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C14 Kidnapping

Mo Lingxuan embarrassedly covered his mouth and coughed, and forcefully turned his head: "This … this matter of chasing after a wife, how can it be called 'bullying'?"

Gu Xiaofei nodded blankly. Did her father sound reasonable?

"No way!" Gu Xiaohan's little head shook like a rattle, his little hands heavily slapped the table, and seriously refused, "Mommy is super smart, she can definitely see that Daddy is purposely finding fault with her at a glance!"

"How about this!" The little guy moved its grape-like eyes, purposely lowered its voice, and mysteriously moved closer to Mo Lingxuan, saying, "I and my sister secretly moved to your house, Mommy will definitely come to find us! Then you and Mommy will have a good talk. "

Since Gu Ya didn't like Mo Lingxuan leaving, she could only ask him to stay with her.

Gu Ya brought her mother's belongings home. However, the moment she opened the door, she found that the house was unusually quiet.

Normally, the moment she came back, the two siblings would happily come over and hug her. Why was there no movement today?

"Xiaohan? Xiaofei? " She frowned and called out as she changed her shoes in the hallway.

However, the only response she got was the silence in the air.

A bad feeling spread through her heart. She quickly kicked off her shoes that she hadn't finished changing and quickly entered the house.

There was no one in the bedroom, no one in the bathroom, no one on the balcony …

A trace of panic flashed through her beautiful eyes. Gu Ya hastily searched for her phone and wanted to call the police. However, she couldn't find her phone even after searching through her entire body.

At this moment, something on the obsidian coffee table vibrated. She frowned and looked over, only to see the phone lying there calmly, a message flashing on the screen: Gu Ya, your children are here. If you want to find them, come to the Maple Villa District immediately.

Gu Ya looked at the text message with suspicion. At first glance, it looked like it was edited by a trafficker, but the sender's phone number was Mo Lingxuan!

Heh, Mo Lingxuan refused to be a good CEO and decided to kidnap him instead?

She was so angry that she clenched her phone tightly and typed on the screen: Mo Lingxuan, I don't care what your purpose is. If my family's treasure has any damage, I will definitely not let you off!

With a loud "pa" sound, she threw the phone angrily onto the ground, causing the screen to shatter into pieces.

It was true that she and Mo Lingxuan hated each other, but that was just because of their incompatibility. There were no benefits involved at all, so she couldn't understand. Did Mo Ling want to kidnap her child to threaten her?

Gu Ya quickly took her coat from the wardrobe and put a fruit knife in her pocket. With a face brimming with killing intent, she headed to the Maple Villa District.

Maple Villa District was the most expensive land in the Dragon City. Every inch of land was worth an inch of money. Some people joked that even if you had to work all your life, you wouldn't be able to buy a toilet here.

Those who were able to live in this villa were all well-known rich and powerful people in Dragon City, and the Mo family's villa occupied the most area and had the most luxurious decoration.

When Gu Ya arrived at the villa complex's entrance, a man in a suit came over and greeted her, "Miss Gu, Young Master Mo sent me to pick you up."

Although this man spoke respectfully, he had a cold expression and emitted an aura that prevented strangers from approaching him.

Seeing this, Gu Ya couldn't help but roll her eyes and silently ridicule, "As expected, everyone around Mo Lingxuan is the same person as him, not a single one is good!"

15 minutes later, the two of them stopped in front of the Mo family villa.

Even though Gu Ya was experienced and knowledgeable, she still couldn't help but be stunned when she saw the magnificent villa in front of her.

Is this really a villa that commoners can live in? It was exactly the castle depicted in the fairy tales! Gu Ya wouldn't have been surprised if a well-dressed princess had appeared.

However, reality was always cruel. The beautiful and gentle princess didn't come out from the castle, instead, Gu Ya looked like she wanted to beat her face up!

Mo Lingxuan, wearing a casual white shirt with his hands in his pockets, slowly walked to the door and opened it for Gu Ya.

When his eyes met the woman in front of him, a complex emotion flashed across his eyes.

Gu Ya, this is the woman who sacrificed her life to save him and went overseas to raise their child by herself … Before this, he had been causing trouble for Gu Ya.

A deep sense of guilt welled up in his heart, so much so that his gaze softened. "Have you eaten?" he asked softly.

Gu Ya's heart jolted and she instantly retreated a few steps back. She looked at Mo Lingxuan as if he was a ghost.

Did this man eat the wrong medicine? Why was she so gentle all of a sudden? No, No... There must be a trick!

She slightly calmed her emotions, raised her delicate eyebrows, and coldly snorted: "Stop putting on an act there! "Tell me, what do you want from me before returning my treasure to me?"

Mo Lingxuan slightly frowned and couldn't help but sigh: "This woman seems to be against me? "What should we do …"

Forget it. There's no rush. Take your time.

He took a deep breath. The gentleness on his face gradually disappeared, and his usual indifferent face returned. "Come with me."

Gu Ya looked at his leaving figure in a daze. Could it be that the gentleness on Mo Lingxuan's face was her misconception? A normal person wouldn't be able to change their expressions so fast, right?

Mo Lingxuan leaned lazily on the brown leather sofa beside the French window, his long legs crossed casually.

In front of him, on a white carved circle, was an A4 piece of paper. Seeing Gu Ya walk in, he used his eyes to point at the paper on the table, indicating that she should take a look.

Gu Ya frowned slightly. She picked up the paper with her thin fingers and started reading it seriously.

The more she read, the more her pupils contracted and her face filled with surprise.

This was actually an invitation to hire her as the special support of the Mo's Group's CEO! And for a year... But, but didn't Mo Lingxuan always hate her, always trying to chase her away?

"What do you mean?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mo Lingxuan smiled lightly and said, "I feel that you are very suitable to be my special assistant, so I solemnly send you this invitation."

Gu Ya looked at him with a strange expression as she thought to herself, "Don't tell me this man is crazy?" Just a second ago, you were still desperately trying to push her away, and now, you're looking down on her in all kinds of ways. Now that you've turned your face, you're sincerely inviting her back to work? "

"I don't agree!" she said in a low voice. Regardless of whether Mo Lingxuan was sincere or not, she did not want to see Mo Lingxuan's face that deserved a beating!

Mo Lingxuan seemed to have expected her reaction. He smiled calmly: "I advise you to think about it more carefully. Otherwise, I won't guarantee that your children can return to you safely."

Gu Ya suddenly widened her eyes. This damn man was actually threatening her?

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