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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C12 Retrieve Relics
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C12 Retrieve Relics

The next day, after dinner, the plane rumbled across the blue sky.

Gu Ya and Mo Lingxuan parted at the airport. The moment she walked into the house, two cute girls ran over excitedly with their short legs crossed. "Mom!"

"Mom, why did you take so long to come back? Did you go to the two worlds with your dad?" Gu Xiaohan tilted his head and asked.

Gu Ya widened her eyes in surprise, "Xiaohan, what are you talking about? "Who is your father?"

"Mo Lingxuan, it's that boss that's always mad at you."

"How is this possible?" Gu Ya denied without thinking, "You two just look similar, how could Mo Lingxuan be your dad?"

However, just as she said that, a piece of A4 paper appeared in front of her. Unfolding it, it turned out to be the DNA verification of Mo Lingxuan and Gu Xiaohan!

The results showed that the relationship between the two was indeed that of a father and son.

Gu Ya stood blankly on the spot, as if her consciousness had been sucked out of her, and she was completely unable to recover her senses.

Mo Lingxuan was the biological father of her family's darling. In other words, the man who had slept with her all those years ago was Mo Lingxuan?

Gu Ya's heart was a mess, and she was extremely irritated.

Mo Lingxuan, that arrogant man, how could he be worthy to be the father of her family's Gemini? Furthermore, Mo Lingxuan and Gu Mannni were fiancées. If she revealed her identity, wouldn't she become a third party?

After calming down, Gu Ya placed the paper on the table and looked at the pair of treasures seriously. "This man is unworthy to be your father. Tomorrow, I will go to Mo's and resign. Let's go live abroad."

Gu Xiaohan and Xiaofei looked at each other in surprise. Why did their mother seem to dislike their father?

The next day, Gu Ya did not even go to the CEO's office, but instead asked the HR manager to resign. Since she was still in her probation period, the manager immediately approved it.

She gave a call to the nanny, instructing her to pack up. She called a taxi and headed straight for the Gu household.

Once she left the country, she would no longer know when she would return. Perhaps she would never return, so she had to take away her mother's things.

The car stopped in front of a luxurious villa, and the person who opened the door was a nanny.

As soon as he entered the villa, he saw Guan Na and Gu Mannni sitting on the sofa, talking and laughing with each other as they watched TV.

Gu Ya halted her steps when she saw this scene, and an undetectable trace of unusualness flashed through her eyes.

Before her mother's bones had turned cold, Guan Na had urged Gu Jianye to marry her into the family. Now, looking at the family's happy expressions, it seemed that she, Gu Ya, was an outsider.

Very quickly, Guan Na noticed her standing at the side. She gave a fake smile and said, "Yo, Gu Ya is back. What are you standing there for? "But don't say that I mistreated you, and didn't even give you a stool."

Guan Na was actually good at making a scene and arguing. However, she was wary of Mo Lingxuan's presence, so she pretended to be weak and was bullied.

Gu Ya walked upstairs expressionlessly. "I'm just here to retrieve my mother's things. I'll leave once I take them."

Guan Na raised her eyebrows and quickly followed, yelling with dissatisfaction, "There are a lot of my things in that room, don't touch them. If I miss something valuable and I want it from you, don't say that I'm slandering you for bullying you!"

Gu Ya halted her steps. She was filled with anger that was about to burst out at any moment!

This woman still had the face to say such words. She was simply shocked by Guan Na's shamelessness!

Guan Na had promised her that she wouldn't touch her mother's room. Now, not only was it full, she couldn't even retrieve her things?

Her back was taut and straight as she tightly clenched her fists. Her heart was filled with accumulated rage!

Sensing that the situation was not looking good, Gu Mannni dashed forward and pulled Guan Na to the side, trying her best to keep her at a safe distance.

"Gu Ya, what's with your gaze? My mom is also your mom, how can she be as fierce as you? "

Tsk, this mother and daughter pair, each with more skin than the other! When had she ever been angry at Guan Na? Didn't she say something?

"Pa!" A crisp slap resounded in the air.

Gu Mannni felt a burst of noise in her head, and when she finally reacted, her eyes met Gu Ya's full of hostility.

She was so frightened that she shrank into a corner, not daring to say a word.

Guan Na looked at her daughter's swollen face and burst into tears. She ran up to her and rolled up her sleeves in an attempt to argue with Gu Ya.

However, right at this moment, Gu Mannni suddenly covered her mouth and shrieked harshly.

Gu Ya and Guan Na both turned around and stared at her in surprise.

"This... Who is this little boy? "Why does he look so similar to Lingxuan?"

The two of them followed her finger and looked over, and they saw the handsome and enchanting Gu Xiaohan on the TV.

Gu Ya snorted. "My son!"

Gu Mannni and Guan Na widened their eyes. This was Gu Ya's legendary illegitimate child?

Gu Mannni's legs went limp and she fell to the ground with a miserable expression.

It was over. Gu Ya's son looked so much like Mo Lingxuan that if Lingxuan accidentally saw Gu Xiaohan and suspected that the person he had been having sex with was Gu Ya, what would he do?

Guan Na glared venomously at Gu Ya, spat on the ground, and cursed, "How venomous you are! He's actually using his own child as a tool for making money! "

Gu Ya was so angry that she laughed. She walked down the stairs on her high heels, ready to clean up this woman with a mouth covered in feces.

Suddenly, at this moment, Gu Mannni quickly got up from the ground and rushed in front of Guan Na. She stared blankly at Gu Ya's fierce gaze.

She swallowed her saliva, gritted her teeth and said, "I can hand over your mother's things, but I have a request. You must immediately leave the Dragon City!"

Tens of millions... He definitely couldn't let Mo Lingxuan find out that the person he slept with all those years ago wasn't Gu Mannni!

Gu Ya frowned slightly. She thought to herself that Mo Lingxuan and Gu Mannni were indeed a match made in heaven. They thought about chasing her away all day.

"Don't worry, the reason I'm here to take my mother's things is because I'm going abroad."

Gu Mannni quickly nodded her head and eagerly went upstairs. She personally removed Guan Na's clothes and took out Gu Ya's mother's belongings one by one.

Gu Ya carefully counted everything. After confirming that she hadn't missed anything, she took her things and left with satisfaction.

What she didn't know was that the phone she had accidentally left at home was currently being held by Gemini and she made a call.

Hearing the melodious bell, Xiaofei nervously grabbed onto Xiaohan's clothes and whispered, "Brother, what if... What if Dad doesn't answer the phone? "

As soon as he said that, the ringtone immediately ended. A cold male voice came from the phone, "Hello?"

Gu Xiaofei covered her mouth in excitement. This … Is this Dad's voice? Listen carefully!

Gu Xiaohan said childishly: "Daddy, can I meet you for a moment? As father and son. "

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. After a long while, Mo Lingxuan said in a confused voice: "Who are you calling daddy?"

"Aren't you Mo Lingxuan?" Gu Xiaohan tilted his head and asked, "If you are, then you are the father of my sister and me!"

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