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CEO Daddy's Limitless Love/C19 Parent-parent Meeting
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C19 Parent-parent Meeting

Mo Lingxuan's smile gradually disappeared: "Did I do something wrong?"

"Nope." Gu Ya shook her head and thoughtfully lowered her head, "I came to Dragon City just to let Xiaohan and Xiaofei know who their biological father is, because they have the right to know. However, it is not to let you recognize me. "

Saying that, she paused for a moment before frowning deeply, "Don't you think that these two siblings have been relying especially on you recently? I do not wish for this, because there is a great possibility that I will marry someone else, and at that time, they will have another father. "

The night wind was bone-chilling, chilling Mo Lingxuan to the bone.

After listening to Gu Ya's words, he burst into laughter. "Is it because I've been too nice to you recently? Do you think I'm easy to bully? "

His voice suddenly grew louder, and his gaze slowly became ice-cold. "You took my child and you want to marry someone else? I would like to see who in this world dares to marry my wife and have my child call him father! "

"If there really is such a person, I will definitely chase him to the ends of the earth, and never rest until his family is destroyed!"

Gu Ya raised her head in astonishment and was met with a pair of long and narrow eyes. She was so frightened that her heart skipped a beat!

At this moment, Mo Lingxuan had lost all of his previous tenderness and returned to his true self: Iron-Blood! Coldness! Domineering!

With a cold snort, he turned around and left in big strides, "The child is mine, you are mine too!"

Ever since he parted from Mo Lingxuan that night, he never came to Gu Ya's home again.

Logically speaking, it was Gu Ya's wish to not interfere with each other, but for some reason, her heart was always uneasy.

That day, as school was about to end, her heart was beating so hard that she had a bad premonition.

Gu Ya picked up the bag on the wall, massaging her temples as she called a taxi to take her to the kindergarten.

The kindergarten teacher stood at the door and handed the children over to the parents one by one.

The children who had been taken away were holding the hands of the adults, talking excitedly about what had happened today; the children who had not yet been brought back stood on their tiptoes, waiting.

Gu Ya looked around and didn't see her own two treasures. Her heart immediately became flustered. She quickly pulled the kindergarten teacher and asked nervously, "Teacher, where are Gu Xiaohan and Gu Xiaofei?"

The teacher looked at her doubtfully. "Didn't their father take them away?"

Dad? Mo Lingxuan?

Gu Ya's face was filled with shock as she asked, "Is it a man in a suit? "She is extremely beautiful, with a height of 1.8 meters. Does she look very cold?"

The teacher nodded blankly.

Gu Ya knew things were not going well. She quickly ran outside, prepared to stop a car and go to Maple Villa District to look for someone.

Then, at this moment, a call came in. The caller ID turned out to be Mo Lingxuan?

Gu Ya thought angrily, "Okay, you stole my child and still dare to call me. See if I don't scold you until your head is drenched in dog blood!"

When the call connected, a cute voice came out of the phone, "Mommy! My sister and I are at Father's house, so don't worry! "

"Yes, yes!" Mommy, Daddy's house is so big and beautiful! " Xiaofei came over and said.

Gu Ya's anger was instantly repressed. From the tone of the siblings, it seemed that they were really willing to stay in the Mo family?

No matter how angry he was, he couldn't get angry at his children, right? She patiently said, "Xiaohan, give the phone to Mo Lingxuan."

Xiaohan hurriedly nodded his head in agreement. After a long while, a lazy male voice sounded: "Hello?"

Upon hearing this voice, the raging anger in Gu Ya's heart couldn't help but burn. She scolded directly: "Mo Lingxuan, what are you trying to do? Don't you think that your sneaky behavior is very cunning? "

Mo Lingxuan smiled faintly: "I've decided to use one year's time to establish the best father-son relationship with the darlings. Also, you are not allowed to see them!"

Gu Ya suddenly widened her eyes. Was there a mistake? The child was born to her, why did Mo Lingxuan kidnap her?

Then, before she could say anything, a busy tone came from the other end of the line.

She sat down on the railing and let the cold wind blow in.

She really wanted to knock on the Mo family's door, but what could she do when that precious pair of them seemed to like living there?

Gu Ya hadn't seen Xiaohan and Xiaofei for a week since Mo Lingxuan took the child away. However, she finally had the chance to see the child today!

Because! There's going to be a parents' meeting today!

Gu Ya woke up early in the morning and chose a small black dress with delicate makeup. She dressed up well and came to school.

She must shock everyone! Shining her baby's eyes! Get them back in their mother's arms!

When Gu Ya arrived at the classroom, there was no one there. She gracefully walked to Gu Xiaohan's seat and calmly sat down, maintaining a faint smile on her face.

Every parent who came in from behind couldn't help but sneak a peek at her, silently wondering how could there be such a beautiful and moving woman in this world!

Mo Lingxuan was the last to arrive. He was wearing a suit and holding a cute little girl in one hand. As soon as he entered, he attracted everyone's attention.

When the siblings saw Gu Ya, they immediately threw Mo Lingxuan's hands away and ran into Mommy's embrace.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Heavens, was this even logic!? This family's reputation points were simply outrageous!

"Look at the liveliness of these two kids. If my son is so intelligent and cute, I definitely won't let him have a spanking!"

"Isn't this couple's looks too high?" They shouldn't be ordinary people, right? "

"Ai ai ai? Do you think that Gu Xiaohan is the spokesperson for Mo's Group? God! My son actually had the chance to be a classmate of a superstar! "

Hearing the praises from the crowd, Mo Lingxuan's face revealed a proud smile.

Good, it looks like he didn't embarrass his family's treasure.

Not long after, the teacher walked in.

Mo Lingxuan smiled lightly and shook hands with the teacher in a friendly manner, "Hello, I am Gu Xiaohan and Gu Xiaofei's father. If these two siblings have anything to do at school, you can contact me as soon as possible."

As he spoke, he took out a business card from his pocket.

Gu Ya was so angry that her face turned pale. She exclaimed in her heart, "Oh my god!" Missed the opportunity! Now, all the parents will definitely think that Mo Lingxuan is in charge of the child! "

However, she didn't want to argue with Mo Lingxuan in front of so many people, so she could only send him a dark look.

She didn't pay any attention to what the teacher said from the podium. She was thinking about how to take the child home.

While her mind was wandering, her hand suddenly felt a purse.

Curious for a moment, she opened it and found a photograph inside.

Her face stiffened when she saw the photo.

The woman on it was very similar to the secretary!

Gu Xiaohan leaned his head over, saw the photo, and whispered, "This is our music teacher."

Gu Ya immediately grabbed Xiaohan's hand and asked anxiously, "Does your music teacher have a sister or sister?"

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