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C15 Truth

This was definitely the weirdest kidnapping Gu Ya had ever seen!

Others kidnapped him for money or to protect their lives, but this Mo Lingxuan was quite unique. He spent a lot of effort kidnapping her child just to get her to go back to work?

Gu Ya stared at the man's beautiful face. Anger rose up in her heart!

Did this man know that the child he kidnapped was also his?!

Although she was an internationally renowned gold medal special assistant, but China had a lot of resources and talents. Gu Ya really couldn't understand why Mo Lingxuan had spent so much effort to keep her here.

Could it be … Did he know the child was his? Gu Ya jumped in fright as she thought of this, her face turning deathly pale.

She sneakily glanced at Mo Lingxuan, who was calmly drinking his tea and didn't notice anything wrong with her.

That's not right … Who would be so calm when they suddenly knew they had a child outside? Mo Lingxuan should not know.

After a moment of hesitation, for the sake of Xiaohan and Xiaofei's safety, Gu Ya nodded and agreed, "Alright, I agree to your request. Can you return my child to me now?"

Mo Lingxuan snapped his fingers and five or six servants immediately came down. Among them were Gu Xiaohan and Gu Xiaofei.

Seeing that the two treasures were unharmed, Gu Ya finally let go of the worry in her heart.

She rushed over and picked up the soft Xiaofei with one hand and held Xiaohan with the other as they walked quickly out of the villa.

Mo Lingxuan stared at her back that seemed to be escaping, and he felt quite upset in his heart. They were clearly a family, but why did Gu Ya leave him behind when she saw the child?

Sigh! He still didn't know when this long road to chasing after a wife would come to an end!

When they got home, Gu Ya nervously turned the treasure over and over again. She frowned and asked, "Darling, did Mo Lingxuan do anything to you?"

"No, no!" Mommy, don't worry! Daddy was so nice to us. He let me take a nap in the pink princess room. I'm surrounded by beautiful dolls! " Gu Xiaofei said happily.

Gu Ya's body instantly stiffened. She raised her head with a face full of suspicion. "He treats you guys so well?"

"Yeah!" Gu Xiaofei's eyes were bright as she pouted. "Daddy is super nice to us!"

Xiaohan couldn't stand the idiotic look of his sister any longer. He covered her mouth with one hand and explained clearly, "Because Mo Lingxuan already knows that we are his children, so he treats us so well."

Gu Ya was shocked. A complicated feeling welled up in her heart. For a moment, she didn't know whether to be happy or worried.

Since Mo Lingxuan knew, then it made sense that he had spent a lot of effort to keep her here. He just wanted to keep the child.

The Mo family was a big family, and was a strong existence in the Dragon City. If Mo Lingxuan wanted to use force to take away the child, what should she do?

Logically speaking, this should be the best time to leave. However, when she saw Xiaofei immersed in her father's joy, she couldn't bear to see it.

These two children were actually very eager to be loved by a father, right?

Gu Ya sighed softly. Forget it.

Mo's Group, CEO's Office.

The sunlight from outside the window poured down and coated the floor with a layer of golden light. The man at the desk was handsome beyond compare, with features like those of a medieval Western sculpture, resolute and upright.

His warm lips curled up slightly, making him look like he was in a good mood.

In fact, he had been in a good mood these past few days. No matter what troubles there are, as long as I think of those adorable treasures, what can there be to be unhappy?

The documents on the table had been pretty much dealt with. While there was nothing else to do, Mo Lingxuan opened the folder at the bottom and took out a photo.

At this moment, the door was pushed open with a "creak" and a woman walked over arrogantly with high heels.

Mo Lingxuan frowned slightly. He raised his hand and put the photo on the table.

"Lingxuan, didn't you say you would fire Gu Ya? Why is she still in your company! " Gu Mannni shouted loudly as soon as she entered the room.

A hint of displeasure flashed across Mo Lingxuan's long and narrow eyes. Usually, Gu Ya would just give up on shouting at him. After all, she was his child's mother. What the hell was this Gu Mannni?

However, he was in a good mood today, so he explained a bit or two, "What I said was, if Gu Ya was a vase, I would definitely fire her. But the fact is, her business ability is very strong, I can't just fire people for no reason, can I?"

Gu Mannni unbelievably stared with her eyes wide open, thinking, "Lingxuan couldn't tell that Gu Ya and I have a personal grudge? Why is he still defending Gu Ya like that! "

Gu Mannni's face gradually turned white, and her sharp fingernails dug into the flesh of her palms.

Now, Mo Lingxuan was defending Gu Ya like this. If he knew the truth about that year, wouldn't he be done for?

Thinking about this, she suddenly became agitated and completely lost her reason: "Lingxuan, did you forget about how I saved you four years ago? Can't you kick Gu Ya out for me? Are you just going to watch that bitch bully your savior? "

Mo Lingxuan squinted his eyes dangerously as a layer of frost gradually covered his stern face.

"Slut? Who are you scolding? "

Upon hearing his ice-cold voice, Gu Mannni's eyes immediately opened wide, and tears began to gather in her eyes.

Was there even any justice in the world!? Mo Lingxuan actually scolded her for another woman! She was her legitimate fiancée!

"You, are you in love with someone else? Lingxuan, let me tell you, you can't do this! You can't do this to me! "

Her eyes were filled with madness as she tugged at her hair with both hands, howling like a madman, "I lost my innocence to save you back then! How can you treat me like this! "

"Oh? Is that so? " Mo Lingxuan laughed in anger. He raised his hand and the photo on the table flew to Gu Mannni's feet.

"Gu Mannni, have you been lying to me comfortably all these years?"

Gu Mannni's screams stopped at the moment she saw the photo. She was kneeling on the ground, her face pale, her eyes filled with fear.

The person in the photo was none other than the Gu Ya she hated the most! Behind Gu Ya was Mo's hotel, and in the lower right corner of the photo, the time watermark was exactly one night four years ago.

Mo Lingxuan sneered and threw out another crumpled ball of paper: "This is all about the room registration records you had with other men in the past few years! "Take a good look!"

Gu Mannni's face was deathly pale as she stared at the pile of items on the ground. It was as though she had seen a demon; her face completely drained of color.

Due to her fear, her blood seemed to stop flowing, and her heart slowly stopped beating …

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