CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C18 Expulsion Order
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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C18 Expulsion Order
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C18 Expulsion Order

Today was another day of watching TV to pass the time.

On the screen, the male and female protagonists were leaving each other for good. Gu Ya was so distracted that she forgot to bring a cup of boiling water.

It was only when the scalding water reached her skin that she realized what had happened.

"Hiss —" She sucked in a cold breath, quickly lifted her sleeve, and held her arm under the tap to rinse off the cold water.

At that moment, she saw the crescent-shaped scar on her arm.

In a split-second, her mind flashed back to the surprised face of the secretary when she had traveled to Dubai.

Frowning, she sat back down on the sofa, lost in thought, staring at the scar on her arm.

There was a story behind the scar, so she didn't want to tell Mo Lingxuan much.

Why was the secretary so anxious to get hold of her? Could it be … Was she a university student in that fire?

Gu Ya held her breath as she widened her eyes. It seemed like … She might have to find out something about the secretary?

Forget it, let's not think about it too much. There was no reason to think about it now.

She patted her head, discarded all the thoughts in her head, tied her apron, and went into the kitchen to cook.

Well, those two cute treasures should be home from school soon, right?

"Daddy!" We watched a cartoon of a flock of sheep and a wolf today! The little sheep inside are really smart! "

"Oh? How smart is that? "

"I know I know! The wolf cub was extremely stupid. He was always beaten up by the sheep! And it was a big idiot who was afraid of his wife! "Hahaha!"

The trio chatted and laughed as they walked through the district, causing the onlookers to be envious: wasn't this family of three's reputation too high?

Mo Lingxuan slowly walked home while holding a treasure in one hand and enjoying the envious gaze of the passersby.

As soon as he opened the door, a rich aroma wafted into his nose.

Gemini covered his mouth, tears of excitement spilling out of his eyes. Their mother finally went to cook!

Although the food cooked by Father was delicious, it was all to give Father face! No one could cook as delicious as Mommy!

Mo Lingxuan didn't know what the two of them were thinking. He put down the bag in his hands, washed his hands, and happily ran to the kitchen to help.

Gu Ya's cutting technique was skillful, fast and accurate. In contrast, when she entered the kitchen, she looked as if she was about to fly into a rage.

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

Gu Ya was stunned for a moment. She raised her head to look at all the cut vegetables on the stove and immediately fell silent.

She coughed lightly and handed the kitchen knife in her hand to Mo Lingxuan: "Then help me cut the remaining potatoes."

Mo Lingxuan frowned. He grabbed the knife in one hand and the potato that had been cut into pieces in the other.

Judging from Gu Ya's movements just now, it seemed to be quite simple.

So he pressed the potato to the cutting board, and his knife fell — and the potato bounced to the floor and rolled several times.

What he feared the most was a sudden silence.

Mo Lingxuan covered his mouth and coughed awkwardly. His ears were burning red and he didn't dare to look up at Gu Ya.

Wasn't he the cold, domineering, handsome, and rich CEO? Why was he bullied to death by a round and ugly potato?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Thus, he decided to wash up and start a new life!

Gu Ya watched him wrestle with a potato and found it funny.

The light of the setting sun shone through the window, coating the man's firm and upright profile with a soft golden glow.

He looked completely different from the cold CEO in the office, who was wearing a suit and a leather suit. At this moment, he had a hint of the smoky atmosphere of the human world, making him look a lot more approachable.

Even Gu Ya herself didn't notice that Mo Lingxuan was looking at her with a smile.

"Ah!" The man lowered his head and groaned. He stared in disbelief at the blood that was gushing out from his fingers. He couldn't do anything to a small potato?

Gu Ya frowned and quickly took out a bandage from the drawer in the living room.

"If you don't know, then why are you still trying to be brave?" She washed the blood off Mo Lingxuan's finger, wiped it clean with a piece of paper, and carefully stuck a bandage on it?

After doing all this, her eyebrows furrowed even more. She berated in a low voice, "Is it fun to try to be brave? If you don't know how to cook, can you put down the kitchen knife? It's not like I don't know how to cook. "

There was a hint of anxiety in her tone, as well as a bit of heartache that she didn't even realize she had felt.

Mo Lingxuan grinned dumbly: "You, you're worried about me?"

If someone familiar with him saw this smile, they would definitely be scared witless. This kind of smiling face that was like a country bumpkin actually appeared on the face of the Mo's Group's president? Was this still the cold-faced CEO who was decisive in killing?

Gu Ya scrunched her eyebrows, quickly put down his fingers, crossed her arms over her chest, and snorted coldly, "Keep dreaming, how can I care about you? I'm just afraid that you'll lose too much blood and die in my house! "

Tsk, she seems to have returned to the way she used to with her venomous tongue? However … Who would lose too much blood if they lost a drop of blood on their fingertip?

Sigh, this woman was a typical woman with a sharp tongue and a rotten heart!

Mo Lingxuan lowered his head and smiled. He hurriedly pushed Gu Ya out of the house and said, "Go out and rest. I'll cook. Don't be too tired."

The two people who were watching the cartoon looked at each other. Their small faces were all bunched up, and they looked like they had nothing to live for.

It's over … It's time to eat Dad's dark food again!

An hour later, the dining table was filled with all sorts of dishes that exuded a rich fragrance.

Gu Xiaohan chewed on a medium season bean that tasted pretty good as he mumbled, "Daddy, Mommy, when are you going to get married?"

Gu Ya's hand that was holding the dish trembled slightly as a peculiar feeling flashed through her heart.

Marry? Wear wedding dress, walk red carpet?

She pursed her lips, tilted her head and asked, "Why did Xiaohan suddenly ask about this?"

"Of course it's because Daddy is in the same family as us!" Xiaofei raised her chubby little hand and excitedly replied, "As long as Mommy and Daddy get married, our family can be together forever!"

Mo Lingxuan couldn't stop smiling when he heard that.

However, Gu Ya narrowed her eyes dangerously as she looked back and forth between Ceng Bao and Mo Lingxuan.

Family? How long had it been since Mo Lingxuan had met her child? How could Xiaofei just say that they were a family?

It seemed that Mo Lingxuan had a very good relationship with this pair of siblings! But how could this be allowed? She had painstakingly brought up the two children. Why did Mo Lingxuan become a family after just a few days of fawning on them?

Gu Ya ate the whole meal without a care in the world.

At night, the lanterns were lit.

Gu Ya walked Mo Lingxuan to the door and said lightly, "There's nothing special between the two of us. It's not like you always come to my house, so don't come in the future!"

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