red wine in his hand. His long legs were crossed leisurely. His thin chest was partially exposed to the air.

After a long while, a man in a black suit knocked on the door and entered. He held a red box in his hand as he said respectfully, "Young Master Mo, Miss Gu said that if you want her to accompany you to the party, you have to add money?"

Mo Lingxuan's body instantly stiffened as he widened his eyes in disbelief.

Add money? Did this woman have water in her brain? Did she know how many women had wanted to go to dinner with him?

Earlier, when he received a call from his partner, Hasanu, inviting him to dinner, he thought to himself that since he did not have a female companion, he would invite Gu Ya to go with him.

If it was any other time, Mo Lingxuan would have cursed Gu Ya for not knowing what was good for her. However, today, for some reason, he was in a very good mood, so he complied with Gu Ya's request: "Fine, tell her, I'll pay her ten times the salary for this Dubai trip!"

The banquet was held at Hathanu's villa. As Gu Ya stepped into the area again, she found that after a few days, the villa seemed to have become even more wealthy.

The golden chandelier hanging on the wall, for example, could flash a blind man's eyes.

Mo Lingxuan had prepared a small black suit for her. It was low-key but it didn't lose any of its extravagance.

As soon as she got out of the car, Hathanu came smiling, clapped his hands, and welcomed her: "Look, our most beautiful lady has finally arrived!"

A reserved smile appeared on Gu Ya's face as she said indifferently, "You flatter me. I'm just the most unremarkable beauty out of all of you."

The moment he said that, Mo Lingxuan couldn't help but look at the woman beside him and then at the other women in the banquet. This … Gu Ya should be the most dazzling one, right?

Although there were a lot of famous and beautiful women gathered here, they were all beaten up by Gu Ya's temperament and appearance.

After a long while, he reluctantly turned his gaze towards Mo Lingxuan, "Chairman Mo, if you suddenly want to fire Miss Gu, remember to give me a call. I'll definitely hire Miss Gu as my special assistance with a high salary!"

Mo Lingxuan's face darkened and he felt a little nervous. Had he been dug out of the wall in front of everyone?

The smile on Gu Ya's face became brighter and brighter, and a complacent look appeared on her face, as if she was saying, "Mo Lingxuan, you don't care about ducks. There are many people willing to hire me for a high salary! "Who told me to be a gold medal special assistant!"

Mo Lingxuan seemed to understand what she was thinking with a glance, and his expression turned even worse.

However, before he could complain, a girl beside Hathanu took the lead and looked at Gu Ya with a smile that did not reach her eyes. "Miss Gu must be very powerful, right? I wonder if I'd be honored to have a drink with Miss Gu? "

Gu Ya's gaze slowly moved to the girl. She was wearing a red dress that perfectly outlined her sexy figure, but her face was very ordinary — it was the face of an ordinary Chinese girl.

"Of course." Gu Ya smiled.

The girl took a bottle of red wine from the table and walked towards Gu Ya with a smile. However, just as she was about to approach Gu Ya, her body suddenly staggered and the bottle of red wine in her hand spilled all over Gu Ya's body!

Gu Ya exclaimed, her expression changing as she hurriedly covered her chest with her hand.

The angle of the red wine was very tricky and it just happened to spill onto her upper body. Her dress was drenched and stuck to her body. One could even vaguely see traces of her undergarments …

Mo Lingxuan pulled Gu Ya into his embrace and quickly took off his suit jacket, putting it on the woman's body.

"Right... "I'm sorry!" The girl was so anxious that her face turned red. She quickly used a towel to wipe off the wine stains on Gu Ya's body.

Gu Ya frowned as she glanced at her. She didn't know why, but she felt like this girl was doing it on purpose.

The sleeve of the chiffon cloth felt uncomfortable on her body. Gu Ya lifted the sleeve and used a tissue to wipe the water off her arm.

Mo Lingxuan stared at the girl with a dark expression as he clenched his fists. If there hadn't been so many people around, if the girl hadn't been Hathanu's secretary, he would have strangled her long ago!

Just then, the secretary let out an "ah" scream and covered his mouth in surprise, "You... What's with that crescent-shaped scar on your hand? Who exactly are you? "

Gu Ya was scared witless by his fierce gaze. She felt it was strange, so she said with a cold face, "Gu Ya."

With that, she pulled Mo Lingxuan away.

In this world, there were many people called Gu Ya.

The secretary seemed to be lost in thought, standing in a daze for a long time.

That crescent-shaped scar... Could it be that Gu Ya was that person? She clutched her beating heart in her chest, unable to calm down.

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