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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C16 Hospitalization
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C16 Hospitalization

In the space of a minute, Gu Mannni thought of many ways to quibble, but in the end her reason told her: It's no use! No matter how much of an excuse he made, it was useless! Since Mo Lingxuan took out this evidence, it meant that he had investigated it thoroughly a long time ago!

So she howled and crawled to Mo Lingxuan's feet like a dog, begging, "Lingxuan, Lingxuan... I already know that I was wrong! Forgive me! "

Mo Lingxuan did not have any feelings for Gu Mannni, so he only agreed to the engagement to repay her kindness. Looking at Gu Mannni's tears and snot flowing down her face, he felt extremely disgusted!

He kicked away the woman at his feet and spat out a single word with his thin lips, "Scram!"

Gu Mannni didn't feel the slightest bit ashamed, but she still crawled back while crying and wailing.

Mo Lingxuan got up and left in big strides, leaving behind only a sentence that didn't have a trace of warmth: "From now on, you will pray that you won't appear in front of me again. Otherwise, I'll beat you up every time I see you!"

Before Gu Mannni could react, Mo Lingxuan's figure had already disappeared.

In the entire office, she was the only one left lying on the ground miserably, like a stray dog, with no face remaining.

She was crying on the cold floor, her fists pounding against the floor!

Why... Why did it become like this? She was Mo Lingxuan's fiancee a second ago, why did everything change now?

This was Gu Ya's fault!

If Gu Ya didn't return, how could her lie be exposed? How could Mo Lingxuan abandon her?

Gu Ya … She gritted her teeth and chewed on the word, her eyes reflecting a cold and vicious light.

Mo Lingxuan went out of the office and sat in the car. He was disgusted by Gu Mannni, so he planned to take a look at the photos of his two darlings to ease his mood. However, just as he turned on his phone, a call came in.

Gu Ya … He looked at the two words on the caller ID and was stunned.

What happened today? Gu Ya actually took the initiative to call him?

He hit the answer button with agitation, but a tearful voice said, "Daddy, where are you? Mommy has a fever. Can you come over quickly? "

When he heard Gu Xiaohan's voice, his heart almost broke. He was extremely anxious and quickly comforted, "Xiaohan, don't worry. Take good care of your sister. I'll be there right away!"

I think he has an international meeting this afternoon? Forget it, who cares so much. Gu Ya is more important!

He hung up the phone and hit the gas pedal hard, sending the car tumbling down the road as fast as he could.

At this point, it was time for lunch break. No wonder he always felt that Gu Ya was listless this morning.

The car stopped in the underground parking lot. He slammed the steering wheel to vent his anger, cursing Gu Ya a thousand times in his heart. "This stupid woman, she's sick! Don't she know to ask for leave? Then why are you trying to be brave! "

He yanked the key out of the car and hurried upstairs.

When he arrived at Gu Ya's house, Gu Xiaohan and Xiaofei had already been taken to school for the afternoon class by the driver. The house was empty, as if there was not a single soul in it.

He strode into the bedroom and saw the woman on the bed.

She was in her pajamas, her body curled up in the quilt, her eyes closed, her face very red.

Gu Ya had taken off her business attire and overbearing high-heeled shoes, making her look soft and delicate, giving people an inexplicable desire to protect her.

Mo Lingxuan frowned and tested the temperature on her forehead.

"Damn woman!" You must be a fool! If I didn't come over here, your brain would have burnt out! "

He cursed in a low voice as he picked up Gu Ya's body and ran down the stairs.

Along the way, he ran who knows how many red lights. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like a mad beast.

Even though he scolded Gu Ya so harshly, his heart ached for her!

He was here today, so he could send Gu Ya to the hospital in time. What about the four years he was gone? Wouldn't this woman have to suffer by herself …? Furthermore, she had to take care of the two children.

He couldn't believe how Gu Ya had passed those four years!

As he thought of this, he couldn't help but have some resentment towards Gu Mannni in his heart. If he had followed that stinking woman into deceit and confusion in front of him, how could he have only reunited with Gu Ya four years later?

Arriving at the hospital, he carried Gu Ya through the VIP corridor with quick steps.

Five to six doctors and nurses immediately rushed over. This old man was Young Master Mo, they did not dare to delay Young Master Mo's matter!

A female doctor touched Gu Ya's forehead and said in a deep voice, "This girl's fever is too strong. We'll have to use alcohol to cool her down first."

Not long after, several young nurses came over with trays filled with bottles of alcohol and cotton swabs.

Gu Ya's sickroom was on the top floor of the Super VIP Room. The entire floor was reserved by Mo Lingxuan, with only Gu Ya as the only patient.

When the temperature is low, alcohol should be used to wipe the patient's neck, chest, armpit, limbs, limbs and heart. In order to avoid suspicion, Mo Lingxuan told the nurse in detail and then ran to the rooftop to take the wind.

He estimated that it was about time to go back.

At this time, the nurses had just finished changing Gu Ya's hospital gown and were wiping her fingers.

A crescent-shaped scar was etched deeply into his white arm, which was extremely eye-catching.

Mo Lingxuan stared at the scar in shock, his thin lips were tightly pursed, and he felt extremely guilty in his heart.

This scar hurts just by looking at it … It was all his fault. If he hadn't been absent for those four years, how could Gu Ya have suffered so much?

He sighed deeply and sat by the bed with his head in his hands.

Stars Transposition. The lanterns were lit and the night was dark.

The woman on the bed moved her fingers, and her eyelids slowly opened …

Mo Lingxuan raised his head as if he sensed something. The moment he saw Gu Ya wake up, he was both surprised and happy. "You're awake? "How is it, do you feel uncomfortable with me?"

Gu Ya shook her head weakly and sat up slowly with Mo Lingxuan's help.

She remembered how uncomfortable she had been after work at noon and had taken an afternoon nap, but why was she in the hospital now? Why... Mo Lingxuan would stay by her side?

However, before she could voice out her doubts, Mo Lingxuan asked first, "What's with that scar on your hand?"

A scar? The crescent-shaped one?

Gu Ya narrowed her eyes and calmly pulled down her sleeves to cover her arms. She said lightly, "It was accidentally scalded."

Can you accidentally scald the shape of a crescent moon? What a coincidence.

Gu Ya didn't want to talk about this with him and purposely changed the topic, "Where is Xiaohan and Xiaofei? Are they home? "

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