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C17 Care

"Well, they've just called me and are getting ready to go to bed." A hint of suspicion flashed across his long and narrow eyes.

From Gu Ya's appearance just now, she was obviously trying to avoid the topic of the crescent moon scar. Could it be that there was something more to it?

The two of them said good night to each other and went to sleep in different ways.

In order to take care of Gu Ya, Mo Lingxuan slept in the room next door.

The quiet moonlight poured down, illuminating the floor.

The man's tall body stood by the window, his brows furrowed, as if he had a lot on his mind.

After a while, he took out his cell phone and sent a text message to his secretary: Check to see if Gu Ya had been in any kind of fire during her four years abroad.

After sending the message, he threw his phone on the bed and sighed.

Gu Ya's crescent-shaped scar was burned so deeply, how could it be just an ordinary burn wound? If, if she had really been caught in a fire abroad, he could not forgive himself.

If he hadn't lost those four years, how could Gu Ya have suffered so much?

The moonlight grew stronger, lengthening the shadow of his silence.

The next day, when Gu Ya's fever was almost gone, she complained about leaving the hospital.

Mo Lingxuan couldn't stand the noise she made all day and finally agreed to the discharge procedures in the afternoon.

As she got off the car, Gu Ya was as happy as a three year old child as she ran towards her home.

Mo Lingxuan helplessly followed her: "Slow down! You better not fall! " His eyes were filled with love.

He ran upstairs and before Gu Ya could take out her key, the door suddenly opened by itself. Immediately afterwards, two soft and silky little fellows pounced on her.

"Mommy! As for going home! Xiaohan really misses Mommy! "

"Xiaofei misses Mommy too!"

Although Gu Xiaofei said that she was thinking of Mommy, she unknowingly slipped her small hands out of Gu Ya's hands and silently jumped into Mo Lingxuan's embrace.

Holding his daughter in his arms, Mo Lingxuan's heart immediately softened. He even had the urge to hug Xiaofei up and around.

No, he had to hold it in. He was the cold faced CEO!

At this time, the neighbor who was standing opposite to her came back. Seeing this happy scene, he smiled and said, "Hey, Xiaohan, Xiaofei's dad is back? Your family is so happy. "

Gu Ya was stunned for a moment. She opened her mouth to explain, but her neighbor had already closed the door and entered the house.

Heavens, the neighbors wouldn't misunderstand that she and Mo Lingxuan were husband and wife, right?

Compared to Gu Ya's awkwardness, Mo Lingxuan was in a good mood. He couldn't help but smile with the corner of his eyes.

He whistled happily, carried his soft girl into the house, and headed for the kitchen.

Gu Ya was momentarily stunned, "You, why did you come in? Aren't you going back? " Why did she feel that this brat had the attitude of treating this place as his home?

Mo Lingxuan looked back at her and smiled: "Your body hasn't fully recovered yet. It's best not to touch cold water, so I have to cook dinner for you and the children."

When Xiaohan and Xiaofei heard that Gu Ya's body had not recovered yet, they each held one of her hands and dragged her into the room. They poured tea and served her.

Gu Ya didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Wasn't it just a cold? Why did it seem like a sitting duck?

Did the dignified Young Master Mo know how to cook? This was impossible. Mo Lingxuan had lived for more than 20 years, and today was the first time he entered the kitchen.

Even though his words just now were very pretty, now facing the kitchen utensils in front of him, he was immediately dumbfounded.

Don't panic, don't panic. Cooking or something like that, there should be a lot of videos online.

He found what seemed to be the simplest rice porridge and began to wash the rice accordingly.

Forty-five minutes later...

"Gu Ya, Xiaohan, Xiaofei, it's time to eat!"

Gu Ya slowly walked behind Gu Ya as she ran out, cheering. Four bowls of millet congee were placed on the white carved round table.

It looks good, but it tastes... The taste, however, was somewhat reluctant.

Even though it wasn't very tasty, Gu Ya finished the spoonful with a straight face.

This was the first time since her mother's death that someone had cooked and taken care of her.

All of a sudden, she felt like Mo Lingxuan's face wasn't that annoying anymore.

"That's great! Xiaohan has finally got a father to cook! " Gu Xiaohan applauded.

Xiaofei swallowed a mouthful of porridge, licked her lips, and giggled, "Daddy is really amazing! This is the most delicious millet congee I've ever eaten! "

How could rice porridge be tasty? It's just that there's fatherly love in it as a flavor enhancer.

The corner of Gu Ya's mouth couldn't help but slightly rise as she looked at the way Gemini was surrounding Mo Lingxuan.

Perhaps … Is this the feeling of home?

After dinner, Mo Lingxuan clumsily finished washing the dishes, picked up the suit jacket on the hook, and said to the woman who was watching TV on the sofa: "Don't come to work at the company for the next few days, stay home and take care of your illness."

Gu Ya yawned lazily and nodded in agreement.

In any case, Mo's was Mo Lingxuan's company, since the boss already spoke, there was no need for her to force it.

The next day, Gu Ya was bored out of her mind as she stayed at home, wondering what breakfast she would make for the children later.

Then, at this moment, there was a knock on the door.

She ran to open the door, dragging with her feet the figure of a tall man, carrying two large bags of vegetables.

Mo Lingxuan pushed away Gu Ya's stunned body and put the dishes on the table. He then asked, "Can I make some chicken soup for you tonight?"

With that, he walked into the kitchen without waiting for Gu Ya's reply.

Gu Ya looked at his busy figure and couldn't help smiling. This man was addicted to cooking?

Tonight's chicken soup was still as unsatisfactory as before, but the rice had improved by a lot.

When Xiaohan and Xiaofei came back from school, they smelled the fragrance that rushed to their nostrils and threw down their school bags, happily praising Mo Lingxuan.

Gu Ya intimately scooped three bowls of chicken soup and asked casually, "Are you that free? Is there anything happening at the company recently? "

She remembered that when she was at work at Mo's for the past few days, Mo Lingxuan had been arranged to be nearly twelve hours full, so why did he come to her house leisurely these past two days?

Mo Lingxuan's fingers that were stirring the spoon paused slightly, then he took a sip of the soup thoughtfully.

Why is the company not busy? In order to spare some time to take care of Gu Ya, he was busy like a top every day and didn't even have the time to drink his saliva.

However, he said, "I'm not too busy. I just happen to have some time to take care of you."

He didn't have much time to say this, so he had been free for almost half a month. He spent his days at Gu Ya's house cooking, changing his style every day without any repetition, and also took care of the house while taking a bath.

Even though the food he cooked didn't taste very good, Gu Ya ate it all the time.

More than ten years had passed, and she had finally … He once again experienced the feeling of being taken care of.

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