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C13 Skeletal Identification

Gu Xiaofei was afraid that Mo Lingxuan wouldn't believe her. She was so anxious that tears were flowing down her face. She choked with sobs, "Daddy, do you really not want us anymore?"

On the other end of the phone, Mo Lingxuan heard the crying and felt a pain in his heart for some reason.

Instead of his usual indifference, he said in an amiable tone, "Don't cry, can you explain to me exactly what's going on?"

Gu Xiaohan patted his sister's head to comfort her. Then he picked up his phone and said calmly, "It's hard to explain over the phone. Let's meet at the Four Seasons Cafe. We'll see each other again in an hour!"

With that, he hung up the phone.

As Mo Lingxuan listened to the busy beep coming from the phone, he felt empty inside, as if something was missing.

Just now … Just a moment ago, that little loli's voice on the phone had made him feel a damned desire to protect her!

Wait, this number is Gu Ya's, which means that the shota on the other side of the phone should be Gu Xiaohan. In an instant, the image of a certain childish face appeared before his eyes.

Gu Xiaohan... He whispered this name. At this moment, he suddenly realized that he didn't reject Gu Xiaohan being his son. In fact, he even felt a little hopeful?

He put down the stack of documents on his desk, hurriedly picked up his car keys, and rushed to the Four Seasons Cafe.

The coffee shop was in the suburbs. It was a spacious place with a Western medieval style, large areas of white and sculpture, and a small flowerbed in front of the door. Next to the flowerbed was a piano, and a man wearing a white shirt sat next to it. As his slender fingers descended, a string of musical notes flowed out from his fingertips.

Mo Lingxuan couldn't help but sigh in his heart. Those two little guys' tastes were really good. As expected of his children.

He didn't even realize that he had unknowingly agreed that Xiaohan and Xiaofei were his children.

Pushing open the carved iron door, he found the two small figures by the window and quickly walked over.

Even though he had seen Gu Xiaohan's face many times, he was still shocked when he saw the face that was 100% similar to his own.

On the other hand, Gu Xiaofei was a mini version of Gu Ya, just like an exquisite doll.

The moment he saw these two children, an inexplicable feeling of closeness began to arise within his heart that he couldn't even put his finger on.

"Have you ordered something to eat?" He called for the waiter, placed the menu in front of Er Geng, and softly said, "Choose whatever you want to eat."

Gu Xiaofei smiled as she leaned over the menu to choose. Gu Xiaohan simply asked for a glass of water and then took out a piece of A4 paper from his pocket and handed it over to Mo Lingxuan.

This was the DNA test form that Gu Ya had seen before. When Mo Lingxuan saw the words on it, he was as surprised as Gu Ya.

DNA indicated that he and Gu Xiaohan were father and son while Gu Xiaohan's mother was Gu Ya. In that case, didn't that mean that he had once slept with Gu Ya?

However, Mo Lingxuan had always been clean and honest. Other than sleeping with Gu Mannni a few years ago, he had never touched any other woman. So what was going on with everything that had happened before him?

His face was covered in dark clouds and his fists were tightly clenched. A monstrous rage was spreading from the bottom of his heart.

The test results would not be wrong, so, does this mean, of course, that the person who lost her hand because of saving him, was actually Gu Ya? Gu Mannni, on the other hand, had been lying to him from beginning to end!

Good, good! She, Gu Mannni, had the guts to do so! How dare he deceive him! He kept lying for four years! Did he really think that he, Mo Lingxuan, was easy to bully?

Gu Xiaofei was about to say something about a cherry pudding, but she looked up and saw Mo Lingxuan's dark expression. She was so scared that her face turned white. I'm not eating snacks, can you not be angry? "

When Mo Lingxuan heard the little voice of his daughter, his heart was immediately melted, and the anger on his face disappeared without a trace.

He adjusted his expression and said gently, "It's fine, you can eat anything you want. Daddy doesn't lack money!"

When the waiter at the side saw this, he could not help but say, "Sir, you're so lucky. This pair of cherished treasures made my heart melt."

Who said it wasn't? Mo Lingxuan couldn't help but smile, while his long and narrow eyes were filled with joy.

Gu Xiaohan let out a faint sigh, put his hands on his hips and said: "Don't be too proud yet, my mommy doesn't seem to like you. She has booked a plane ticket, we'll be going abroad in a few days!"

Mo Lingxuan was shocked and a hint of panic flashed across his eyes. He was surprised that Gu Ya had obediently resigned today. After all, she was unwilling to accept him after all this time!

Gu Xiaofei casually pointed to a few fresh and tender pink refreshments, sprawled on the table and muttered to herself, "Sigh, I really can't bear to part with Daddy! It's only the first day that I met Daddy! "

Hearing that, Mo Lingxuan felt a sharp pain in his heart. Guilt welled up in his heart. The pair in front of him were now four years old, and he had never done his duty as a father in the past four years …

Gu Ya must have had a hard time raising the twins all by herself.

"Xiaofei, I'm not sad. Daddy will think of a way to keep Mommy here!"

"Really?" Gu Xiaofei blinked her sparkling eyes as she looked at Mo Lingxuan with hope.

"What method do you have?" Gu Xiaohan inappropriately splashed a bucket of cold water on his face, "Although, you look pretty good and your family has some money, my mommy doesn't like you! How could she stay in Dragon City? "

Mo Lingxuan couldn't help but sigh. If he knew that Gu Ya was the woman who had saved him and gave birth to this pair of treasures for him, how could he bear to take revenge on her?

However, things had already passed, and there was no medicine for regret in this world.

"I'll try my best to change the impression Gu Ya has of me."

Gu Xiaofei clapped her hands and gave her father an encouraging look.

Gu Xiaohan once again splashed cold water on his face: "I'm afraid that before you could change your impression, we have already left the country."

The three of them fell into silence. Each of them had a pained expression on their faces, looking extremely forlorn.

Mo Lingxuan looked up at the lawn outside the window as his thoughts raced.

Wasn't he the most powerful person in the Dragon City? Why can't I even keep a woman?

Since she couldn't do anything, she had to force Gu Ya to stay!

He closed his eyes deeply, his hands clenched into fists: "I remember, Xiaohan should have signed a contract with Mo's Group for many years, right?"

"Yeah!" Gu Xiaohan nodded blankly.

"If you stand before me and declare that your endorsement campaign is not up to standard, and you need to shoot it again, and Gu Ya insisted on taking you away, wouldn't that be a violation of the rules? Ten times compensation. "

Gu Xiaofei twisted her chubby little finger and asked in a daze, "Then, Daddy, are you bullying Mommy?"

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